Beneath the surface

Riley, C. T.



Beneath the Surface By C.T. Riley Beneath the surface, the concept being purely commercial, is none other than a collusive campaign to keep one in prison longer & to return a parolee to prison soon as possible as the underlying basis for somm & the additional parole stipulations for the so called sex offender; is in fact a fabrication of theories expressive more of the bizarre than of rationality As you can see, from this is created a plausibly sophisticated structure intended for a type of control over the life of a prisoner & parolee so unduly restrictive that it almost guarantees failure of one being able to meet ever shifting demands interpreted to exact ambiguity & the paradoxical. The enforcement of additional parole stipulations is predicated upon unconstitutional policy that facilitates forced submission to it via threats to extend the sentence of a targeted prisoner or parolee (as a facade for so called rehabilitative methods & monitoring) that is none other but another means of economic, class, and sexual exploitation that inevitably has nothing to do with a parolee successfully reintegrating back into & becoming a viable part of family & society as a whole. In truth this concept only serves a subversive plot to further colonize & capitalize off those in the grasps of the irrational & ill intended. The policy created for additional parole stipulations serves as a conduit to destabilize a parolee in order to provide the parole officer the leeway to revoke ones parole for technical reasons & this data is attributed to recidivism. In this way, legislation and privatization unite in unholy matrimony to perpetuate ideologies & transform them into policy that solidifies the unilateral interests shared between the sheets of the Indiana Department of Corrections, New Castle Correctional Facility/Geo, the parole board & Liberty Behavioral Health (the providers of Insomm), whom all depend on one another s numbers to keep in line with generated contracts for all those involved that have placed a stake in monetary gain as a result thereof. This is exponential towards how this style of human trafficking is sponsored, justified & colored as something other than what it is; facilitated by the stigma of public contempt towards those who are guilty of sex crime(s); and towards those who are not. Nothing just can come from that which does not proceed from reason. With this in mind, how are those who espouse what is illegal & unconstitutional policy any different than the prisoners & parolees that they exploit & capitalize off of? Are they not criminals as well? What of their moral & mental state of being? For no sane man/woman not inclined to criminality would postulate & enforce policy & stipulations so restrictive as to ensure the failure of those seeking redemption & progress in pursuit of happiness & efficiency towards a better life. However, I am not against the sanctioning of programs that actually contribute to rehabilitative & preventive measures that inspire a prisoner/inmate/offender/parolee to take responsibility for crime committed while working earnestly towards identifying & eradicating thoughts & behavioral patterns that transgress the law & people. Such programs must be founded upon ensuring that the rights of the participants remain inviolate. I don't claim to be infallible. But, I am a firm believer that you can only commit self unto being apart of the solutions, or problems that plague ourselves & society. Life is a class- pay attention & pass. What I am to my enemies- I am not. My only revenge is to attain a power that will outlast & transcend my enemies desires. Happiness through truth is the will & purpose of God in man-as man-is man-in God. I rise in fire. I am coming out of the flames..... The struggle continues.

Author: Riley, C. T.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: August 14, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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