Artificially overcrowded

Brownell, Charles A.



Artificially Overcrowded Many prison systems all around the United States have multiple prison facilities and some have large inmate populations. Many state systems have a problem with overcrowded prison and jail populations. How sick and twisted would it be to have a state that "intentionally" and consistently keep their prisons and jails overpopulated for their own corrupt agenda of opening more prisons so that the state can incarcerate more people for the sake of having more slaves to make more money and not for the sake of "safety" of society? Would that not be human trafficking and evil? Where will it stop? We would like to forcefully invite you through our very dissolute legal system into the Arkansas State Uncorrective Retaliatory Revenge and Slavery Prison System called the Arkansas Department of Corrections (A.D.C.). Arkansas "The Natural State" is one state that all people should stay away from, out of, and avoid at all cost due to severe corruption. The dissolution is in all of the Arkansas legal systems under the guise of a "criminal justice" system that still operates on the "good ol boy" system. Arkansas is a state that, "you come to on vacation and leave it on parole or probation." The Arkansas state legal system is so predatory that the entire system is designed to support locking you, the people, in prison and then keeping you in prison so that the state can cling to their slaves and money source. Back in 1970 the reality of just how bad the state of Arkansas Prison System and treatment really is in the case of Holt v. Sarver where overcrowding was just one of many very serious issues became exposed. The federal government ordered Arkansas to put a "program" in place to relieve the crowding. Arkansas's answer was their "parole" system and to approve funding to build more prison facilities. There never was an actual official program put in place to address the real cause of overcrowding. In 1974, the case of Finney v. Arkansas Bd. of Corrections, the State of Arkansas was found to still be in violation of overcrowding and many other unconstitutional practices and issues. Again the troublesome state was order by the federal government to fix their issues. More prisons were built. Today, A.D.C. has the bed space to house between 16,000 and 17,000 prisoners. A.D.C. actually houses between 18,000 and 19,000 per newspaper articles and Arkansas leases bed space from the county jails and from prison systems from surrounding states. At any given moment, Arkansas has between 2,000 and 3,000 new commits setting in the states county jails waiting to be transported to the prison facilities. When I was in Benton County jail in 2017, in conversation a Lt. told me that in that current month A.D.C. had 2,700 in county jails waiting to go to A.D.C. an of that 2,700 nearly 300 of them were in Benton County jail alone. Why does A.D.C. have such an overcrowding issue? Truth is, they don't! The entire problem is artificially created by state, the state parole board, and the parole officers. See, the way a "normal" or "real" parole system works is that an inmate serves X amount of years where X is equal to the "mandatory minimum" or the calculation of the 1/4, 1/3, or 1/6 of the sentence based on the crime till you are eligible and by the parole board if they see fit for the prisoner to be transferred to "community" corrections. (A.C.C.). In A.D.C., of all the people I have seen go up for parole, 85% have received a one year denial keeping them in prison. If you have any type of sex crime charge, you are guaranteed to be discriminated against by staff and inmates in the system and you will get a one or two year denial and possibly multiple times just because. A violent charge for anything against an "officer" will score you physical beatings, discrimination, and multiple denials as well. A.D.C., like a black widow, once it has you in it's web, it will do all it can to hold you down and keep you there. I have been housed in 8B, 9B, and 1B with many other men. One man, also a friend of mine in 1B is wheel chair bound as he and I both have medical issues and one in 1B which is a very poor excuse of a makeshift "medical/protective care" barracks. This friend is on a one year parole violation, sanctioned to do a one year stint back in prison for a "technical" parole violation, not a criminal violation, and was to go home reinstated on parole. He instead was given a one year denial by Andy Shock for "nature of crime" which is the original reason he was given his first one year denial before he was granted parole in the first place. He was out for ten years before ever having a parole violation (P.V.) and served the violation now has an additional year for not committing a crime and not getting any disciplinaries in prison for that year. He served that additional year with no disciplinaries then he went in front of the parole board late 2018 and goes up before Andy Shock whom gives him an additional two year denial. This man will now have served for years in prison when he was supposed to only do one and go back home. The second denial, the reason was, "nature of crime" which is the third time this same excuse was used. Per A.D.C.'s own regulations and codes, they are not supposed to use the exact same reason for denial twice unless there is disciplinaries or violent acts of the inmate while in A.D.C. custody. This