Before I think to write anything on this paper

Paschal, Charles A., Jr.



11-20-2018 Before I think to write anything on this paper my name is Charles Anthony Paschal Jr., and I have been incarcerated 17 years straight off of a 30 year sentence, and the reason I'm currently taking a chance to get anyones' attention that can understand my unthought of words, "no matter what you're serving in life your only confines are the ones that you allow to be your confines!" Freedom is only a eight letter word, and if you allow others' judgements of you to determine if you're incarcerated or free you'll always be in life's darkness! I think we're endowed with a power of wisdom to enlighten others on how to make better decisions than the ones we were accused of making or made! So therefore, don't let a sentence belittle you from giving others wisdom from your perspective and experience! First off, from first hand experience I'm currently taking a chance to share the challenges of physical and psychology survival from my perspective, share what I think a vision of a better way to operate, and finally share words about the aging prison population! I think each individual that's serving whatever sentence they're serving are walling for their individual survival in a manner that alters with each changing second! Some individuals allow sentences to make them give up on life, quit taking care of themselves, and their only hope evolves around chow call and store call! Within these places of incarceration we face the hassles and oppressions by the wardens, and correctional officers, and at times we fight and war with each other! Prison already is a world of divisors or everyone is affiliated with something even if its religion! Next, I think the vision of a better way to operate is as set forth! I think in order for all individuals that's serving a sentence we should operate in a vision of working together! Within this vision of working together we collectively decide what we're willing to allow and what we aren't willing to allow as well as aid & assist each other to a higher intelligence! I think consciously or unconsciously we're keeping each other incarcerated if we aren't taking it upon our personal demonstration to wisen each other. Because with a higher intelligence we can plan ahead together! Finally, I know that the prison population aging is going to always change because the prison business will never end; so I encourage and challenge all individuals to teach, "that one bad decision in life can have you on death row or serving the rest of your life in prison!" In conclusion, I greatly appreciate you for allowing me to share a few words with you, and if you'd be willing to allow me to share some of my poetry with you please check out the above stated website Charles Paschal (poetry),!! Sincerely, Charles A. Paschal Jr.

Author: Paschal, Charles A., Jr.

Author Location: Georgia

Date: November 20, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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