As a black Muslim

Rahmaan, Taryanne Abdullah



Taryanne Rahmaan, "As a Black Muslim" Coffee Creek Correctional Facility As a Black muslim, in prison where I have three strikes... (one, I am Black, two. I am muslim, three. I am female) everyday is a struggle. As if it isn't enough to just take my freedom, they want to take my dreams, my hope, and my faith I may still have. They refuse to give me pork substitutes or anything resembling a Halal diet. They deny me the right to cover my hair outside of my cell, and each year ramadan is treated like some joke, as we are given outdated and old food, usually the prison's old leftovers. No variety and the servings are minimal. The Islamic chaplain is an actual employee of ODOC and always takes her vacation during ramadan and is therefore unavailable to correct any problems that may arise. Sometimes I feel like setting if off up in here, but... then what?! Nah... one day. I will be on the other side of these gates, and I won't forget the struggle and how real it is. One day, I will make a difference.

Author: Rahmaan, Taryanne Abdullah

Author Location: Oregon

Date: June 26, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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