man in the wheel chair, my friend, has no disciplinaries since he has been back on his P.V. but medically and physically he cannot be a "slave" to the A.D.C. "slavery system" unlike first time he was in and A.D.C.'s parole board has given him two denials back to back for the same reason. I was housed in 8B when I first come in with a different man who had a six month P.V. and was given two one year denials back to back. He has one leg and cannot be a "slave" to the A.D.C. system. For inmates that get a denial, A.D.C. will try to stipulate them to a bogus "program" that they must complete for a "reconsideration" of parole status or to be released upon completion of the program. This is especially true for those that cannot or will not work so A.D.C. can ensure they make extra money off of the inmate in some way as A.D.C. is commonly paid for certain "programs" inmates complete. None of the programs are effective rehabilitative or reformation nor are they useful or helpful that are funded by the state. Most of the A.D.C. programs function as follows: Here are papers, read, fill in the answers, return the course work... These are supposed to be sponsor lead behavioral programs such as anger management, parenting, thinking errors... etc... The only "good" program that A.D.C. has is a Christian religious program called Pathway to Freedom. The wage and thinking legacy programs need some revamping to be good. State officials in A.D.C. administration know the Rape and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) program is a joke and a "witch hunt" for people to label them "predators", "sick", "perverted", and "child molesters" or "chomo's". These "programs" are supposed to not be determinant if you make parole or not but they very much so are. If you go through Pathway to Freedom (PTF), you are guaranteed no denials and will make parole the first time. A privately funded not state college program called Like Wise just got started and hopes to have the same success for men as the Sing Sing prison in a documentary called "Zero Percent", work is not supposed to effect your decision but it too is a major determinant. It's all about if you are a productive slave to the system or not. When I got into A.D.C. and got to openly talk with inmates and some of the staff that I've come to be on good terms with. Many of the inmates or in the 80% range of the entire A.D.C. population are parole violation returnees. Not new charges but "technical parole violations." People with "new" charges or first time charges make up the remaining 10% to 20% of the inmate population. The most notorious name for parole denials on the parole board is Andy Shock. Everyone fears going up in front of Andy Shock. I've been told by many men on parole and by state employee's of A.D.C. that all of the parole violations are for extremely stringent rules and stipulations that are very ridiculous and excessive such as "no internet", which is required for everything these days, no magazines because parole officers label it "pornographic" in nature and violate you, and don't go anywhere because parole officers can just "claim" there was alcohol or some sort of misconduct and violate you. I have been personally told by a parole officer for Benton County Arkansas, that it is his job and duty to put parolees back in prison...What?!? That is sick!!! The parole system's job is to work with a parolee on their reintegration to society to help them stay out of prison. So the prisons are full of drug dealers on a life through installments program in a revolving door that never get a parole denial... Because A.D.C. knows they will be right back, parole violators, and a few with actual new charges. It is severely overcrowded with a parole board that wants to hold you forever or to your flat date. We have parole officers that want to do all they can to bring you back and no one questions why. Why does A.D.C. stay non-compliant of the constitution and of federal demands to reduce overcrowding in spite of the fact that has reported a decrease in the crime rate for the last five years running if not longer and still no one questions. Is it any surprise? No! A.D.C. keeps the prison populations overcrowded to push for continued approval for funding to open even more prison units so that Arkansas can house more prisoners so that A.D.C. can overcrowd the new prisons to ask for even more funding to house even more prisoners and it will never actually reduce the overcrowding nor their prison populations because greed is a powerful beast and money is power... Power and money corrupt every person and system. If Arkansas is allowed unchecked, the entire state will become a prison and state of A.D.C. owned slaves. The prison will return parolees to confinement for bogus non-criminal technical violations and by unchecked legal system lock up every person that comes their way because of their hungry predatory system. A.D.C. has proven they will always operate illegal, unconstitutional, prisons in spite of all sanctions or laws and directives of the U.S. federal government. Because the federal government refuses to actually do anything to control, shutdown, or regulate the Arkansas State prison system, A.D.C. will always be artificially overcrowded.

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: January 21, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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