At night I shake my foot or rock myself to sleep




#1 At night I shake my foot or rock myself to sleep which ever you call it. So deep down Im still a baby right? This thought just crossed my mind as I was frozen in time you can never go back or understand why you made the dumbest choice thinking it was smart. Have you ever been 51/50? Thats criminally insane, its the edge where you dont care the outcome as long as you reive the gradification you meant or didnt think you would recive. People call us crazy cause we get tired of no's and start taking what we rightfully deserve, not all of us deserve it or can take only till we are full but I mean the criminals with morals. #2 Have you ever met a criminal with morals? I bet you think thats impossible. We call it honor among thiefs but some hate to think of it like that, it says you dont steal from me I wont steal from you, but anybody else is free game. I know, I know the tie types are thinking. Well you both are stealing from me so that makes it wrong and Im gonna hang you. In my opinion, (and yes I do know what a opinion means) is that your right to feel how you feel and so are we. Most of us will not write the truth or admit the truth so as the spokesmen for us you have to take my word and opinion about the facts of our life. When begin to understand the role I play as a criminal I didnt like or respect the odds but the game doesnt stop cause the game is uneven. #3 In this life you either win or lose but you have to play the game. We beg, then beg after we beg enough we take. While in the mood of criminal acts (us) criminals had to make (our) own rules so nobody betray the rules of criminal. Our code of conduct is sometimes so serious it leads to death no judge, or jury which has lead a few of us back here so we can get judged for our criminal codes. In side our minds we were left with no choice which makes jail or prison less dramatic then empty stomach, or a bullet in the head. Dont feel bad when one of us comes back try to understand why and be sympathetic without pointing fingers. And for god sake dont say what you wouldnt do in the same place because most of you would die and be just a grave number.

Author: Bobby

Author Location: Texas

Date: May 15, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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