B4 I let go

Freemen, Justus



"B4 I let go..." 8/19/21 * I'd rather live like a man than die like a coward. Therefore I must adjust my thought process and aggressive behaviors! * The clock is still ticking...As my days decrease. Anxiety increases and my mood shifts gears quicker than any vehicle. * B4 I let go...totally use it and wrongfully REACT I'd rather pray to ALLAH, ask for GUIDANCE and protection as well as the STRENGTH and real ability TO CHANGE MY CONDUCT! * Prison life has been MORE THAN just a journey... it has been a reality check on so many levels! * I'lll be the 1st, 2nd 5th 30th or thousandth person to tell you FACTS. Pirson has ONLY created a fucking monster! No, not your average boogey man scare anyone or anyones children "type of monster". * A master that the government has created from their corruption! A monster that now knows how to properly fight these bitches. A monster that NOW talks more assertively, intellectually and more humbly... only for the sake of MY growth, development and world wide messages & "bigger picture" I'm truly trying TO PAINT. B4 I let go...And lose MY FOCUS, with confusion. I'd rather grab ahold of the wheel, pull off to the side of the road, take 10 long breaths, (count to 10) "pray to ALLAH" And get the heck off that ROAD OF DESTRUCTION, which will ONLY lead me straight back to prison OR simply to my grave. * I fear nothing or no-one BUT ALLAH(SWT) to B4 I let go... I'd rather take another look! That Glass IS Half Full Not Half EMPTY. (period) Justus Freemen 8/19/21 GZ

Author: Freemen, Justus

Author Location: Kansas

Date: August 19, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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