Assalamu alaykum, I want to open this essay

Hanif, Allen Dawkins / Hassan Ali



Thursday 6-18-2020 (1) The American Prison Writing Archive c/o Hamilton College: 198 College Hill Rd Clinton, NY 13323-1218 Assalāmu alaykum, I want to open this essay with the greeting of peace. "Salam," I have been sitting in my cell wondering what is going on in the free world and I must say that Im highly disappointed wit the fact that these punk ass racist white cops are continueiously getting away wit murder. Even after George Floyd was lynched by the hands of a Klansman. We still see the Black man being guned down in Amerikkka. Me personally, I dont believe in a peaceful protest. Take the fight to those who brought the fight to you. Why burn down businesses in your neighborhood? Why should we come to the table in peace when those devils is out there lynching our people. It burns me up to see the victims family, friends, and loved ones on the news crying talking about having a peaceful protest. I cant see peace when they're murdering our people. "Do I believe that they should pay for what they're doing?" Yes! Remember that the police is the largest gang in the streetz in Amerikkka. One of the most important things I can say to those who are reading is, bear arms against those who bear arm against you. And protect yourself against the tyrannt governments in our city, and states. Even in prison we are faced wit racism from the people who work for the prisons. You gotta look at it like this, we are in modern day slavery! The jails and prisons have became the plantations, but within these plantations they house they're own kind. Massa is the Warden and all the people who work for him control the slaves. The cotton fields has been replaced with little jobs around the facility. As a person who is confined (2) in the prison system I will hardly see Massa "Who is the Warden". Instead we see other people who act like Massa which infact they work for Massa. Prison is nothing more but a plantation built to keep people in. Once we come to the plantation we are clearly at a loss. Even when we're at a loss we remain strong. Yes, I hate the system or what they call "the system". I have spent most of my adult life in prison which I am tired of. Once these 15 months is over and done with, I will never put myself back in prison. I would rather die on my feet in the streetz instead of coming back to this shit. Doing time has showed me how fake people are. And how unloyal they are when you're locked up. The women in your life are the first one's to fall off, just like the men in the women's life are the first one's to fall off. The only people that will be by your side while you're doing time is your mom and dad. As for myself I have nobody, not even my mom and dad. My parents passed away while I was in prison. That made me become stronger. Respectfully: Allen Dawkins

Author: Hanif, Allen Dawkins / Hassan Ali

Author Location: Colorado

Date: June 18, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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