As I sit in my cage




As I sit in my cage I wonder when they came up with the idea for this cage were they thinking of animals or human? I feel as if I'm in a chicken coop or a mini walk in closet without the clothes. There is a twin size iron bed mounted to the walls, it takes up half the walking room so you have as much as a door way space to living cycle. All the way at the back of the cell is a toilet with a sink connected. Today is just like any day bored with nothing to do besides think about the things I have thought about about a million times. This place has a way of destroying the human part of you and only allowing the beast to appear. When you're nice to people they get mean to you, when you are mean every body wonders what happened to the nice guy. All the table manners Mamma or Grandma taught you don't exist. There is no thank you, bless you, or excuse me every body is in a hurry to stand still. Life as we know it isn't a reality check anymore its a new world order. The call me weird cause I act like I should or I did when I wasn't on this slave plantation. The ball and chain is invisible but it still remains in place. Once they find something that feels good they use it over and over again. Nobody wants to be different so I tell them I'm anti prison. I shower and pick out dirty but clean clothes, Why? Because every body here wears what they call (Icy White) uniforms. Its supposed to symbolize you have money or being (prison rich). But I don't care about any of that. Time to me isn't real. I spend most of my alone time just as it says Alone because to be alone in hope is a blessing that rarely comes. I can't remember if I told you all why I am back here in this cage. If I did too bad. You must relive it with me over and over again because I can't believe TDCJ could pull such a plot and get away with it. There is this saying that says "only in Texas", well my new saying is "only in TDCJ". I was going on about my normal day of playing with or making voodoo dolls or Tarot cards because that's what I believe in. Well on this day, I left medical after seeing my head doctor every body feels I need so bad. When I got back to my block one of my brothers tell me she tore up my house. When I she, I mean the (officer) or talking Robot in charge of watching us disappear. It looked as if a bear had been in my cell. She destroyed all my personal stuff. I lost it and I asked her why did she do that which seemed like a normal question. But she went off about me not being able to have everything I got from this (hell hole) in the first place. That's when I told her I was gonna put a Voodoo curse on her and the goon squad locked me up. The end and I'm glad I get angry and happy at the same time...

Author: Blackstarr

Author Location: Texas

Date: July 30, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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