Because the prison industry is all that matters




Continued from prior pages Essay Page 3 Because the prison industry is all that matters when society does not need to prove anything and the only appeal provided is inherently ineffective due to the fact there is no checks and balances wherein the court or state's attorney or even the state provided appellate attorney is bound by the law to make certain all records of court proceedings and or investigate whether or not the evidence produced at trial was legally obtained or presented or even if any evidence exist at all to support a guilty verdict - this will always result in mass incarcerations. Gross disenfranchisement of minorities & or majorities of disvalued humans to be victimized and used to extort the taxpaying population in order for their community of prison guards wardens and other special interest groups to become enriched while pushing the undesirable elements such as myself to only have value so long as I we can and will continue to be an exploitable resource an excuse to channel taxpayer moneys into their union that is the most if not second most powerful union in the union of United States the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is 20 billion dollars strong if it were possible to eliminate 3 strikes and effectuate the courts only allowed one enhancement. I am quite certain CDCR would find a way to violate 80% of all parolees and require them to return to prison custody so the money would keep pouring in and if the money dried up as in a Depression the prisons would be emptied out overnight. Please lets get real - even if say when I am 61 and I have 25 years in prison - the only reason I would be paroled is due to the fact that people over 60 make money only for medical community not CDCR! And such release would only facilitate me die an old man in the gutter homeless with no family friends etc. - If I could get out while I now have real chance to make a life where I have a wife and or piece of property that I can be self supportive and less reliant on welfare disability checks I would have good reason to get out and stay out if not - then I will be institutionalized completely. As of now there's some hope of justice I have sent copies of my court reporter transcript of the proceedings of trial that ended in my conviction to be analyzed and acted on by a local attorney [redacted] of [redacted] and several so called innocent projects so maybe some on who really believes in equal rights and justice not just us will fight for me and all who succumb to similar circumstances. If not so then at that point where I myself become aware that I have reached an impasse - where there is no hope for justice and or that justice is far too late I must really look hard at myself and my situation and ask myself (1). "what do I want out of this prison life & (2). seriously answer number one and stick to it even if it may bring about my own death or become a real murderer to fit the punishment whether that means being the active perpetrator of my own death or facilitate the death of others to obtain whatever amount of relief to obtain an achievable goal. One thing for me would be certain if I had my own television as a very emanice distraction from my predicament - the reaching or final awareness that such an impasse has been met or even exceeded would be less likely to occur or acted on. - As ways of coping I have found art especially origami very effective an affective coping mechanism. The number one cause of violence is the guards as custody will not allow hungry men to eat enough to get full and any experienced intelligent woman will tell you a hungry man is an angry man and whenever you put 100s of angry hungry men together violence will happen as surely as tossing lit cigarettes out a car window in the forest on a hot day will cause a forest fire! Even if the kitchen were to serve us a four course meal custody won't give us time to eat it and if we try to take it back to our cell they search us take it and possibly get a 115 write up that will add time or take what little privileges we have left. This also adds fire to heat up anger already present. The health care - what health care? When I was knocked down and my leg was stomped on and broken bone stuck out I was kept at C+C 17 days then taken to hospital - mercifully it did not kill me and or gangrene set in and the surgery saved my foot and rest of my leg but I have ongoing nerve pain and my opioid medication that actually worked has been taken away and all the healthcare people will give me is capsaicin cream - like rub super hot chilli pepper on it and anti-inflammatory med acetaminophen - Tylenol when I have deep in the bone nerve pain not sure muscles or arthritic joints I have complained and 60Z over and over to no avail - no body cares when more expensive non opioids exist that can be prescribed but they won't when it costs them money - no kick back - on top of all this the people like myself that have nothing and can't get anything even if we were given a job 8 cents per hour = 0 when you have 10,000 plus restitution and PLRA minus-ing our accounts equates to excessive punishment. The education is good if you can get into VEP otherwise you get assigned to ABE III GED and you may never be allowed and given a GED test because if you pass they can't keep you in their classroom justify the botched expenditure in education department As for employment conditions they are largely nonexistent and or none pay you a living wage while inside the wall. The environment for volunteers is very much by custody is made hard for them as it is no great wonder why the apparent void of volunteers