As a divinely conscious being

McKissick, El Roderick



NO TITLE As a Divinely Conscious Being I [illegible] view life in this Realm with a Universal Understanding of the Divine Nature of everything in their/it's divine nature. Knowledge is knowing someone and/or something in a completely divine way. Wisdom is the ultimate ability to effectively utilize that divine knowledge to resurrect a Mighty Nation which has a legendary past and present that will uplift the future generations of our Black Youth and will appropriately help terminate the Black on Black crimes. This is diabolically destroying a Black Nation and atrocious means of mass incarceration for their own self-destructive annihilation through the devils evil ways of strategic targets of elimination. The Black Youth which is our future generations of potential Black Leaders that will consciously follow the Rebuilding Dynasty of the "Ancient Ones" of the Radical Black Nation. The universal builders of civilization as the "first ones" to divinely lay the Universal Foundation of Life as conscious travelers in the Fountain of Youth that is an everlasting process of "Rebirth." Liberation from the prison plantation in all of it's wicked forms atrociously created by the racist enslavers with their evil laws of injustice and corruption. I consciously look beyond the prison industries of illegally holding thousands of Blacks in captivity for their many systematic ways of lynching innocent Blacks everywhere. This is one of the highest forms of oppression that one can possibly endure on all levels of "divide and conquer" and they are strategically conquering you by your own division amongst yourselves. Black Unity is one of the most powerful forces that uniquely binds a nation's resources together as one. Divine Love is the inseparable energy that indestructibly interlocks a Nation together as the 'Loyal Ones' completely standing together as one Black Nation. In the ramifications of this conscious essay I will extraordinarily explore the true nature of enslavement on a modernize prison compound from my own conscious stand point of view as I experience the corruption of a injustice system. Many individuals in society unconsciously view convicts as cold-hearted worthless criminals. However they definitely do not take into consideration the authentic criminals who are corrupt government officials legally sworn under official oath(s) to adhere to the laws but are the main ones breaking them for their own selfish benefits and hidden agendas. They do not have any concerns about justice because in reality it is just them. They do not care about upholding justice when it do not apply to them or their own. Consider the innocent Brother Troy Davis who had eight (8) of the witnesses in his case recant their sworn statements indicating they were manipulated, coerced, bribed and/or threaten to give false testimonies against Brother Davis. The attorney general, governor and all other Georgia law enforcement agencies was completely aware of this but mendaciously prosecuted and executed him and the governor Sunny Purdue would not even grant a stay to save a innocent life that was wrongfully caught up in a diabolical government of racial hatred and corruption. That is definitely not justice nor the many others who have been unjustly prosecuted by corrupt criminals who atrociously commit hate crimes to wrongfully enslave Blacks at a astronomical rate of strategically implemented genocide. They deceptively talk about gangs and gang violence etc. but they are the real gangsters and mobsters who strategically utilize their corrupt prejudicial laws to commit hate crimes of murder, extortion, rape, kidnapping, prostitution, robbery etc. In fact every crime that can be possibly committed the government officials have already done, even going back to the vicious kidnapping of Afrikans and hatefully transporting them over here, in Amerikkka for enslavement to work and serve them. The question is when will people wake up especially Black People in every country? Bush send thousands of our relatives overseas to Iraq and Iran for a war based upon his own lies and vindictive retaliation methods. That is not justice. Corrupt racist policies keep slaughtering innocent Blacks in the streets as undercover hate crimes and getting away with it without legal prosecution. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Kenneth Hardening, Oscar Grant, Jordan Davis, Emmit till and the hunting list goes on. Is it a secret legalized hunting season for the deaths of Blacks? No parent knows when their child might become a innocent victim of another hate crime whether in the corrupt court systems, gunned down by a racist person in society or killed in the prison system by corrupt prison officials. Consider the elderly woman Ms. Johnson, the 92 year old lady who was viciously slaughtered by corrupt police and law enforcement agencies in Georgia. The corrupt government officials mendaciously paid informants to fabricate their stories as a diabolical means to justify killing a innocent Black lady after they broke int the house she occupied. The stories of highway robbery committed by police etc. and the list goes on. The racial profiling, the harassment tactics of stop and frisk and the many Blacks who are viciously beaten to death by racist correction officers etc. These are some of the exact reasons why Malcolm X was formulating the Afro-American Unity (AAU) organization to effectively bring unity in our families and communities to prevent these type of hate crimes. When will Blacks wake up and see what is really going on around them? Or is they to blinded by their own love for money, sex, and mind altering drugs diabolically created by men to stimulate illusions in their minds so they will be "out of control". Apparently Willie Lynch's psychological methods of mental enslavement has completely corrupted the minds, hearts, spirits, bodies and very essence of most blacks in AmeriKKKa that they can not see the Light nor know what is Right. Some Blacks allegedly commit crimes for the same offenses as whites but Blacks get more time which unequivocally elucidate the fact that the scales of justice are unbalanced thus making them unjust which manifest injustice. Now, consider all the harsh conditions of confinement on the modernized slavery plantations that many innocent Blacks are hatefully forced to endure for allegedly violating racist laws. How many Blacks ever got their forty acres and a mult? None that i know of but why are these corrupt criminals judging others? Bear in mind that you do not have to be convicted of a crime to be a criminal. Just intentionally engaging in illegal activities makes you a unconvicted criminal as is most government officials who are members of all types of organizations, sororities, secret societies and/or fraternities that mendaciously engage in criminal activities but deceptively utilize their prejudice laws to falsely justify their own criminal activities. Freeze, hands in the air, hands on your head, on your knees, lay down and you are under arrest. They confiscate and take anything they want and justify it by saying it's contraband in a raid/bust of some type. Most of it never make it to the evidence room(s) and much of it is circulated back into society through the law enforcement agencies own workers, drug dealers, gun smugglers etc. for profit. Some is even sold in auctions so they can make money off of their robbery tactics. Sounds familiar? It's what none law enforcement agencies do as a means of survival and it's only illegal if government officials are not the ones that is committing these criminal offenses. Our protected Constitutional Rights are constantly being violated on these modernized slave plantations known as prisons in Georgia but few are sincerely willing to help us fight against injustice, corruption, racism, tacticful poverty and oppression. Why not? Is it that so many people promote enslavement and injustice and/or they just do not care until it's them or one of their relatives? Now, what about the two Georgia Superior Court judges both of which was charged with statutory rape, child molestation, contributing to minor(s) and aggravated sodomy for engaging in indecent sexual activities with young girls. These are the same corrupt judges that has sat on the throne of judgment and hatefully sentenced innocent Blacks to astronomical terms of incarceration/enslavement and even death. This is definitely not justice and these two racist white judges should be severely punished and everyone sentenced by them should be reversed because of their own corruption and, it is highly possible that they wrongfully sentenced many parents etc. as a means to have opportunities to molest their young daughters. Who knows? But regardless how a individual view it the real criminals are the corrupt government officials that continue to violate the laws while pretending to be law abiding citizens who uphold the law(s) as they contradict their own oaths and essence of the laws. "So people in society must Be. Aware. of the Evil Forces of the Hands of the Unseen Criminals that are not convicted." The contents of this essay is Divinely submitted by El Roderick McKissic(K) to be completely posted and/or printed for the uplifting and Enlightenment of the future generations of Blacks to prevent their enslavement on one of the devils modernized slavery plantations also known as prison(s). Please submit feedback, comments, and/or other responses to the Divine Author. Formulated by: El Roderick McKissic(K) P.O. Box 339 Sparta, Ga 31087

Author: McKissick, El Roderick

Author Location: Georgia

Date: October 18, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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