Being broke




Jack BEING BROKE Everything in life comes at a price. Nothing that is faced even when it all seems easy, has a down fall. The moment when born to the last breath on this planet, it is common for people to be broke. Being this way is a state of mind, and not to exclude the pocket. People who worry about bills, the next meal, the family, and how it effects the overall structure. They know what it is like to miss a meal, not having so nuch as a penny in their pocket--to a point of having to explain to people they don't have rent money. I've been broke, busted, and can't be trusted. To some people I knew, they couldn't even afford a hot cup of coffee (as if a cold cup would be cheaper). when working for what is caught, or killed, to he put on the table: then a person who is broke becomes rich beyond measure. Being broke is a choice on upbringing. Some readers are going to disagree with that. when a person who just walks out, and starts living on the street—-people judge, and say, "He had a nervous breakdown. To me, that was his choice in life, as his (or her) priorities were ... off. Not finishing your education is usually the biggest source of being broke! A proper education is the biggest asset anyone can have; and making the choice not to have one, is just plain stupid. Education is free for anyone that wants it. Catch is-«you have to work for it, put in the effort. The opportunity may not ALWAYS be there to take, so don't neglect the chance. It's on each of us, and coming with excuses as to why we dropped out-«well, those are just excuses. I see lots of people, uneducated and broke. If you notice, not as many educated people are broke~~that's because with education, doors open. However, you can have all the money in the world; and still be miserable. some people never get enough. It's hard to find a balance between those extremes. We don't want to be broke; yet, we don't have to be rich. My son once told me a few years back, that he now understands what it feels like to be broke. Also, he knows why working so much to pay the bills meant you were not home a lot. It takes every penny that is made, to cover the bills, and then some. Parents are to teach the children how to manage the money that they make--to put money in savings for times of need; that working is the proper way to have money. NOT trying to do things that are illegal, and thus immoral, to make a fast buck (usually at the cost of someone else's honest and hard work). Still, I have no jingle in my pocket; but, I'm not totally broke. I do have a few coins put back. Even if it is one penny and a dime, or two. It's not how much you have, but how you use it. Collard greens are about the only greens in prison.

Author: Jack

Author Location: South Carolina

Date: February 1, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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