“Balance” (The destruction of Amerikka)

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



pg 1 of pg 2 6/23/2019 day 1 "Balance!" (The destruction (of amerikkka) by 'Out there') [redacted] (c) How to destroy (War, Iran...), create panic (spread racial hatred); use news: "Because knowledge...has been granted to you, but to them it has not been granted. To anyone who has, more will be given...from anyone who has not given what he has will be taken away..."(Mt. 13:11-12). Truth, in amerikkka, gone! The migrants (fake, wall, cry) are dying, and; in concentration camps! I saw (Sister Ocasio), News being attacked; Israel got their underwares in a bundle (as book says, they attack whenever opportunity presents itself)! Anyway, what I'm writing, below needed context (whining look)! smile Imagine, a prison: with a foreman; a group of prison-trustees (help hacks) a majority (of hacks) Wan & Spanish (more of former); and, other (two) branches likewise? Now imagine a few prisoners, sighting for (so-called) justice; not justus (Bible: Col. & Acts), but, Isaiah 10:2? So here's the spill: all rules come from laws; laws from Acts passed; Acts (allegedly) from Constitutions, and, Constitutions from people (who've ratified: amendments, note! there from the cabal (Wan)?)! In short, a few (Wan) made the articles (of Confederation); and, these control (Constitutions; amendments; articles; Acts; laws; rules)! Well, in point of fact, no justice applies (to any other than them); except, based on their discretion (in all statutes, or before their implementing)! Now, I can spill: the same (Trump) chap used (wall; flouting laws; padding pockets of Wan & Israel; washing in new members (cf. brain-folks leaving employ Huckabee?); and, war, (on Iran, like lies on Iraq)! All the racists (Biden) et cetera, are employed (temp/full-time) Segregationists! Repeats (Roger Brooke Taney; Wm Lynch; etc.) done; by Wan & Israel! Oh yeah, my eyesight is nearly gone (left eye gone; right eye waning)! I adjust -- daily -- too losing vision; in my eye (right)! About 15-months ago, had chance for an operation; but I passed! Just before this, they (hacks) were tasked; to replace a battery, in my watch! Not only did they break the watch, but, I'd purchased the battery; to a watch no pg 2 of pg 2 "Balance!" 6/23/2019 day 1 (con't) ("If choice is used, correctly, Nature will not destroy! There are no: innocent bystanders; destruction is, 'the son/sun' of choice utilized!" [redacted] (c) longer sold (FBOP) here! They'd sold (watch) battery, broke the watch; then (they'd opened the battery package) refused to reimburse me! Well, I was scared; to let them operate (left eye)! Outside (of here) I see news, about mishaps (like the Marx Brothers; Keystone Cops, etc) and; feared one on my eye! Of course, other medical things favored waiting: Meniere's disease (ringing in ears; loss of sight)! I've had, both, now over 5 yrs. Plus, imparity (inequality) of treatments (Black & Wan); in here & out there! And, the POTUS Trump's ([illegible] of DOJ, and FBOP article 2) infantilism "trickles down" (but not, trickle up); Tax break Speaking (of wealthy) about Taxes? I now know, why "23 democrats" seek (POTUS); and it ain't bout serving the people: it's about selfishness (Title 26 U.S. Codes)! Wow, of truth; in statutes, but not alot (of folk) 't enforce them'!" ([redacted] (c)) Always, for the blind, comes down to greed! "The worship, of greed, 'leads' to its relatives (anger, avarice, envy, lechery, pride, sloth,); but, there's always more (and, more)!" [redacted] (c) "Greed leads its relatives; there's always more!" So, I begin (Bible and Migrants); and, end. Few are mortified -- as we all should be who call selves human, showing positive aspects of...character -- that, children are "mortified." These (Spanish) babies, are branded; like Blacks (kidnapped) enslaved! Compare, "coming thru 'The Pass'; 100 million, kidnapped slaves, died?" Of note, "slave and Slav" are (historically) identical'! Like particularly ("history" and "violence") recoil do. "history repeats"; and "violence is, like, 'spitting in the blowing wind; hitting ones face!" [redacted] (c) Can you imagine, a child unconsciously worships (the wealthy); so much, it accepts whatever (wealthy agents of same) they want? But, a few, children: despise (wealthy) contrary; to the their worshippers reverence! While durance (ADX Max) Florence, Colorado -- Afra-Black -- a few repel (their evil: tamper with food; cut off out there help/communication; incoming as well; medical -- equal -- treatment; and 'lockstep' tripartite branches in concert acts)! 'Out there,' the same: 'Trump' destroys america; using the power-of-a-king/queen (1980's - 1990's: Griffin & Liberace); no laws to stop him!" [redacted] (c) APWA (Clinton, NY University) ARA (c) ADX plantation (CO)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: June 23, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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