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Assaulted StompingBear Files #FreeHappy Let me tell you about a time I got beat up. But to do this let me back up a couple days to give you some background. First off, let me say, I'm a litigator, as in I file grievances and lawsuits, because of this I have acquired a good amount of legal work. So one day I get transferred to this unit in Malvern. When I get here I'm told I can't keep all my legal work and I try to explain that I had active cases but he, the Lt., didn't care. He ordered everything paper be confiscated. A nice lady let me keep my address book. All paperwork. This was not only my legal work, but also my religious writings and personal and legal mail. Okay, so two days later the wardens are in the hallway during chow. I stop and discuss how my legal work and religious writing i.e. my book of shadows, was confiscated. The wardens backed the play saying I would not receive any one of my property back. WTF?! I sort of, well I got mad. I told the wardens, "Y'all ain't s__t but some sorry motherf__kers," gave them the finger and walked off. A guarded catches up to me tells me to face the wall and all that, I comply. I get cuffed, but he intentionally put the cuffs on crooked and super tight hurting me. First I ask him if he'll fix them. He jerks me around tells me no. I tell him if he does not quit jerking me around (physically) and fix the cuff I would protest his actions. He doesn't, so I refuse to walk making them carry me as I yell, "This is a passive protest. I want my legal work." over and over. I get to the infirmary. It's procedure to do pre-lock-up. Next thing I know I'm getting picked up out of a chair by my neck then slammed to the floor. This breaks two ribs and crushes part of my elbow Then they're all over me hurting me everywhere. I'm being carried again and also choked. I lose consciousness. Then I'm in a cell being beat up and my clothes ripped off me. Naked. I'm not allowed soap nor toothpaste or toothbrush. After 3 days I'm supposed to get my property, but I don't, I don't even get a toothbrush, not for seven days. I grew up with asthma, so not being able to breathe was terrifying, Yes, I shouldn't cussed at them, but that was no cause to torture me. In a different circumstances if I wasn't a prisoner and them correction officers... that was a felonious assault. The disciplinary charges didn't even offer hole time. I did like 12 days in the hole, for charges that even given the max doesn't carry hole time. This type stuff isn't new, it's standard operating. They cuff us then beat us. I've seen it a lot, been the victim 3 major times and many cuff and shoves. Violence teaches violence. ADC teaching criminals how to be violent criminals. Not good. Peace be with you all. Happy StompingBear [ID] PO Box 1630 Malvern AR 72104. #FreeHappy Happy StompingBear Happy StompingBear [ID] PO Box 1630 Malvern AR 72104

Author: Stompingbear, Happy

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: July 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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