accepted or allowed to interact with prison population every year I have been eager to participate in Victim Awareness Week in April but this year nothing. As for the aging prison population I am becoming a part of we are left to die or when the medical finds out we need long expensive care facility we are denied or worse they suddenly come up with a reason to kick you out of the prison system so they can't be held responsible for you dying before your parole date. As for a vision or version of a better way to operate politically institutionally, etc regarding the present prison system is to seriously be more responsible - to become more active in looking at an inmate and questioning whether or not the court system may have not considered the total legality of and by which jury reached a vote of guilty and be more open to consider such conviction and sentence sending them a person to be an inmate of their facility may be improper when the only records sent by court does not contain the actual recorded actions in trial resulting in his being found guilty for said crimes as was and still is lacking from my C file. As in prison there exists in title 15 operations and policy a recall of commitment not only for the dying person but when circumstances are found that it would no longer serve justice to continue incarceration a Representative Parole Counselor may refer to sentencing court a recall of the commitment and have the inmate released. I showed how where and why my continued incarceration no longer serves justice by the court reporter transcripts - they claim since they're not in my file there is nothing showing my continued incarceration would not serve justice or no longer necessary denied. Such practice is creating a bureaucratic cop out and not acting responsibly yet we are and they are not being held responsible is wrong and will only increase tyranny Since 2010 I have been transferred from my original reception DUI while on hot meds - mental health drugs that require I stay out of the heat - to Iron Wood the southern east part of California and quite possibly the highest temperature prison in California or is it actually Arizona? Because I was medically restricted I was then transferred to Chino Reception where all my personal property was taken or lost - then I ended up at Pleasant Valley State Prison in 2011 where I received my TV - after I was victimized leg broken my point level of custody went up and was sent to High Desert Prison in Susanville California in the north east most part of California while it is quite cold that's little trifle inconvenience as it is and will always be where CDC puts its most unrehabilitatable violent scum - I did not belong as I was a victim suing CDCR and its officers. The transfer was obviously done to facilitate my death so I went suicide over and over until I was deemed EOP and since there is no EOP facility at that prison I was sent to Mule Creek State Prison. So you see I have been from CDCRs northernmost and southernmost prison east west and in between. What I'm writing about is what is in existence at every prison I've been in with a few exceptions. Sat F Corcoran after almost 5 years requesting I finally got orthopedic shoes that greatly increase my ability to walk around in less pain. At one point I agreed to try a medication for mental illness so claimed to also treat my pain issue but as of yet from March [redacted] to April [redacted] I have not received any treatment except for the topical hot pepper cream and anti-inflammatory drugs no drugs for nerve pain. I am health care 602 again filed against the prison healthcare system yet very doubtful of any relief can or will be obtained. It is my experience as of 2018 - 2019 the money has ran out for Enhanced Outpatient Program - E.O.P. As I have experienced being discontinued from program participation regardless of achieving any of my goals for being placed in the program in first place has put a severe strain on my psychological survival due to the fact that the discontinuation of the art class along with the wardens of most prisons have stopped all hobby craft programs regardless of the fact such program is self sufficient when projects were sold and money obtained went back into the program and provided financial support for the gifted and/or multitalented inmates I suspect the latter was actual reason for prohibition of program so as to keep stress high and thereby manipulation of the masses so incarcerated into committing violent acts to justify CDCR prison industry from ever letting its incarcerated to be rightfully considered rehabilitated and set free. Case in point the first profound step any successful tyrant must eliminate is "artistically endowed free thinkers" in order to maintain control over general populace and consistently apply pressure and provide an environment of fear from which the masses are easy to manipulate. Case in point when the sensitive needs yard was created it provided a safe environment for those whose crimes would have required the status quo or persons without crimes of a disgusting sexual nature or those known to speak to police about the guiltiness of others had and are still expected to render punishment of death. As that type of incarcerated were kept apart & free from gang members that must carry out death sentences on those convicted of such crimes or be killed themselves. The SNY prisons were virtually free from institutional murder and much lower rape and many of the races lived together in harmony - this was a threat to the way CDCR operated and still operates so custody started to allow active gang members to quit their gang in General Population and