As the state of Missouri hit the mark turning 200 years old, commemorating its bicentennial

Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico



[letterhead: image of prison bars with the text "Those of us who are in prison have been convicted. Everyone else is still on trial."] AS THE STATE OF MISSOURI HIT THE MARK TURNING 200 YEARS OLD, COMMEMORATING ITS BICENTENNIAL WITH ART, MUSIC, SPEECHES, FREE ICE CREAM AND THE RECOGNITION OF 33 NEW CITIZENS, NEGLECTING TO MENTION ITS "RACIAL AND OPEN DISCRIMINATORY" CRIMINAL JUSTICE APPLICATION WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO THE SO-CALLED WHITE CITIZENS AND SO-CALLED BLACK CITIZENS. By: Sheikh Fredrico Lowe Bey, G.S. On Tuesday August 10, 2021, the State of Missouri turned 200 years, and commemorated its bicentennial with art, music, speeches, free ice cream and the recognition of 33 new citizens it welcomed with open arms. However, it's more in the un-said then the said! You see, they aren't going to tell it all the way truth is, because it changes not for anyone! In all the world there aren't but two things in life we are faced to deal with. One is the truth and the other is falsehood. If anyone should have doubts about what I mention herewith, just be honest with self and examine the conditions from reality, as oppose to what someone has said to make you believe. On Tuesday August 3, 2021, the Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced that he made good on a vow to pardon two "white" St. Louis Criminals, who gained notoriety for pointing guns at some social justice demonstrators as they marched past the couple's home in a luxury St. Louis enclave last year. Parson, a Republican, pardoned Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey, who pleaded guilty in June to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750, and Patricia McCloskey, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2.000. These two lawyers in their 60's said they felt threatened. The special prosecutor brought in on the case, Richard Callahan said his investigation determined the marchers taking place in this march to the then Mayor Lyda Krewson's house, to protest the wrongs she had compensated corrupt cops for violating citizens rights, the McCloskey's pulled an AR-15 rifle and a 380 Automatic pistol out on marchers. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner whom is African American sought to charge the couple with crimes of a high grade, then when Gov. Mike Parson was contacted by several "white" prominent individuals whom have been disliking Circuit Attorney Gardner since she began placing many corrupt St. Louis City Police Officers on her "Black List," they've had it in for her. However, Gov. Parson let it be known just prior to the couple ever going into Court, he vowed he'd pardon them no matter what or who! [N]evertheless, when an African American (so-called Black) is charged for any gun crime, they go directly to jail. They may end up in the Federal system, it all depends on how the most prominent "so-called white" prosecutor is feeling at the time of charges. Not only do we not get bail, but we become a danger to the community, although it's now not the same in the event a "so-called white" individual is arrested on the exact same charge. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is headed up by a "racist coward" name Jeff Roorda. Here, he was fired from the City of Arnold Police Department, for lying on his Chief of Police because he would not allow Roorda to take sick leave for his wife having a baby. Also, filing false police reports on suspects to protect one of his corrupt partners and lying to the Internal Affairs Department on investigators after he was busted red handed! The racism he has brought to the City of St. Louis is the direct results of his corruption, which he encourages "white" police officers to commit all sorts of infractions of laws in the name of policing. If you doubt what I'm saying Google Roorda v. City of Arnold, 142 S.W.3d 786. The City of St. Louis Police Department has two different Police Unions that represent Black & White Policemen. How dumb is this? [Y]et, Missouri wants to say how proud it is for its blind ways of an unjust State! Really the commemorating being done is a "White Superior & a Black Inferior" concept being put out by the ways of reality reflects its light on the truth. Just recently, Kevin Strickland is found by the prosecutor who prosecuted him at his trial in the Kansas City area, and learned that the guy Strickland is incarcerated falsely, after it was determined that the actual persons responsible for the crime holding him in prison, confessed to his crime. Herein, they petitioned the Gov. Mike Parson for relief, who gave a statement to the press: "Why should I move him in front of all the other people whom petitioned for pardons... he's not a special case! He has to get in line like everyone else, no matter if he's innocent or not!" How fortune is that? Yet, he turned right around and gave Mark & Patricia McCloskey that [s]pecial treating he stated Kevin was not at all entitled to. They surely were not ahead of all those with petitions in his office, so why look over those individuals and bless the McCloskey's with a pardon. Hatred is what I call this. Turning 200 years old means very little to those of us whom have eyes to see and ears to hear... because we're very much concerned! Wouldn't you be? Talking with a forked tongue is what these people have been doing to the so-called Negro, Black, Colored, African American or whatever they desire to call them! When race is constantly at the helm of everywhere we turn for justice and we catch the "white" people say this or that, then tell you it isn't racism, then you'd better be aware! We are the most divided people in all of the land of America, but when it comes to "us" being treated equal & just, it is never going to be. After all what does the purpose serve turning 200 years old to commemorate a bicentennial with art, music, speeches or give the people free ice cream or recognize any of the citizens... if it isn't for the right reasons? Furthermore, did the negecting to mention its "racial and open discriminatory" criminal justice application as applied differently from so-called "white" citizens and Missouri's so-called "black" citizens? For what reason can we say Mark & Patricia McCloskey are more deserving a pardon compared to Kevin Strickland and all of those so-called "Black" prisoners living in the Missouri prison system long before they had been entitled to any pardons or anything else, that would make it just, for what Gov. Mike Parson's racist mind set showed us? Peace & Allah's Love & Mercy! In Solidarity, By: SHEIKH FREDRICO LOWE BEY,G.S.

Author: Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico

Author Location: Missouri

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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