As I sit in my prison cell looking at this picture

Velthuysen, Christopher John



APWA Essay By: C. Velthuysen [ID] Nov. 2019 As I sit in my prison cell looking at this picture a friend sent me years ago, I recall all the sandy beaches I used to visit on vacations with my friends & family. Even though I will not ever go to this beach, as its Johannesburg, South Africa; I wish I could, and do because my friend from Virginia has told me all about it in her letters. These are the vacations I now take, that even though are through others, I can let my self go (almost) there too! I hope others realize what they sacrifice when they come to prison. Not only do they lose the love of family & friends, but food they enjoy, (vacations) they take, clothes they can buy, and interacting with healthy people. Stay out of prisons! Christopher Velthuysen [ID]

Author: Velthuysen, Christopher John

Author Location: Michigan

Date: November 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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