As if the world ended tommorrow




As if the World Ended Tomorrow #1 Sometimes I think what if the world ended tomorrow where would that leave us. In this age with HIV/AIDS and now the Coronavirus where does that leave society. Late at night alone in my bunk I think about my future as if the world ended tomorrow. This means I live for today and today I'm a nobody plain and simple. I have to admit at points in my life this nobody was very content because in my eyes I was the king of nobodies fixated on destroying my unexplained images. Life has given me no promise and in return I have not requested any. My heart bleeds tears blood pumping, nothing but restless night of nightmare. Wearing my heart on my sleeve as if it a badge of honor but it's not purple and I didn't have to fight #2 or save nobody to earn. It's the mirror on the wall staring at me again cold mugs masked with old love a simblizm of peach fuzz, bring puberity. At times I wish the mirror would shatter, smeared with baby powder near the aftermath of my fallen equation. Gone fish, yet never take a vacation as if the world ended tomorrow. The bank is empty and Im living in it Depression to relive is to recreat many more tommorrows to hate. Here comes the wrath of the lamb fire cracker high in the sky sharing many laughs with Abraham. The seed of Sarah not the maid whom end up in the wilderness reciveing punishment for the gift she attempted to give. If tomorrow never come.

Author: Bobby

Author Location: Texas

Date: March 28, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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