program SNY were therefore in/under GP they who could never become shot caller or boss now were enabled to become the head of their restructured gang & gangs dropout like North Annyos who quit became Northern Rhyder and Three Flowers the Southern gang's Mexican mafia split into emma and la family and so many other divisions it's so confusing even the ones who started the whole mess have little or no real control anymore as their focus is to raise and maintain chaos where all drama is generated to keep us from joining against the system, to raise awareness of it and so by break free from the system replace the system with true self government of the people by the people name or class. This can only work for a fixed amount of time cause the antisocial free thinkers are required integral part of innovation & adaptation necessary for survival of a society especially when uncontrollable changes occur by nature or outside forces actuate change in hope of benefiting themselves having disregard for anything but themselves or their political group be it Republican, Northern Rhyder - Democrat - Crip - Blood or communist socialism Skinheads. The economics of mass incarceration is the same for the mass manipulation both are the same in principle. Both are and will be destructive to the ecosystem and effectuate the destruction of this world and just as wave capacitance exists in electronic science you may see the big picture where such practices must eventually bring about if not total end of humanity. To understand wave capacitance one only need fill a tub with water and move your hand through the water until a wave is created traveling from one end to the other back and forth. At the apex - when the wave bounces off one end and starts its journey back to the other side add 10% more force as you do so you will see the wave increases in size and momentum will soon cause most of the water to splash over with increasing velocity with little effort this is the effect of wave capacitance or proliferation when it's applied to a nation or state (is like the tub) in the disclosed experiment mass of people as the (water) pressure - being economic political and/or geographically designated by resources and ratio of ethnicity as to just what kind and amount of stress will be applied to create and move the wave of fear or race hostility along with resources or lack of is what equates the amount of stress. Just as you know when to add the 10% force media and feedback there from gives the timing & direction of force to keep the mass population be it free or incarcerated capable of manipulation & control. On my practical views on reform I must say this "Hey stupid before you can reform someone you got to know if they're actually innocent. Second you have to have common sense to understand legally innocent is actually innocent and actually innocent don't need reform or rehabilitation they must have restoration in all aspects including all rights and/or privileges such as the right to leave this country for another with financial compensation case in point Kamala Harris before becoming senator admitted and was quoted in San Quentin news when she was Attorney General she know 4000 inmates from 2010 - 2015 are wrongfully convicted and only 600 of those cases were overturned - since most of those cases are murder or violent she as the opposition had the power and ethical right to dismiss those cases being 4000 yet zealously denied or affirmed prosecuted their convictions on appeal she knows are wrong and should be dismissed shows she is not concerned with doing what's right but only acted on behalf of the special interest group that is the prison industrial complex and fuck you if you're poor so as to be found guilty you will be grease for their money machine. In closing In closing to essay Just as it is my firm belief that around 34 AD some one like myself in circumstances of being brought to debtor's prison upon the wine of Caesar or a judge with the mind that at least myself/he will be given good food provided excellent exercise and finest health care the coliseum will provide training and advancement if he - "myself" survives a few lions and with any luck dispatch a gladiator why all he - myself would have to do is overcome aversion to slaughtering a dozen or so Christians to appease the mass populace distracting them from the deplorable actions of Senate and Caesar - he myself may become citizen once more in the empire that will last a thousand years. - I have no doubt someone said that back then yet Rome fell & Hitler mentioned the same about his Third Reich - the only reason USA has lasted so far is that God has blessed it with the riches of the Native American and just as the Native American is almost nonexistent due to being starved to death as 300 men and women children of Ghost Ridge Dakota the ones who have survived only 10% speak their own language. This just shows that the same mindset to reintroduce the wolf into Federal Reserve land to put balance back into the natural environment - may work yet is valuing wolves more than the "people" that maintained balance long before the evil white man! This is the same disgusting kind of practice I hope and pray will bring USA into nonexistence very soon! I am a firm believer in the phrase America love it or leave it well i no longer love it and sincerely desire to leave it for Netherland-der Deutschland der Fatherland is freedom land. Far from the prison industrial complex USA. Kenneth [redacted] April 10 2018

Author: Kenneth

Author Location: California

Date: April 29, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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