As society rotates around these governmental designs

Mafahali, Nyasa



As society rotates around these governmental designs: campaigns, voting, elections- for this, that and the other office. The worlds’ community has been lulled to sleep by the ’appearance’ of democracy. An elaborate trick has been played and a corrupt few lords over the masses. The devil is in the details. The common man/woman has no idea of what agendas these elected officials have up their sleeves Nor, do we control the ballot, as the trick suggests. There is a virtual cage wrapped around the minds of the masses. These are the moments in which the world will have to attest to the damage it has caused humanity by the concept of mass incarceration. Education has become a lost art, while indoctrination has consumed the world over. People are not attentive to the new world order, failing to notice that it has already been implemented, method by method. It is almost indiscernible by which things have taken hold in society. Why are we segregated by shallow aspects of differences? Race, sex, geographical locations, or whatever. These are the barriers that our collective enemy uses to distract us from unifying. Ignorance has been our greatest Achilles heel, within this element of social development. We are opposed to thinking for ourselves, delegating important decision making to those we have elected to decide those things. New World Order is a cabal of international members who are in command of various departments of importance. Finance, agriculture, energy, transportation, commerce, and like areas that would collapse the worlds’ ability to function if it would cease to exist. Incarceration, on the level that amerikkka has enforced, has revived a culture of man preying on man. This is a system that has led to the rise and fall of many civilizations: Afrikans, Mexicans, Asians, and some Europeans have all suffered the consequences of being conquered and subjected to a state of servitude. Amreikkka has been the ultimate tormentors of humanity. However, it should be noted that this country has the cultural diversity of so many other countries. And the conception of this grand demon was born out of the rejects of Great Britain, England, and other predominately white countries. Within the amerikkkan constitution there is a clause that allows the enslavement of anyone who is a prisoner of the state. The predominately incarcerated people, of this country, are those who suffer the injustice of financial disparity. This has been a composition of thought by [redacted] 9/13/16

Author: Mafahali, Nyasa

Author Location: California

Date: September 13, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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