Beautiful enemies

Cherry, Danny W.



Beautiful Enemies by Danny Cherry pg. 1 I finally understood how sane women could have loved men like Christopher Columbus and Adolf Hitler; I had strong physical attractions to a few of Pendleton's tyrants. The equilibrium of love and lust I felt for them was a by-product of my loneliness -- great solace came whenever I saw or though of sexually clandestined escapes with those forbidden lovers. Cruel despots -- the most handsome men I had ever seen, consumed me in my moments of despair; Enraptured me by overpowering emotions of ecstasy. The times when cultural escapism failed to comfort me, my burning passions for Pendleton's officers comforted me. The guilty pleasure numbed the paralyzing pain. I arrived at the infirmary ready to read Pendleton's incompetent medical staff; Tarot cards were not required. My temperament changed as soon as I lay mine eyes on Beautiful Enemies by Danny Cherry pg. 2 the officer on duty there. "Hi! Here's my pass!" "You can go on back." "Damn he's sexy!" I thought to myself as I passed through the steel cage, then large metal door into urgent care. The same nurse was there. "I gave you a refusal the other day. Why am I hear again today?" "I lost it." "That's fine. I want to refuse." I completed another medical refusal, then rushed back to the front of the infirmary. There were no other offenders in the infirmary while I was waiting for the movement line to open. When the time had come for me to depart, I inquired of the cute officer. "What is your name?" He looked at me with tyrannical eyes. Beautiful Enemies by Danny Cherry pg. 3 "Gayton." I smiled victoriously. "Sorry. I just make it my business to know all the fine officers working here; you are gorgeous!" I exited the infirmary feeling more fabulous than Donatella felt in the first dress Gianni Versace ever made; It was for her. Seeing Officer Q in his green E-Squad uniform always asphixiated me to the point of respiratory failure. He had beautiful black hair and perfectly groomed moustache and yummy lips. Q had seductive eyes, delicious skin, and a thin, sexy body that rivaled Adonis'. He walked pass my cell the day I was being moved to J-Cellhouse. "I love you Q! Be my boyfriend; I want to have your baby!" He chuckled - It drove me wild. Q was very sexy; so sexy; Too damn sexy to be an officer working in Pendleton; Lucky me.

Author: Cherry, Danny W.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: February 25, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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