Beneathe the surface again (human trafficking: the somm-scheme-scam-sex program)

Riley, C. T.



Beneath the Surface Again By C.T. Riley (Human Trafficking: The somm-scheme-scam-sex program) H-e-l-p! I am being held hostage at the New Castle Correctional Facility, in the middle of a cornfield camouflaged as woodlands. Despite my ongoing pursuit for post-conviction relief from 2014 up until this present I was still compelled under duress by New Castle Correctional Facility & somm personnel staff to temporarily participate in somm until I was able to resolve grievance contending that somm personnel did not have the authority to approve or disprove my post-conviction filings as acceptable: which they ultimately conceded to the fact that they do not. However, in the meantime I got the chance to see for myself what this somm program actually consisted of. The first thing that I became cognizant of is the miasma permeating the hallway that channels into various chambers called rooms from which various somm personnel (all women) perform their sexual interrogations, motivated by what I finally perceived to be a secret oppression manifesting itself in their countenance, disposition & the way questions were proposed to me & the other participants of somm; being indicative of one whose soul was vexed by personal & professional conflict. It is a type of conflict compelling somm personnel to be cognizant of their moral, legal & constitutional violations while ignoring them in order to remain subjugated to the demands of their lustful masters with the upkeep of the facade that legitimizes the somm program in its entirety between the contractual sheets shared by the New Castle Correctional Facility, Indiana Department of Corrections & Liberty Behavioral Health (the provider of the somm program). Every encounter that I had with somm personnel made my soul depressed. I felt & sensed their apathy, disdain, repressed eroticism, neurosis, frustration & irrationality with every attempt in utilizing cornfield psychology to coerce myself into speaking upon specific details of my case leading to them demanding that I admit guilt for charges that I pled not guilty to at trial and at present still seeking vindication from. My being forced to participate in the somm program & listening to others gross tragedies battered my senses to trauma. My being privy to majority of the facts relative to the lives & crimes of the other participants made me feel distressed to the point where it affected my mood & appetite. I didn't need to be exposed to a lot of what I believe should be divulged in private between the somm personnel & the participant Since my initial arrival here at New Castle Correctional Facility & contending with somm, corrections & administrative staff; I have never felt and experienced such an intense hopelessness, irrationality, frustration, vindictiveness & misery by so many in concert at one place in all of my life. Being here & having to interact with them (those who promote the instability) of this warehouse/prison/mental institution environment is synonymous with the mini series entitled: American Horror Story Asylum. Every somm, corrections & administrative personnel (but for the exception of 3) lies to me; and always attempt to rationalize the wrongs committed against myself & others whenever I strive to resolve them. I never allow myself to look for the bad in no one. But, it is overtly obvious that the collective intent is to cause hindrance & harm to me whenever & however possible. This came to fruition two weeks later when I was warned that a circle of corrections officers & administrative staff were discussing a contrived plan to keep myself from being released on my scheduled release date of 4-27-15. On 4-21-15 I was indicted on a class A conduct report for not taking a somm polygraph on a 24hr notice. Was I was ultimately sanctioned & my incarceration extended for six more months despite: (1) I withdrew from somm participation as allowed under Executive Directive # 06-30 on December 3rd 2014; (2) my taking somm at that time was predicated upon my being informed by somm staff that I will not be compelled to do a disclosure or polygraph (forced admittance of guilt) or divulge pertinent details of my case since I was at present litigating towards post-conviction relief & waiting on resolution of grievance towards somm personell challenging that they had not the authority to approve or disprove my post-conviction filings as adequate for exemption from somm participation; (3) I pled not guilty to the rape & cdc offence at trial from which I disclosed to numerous somm staff verified and court filed documents that evidence that my DNA was fraudulently conveyed to court & jury as a match (to what) despite the lab report's contrary showing; (4) I was required by somm personell Cari Rezman to provide only a copy of my C.C.S in order to be exempt from somm participation once produced; (5) I produced required C.C.S. and also provided somm personell an actual copy of my legal filings as well on 3-13-15; (6) under Executive Directive # 06-30 from that point onward I am required to provide evidence of my post-conviction status every (90) days; (7) thirty days later I was being coerced to take polygraph anyhow on a 24hr notice, and when I did not comply I was written up the following day and sanctioned six days before my release date; (8) as stated earlier, I already withdrew from somm in December of 2014 in writing, which was verified by notary and sent to somm clinical director, the facility head & one copy was forwarded to the Indiana Department of Corrections in conjunction with said Executive Directive #06-30; (9) and with the aforementioned being made known, it stipulates that under the same said policy number that whenever one is asked (forced) to participate in somm they must be given automatic (30) day exemption from somm participation without being subjected to a conduct report in order to validate present post-conviction status. All of the aforementioned was disclosed to the hearing officers by verified & notarized document along with actual legal filings along with inherent C.C.S. I was then asked to leave the room by sgt. Thompson whereas he could confer with sgt. Hollinger and upon my return she stated that I was guilty. I stated that she couldn't go against the policy and evidence supporting my claim against being sanctioned. She stated: you are guilty (anyway), this is your reality. It is a reality that you will just have to deal with. You will learn to let us help you. The sanction was expedited in that it went into effect the very next day, when typically it would take five to ten days for reclassification paperwork to be authenticated & routed to the person it relates to. And to add insult to injury the I.D.O.C. ,Liberty Behavioral Health (provider of somm) & the New Castle Correctional Facility have been provided a license via legislation to impose conduct reports & sanctions against myself & others every sixty days despite already being sanctioned. They are fully aware that this is unconstitutional & illegal violating the rights of those subjugated to this scam. As a result, on 6-23-2015 I was indicted on another conduct report for declining somm participation due to my present status of pursuing relief from conviction in federal court. The somm coordinator even noted in her report that I provided her the receipt for my filing with the federal court. She processed the report anyhow despite the fact that she was supposed to grant myself an automatic (30) day extension to evidence my status under their own policy Executive Directive 06-30. The disciplinary hearing officer sgt. Thompson was made aware of the error of K. Hofman as I elicited the policy substantiating that I should have never been written up. After the hearing officer reviewed the conduct report numerous times he reluctantly stated to me that I was right according to policy, that I should be granted (30) days to acquire the valid documents evidencing my court actions, being that the author of the report was informed by me that I was already in federal court. Thirty days later I was called over to the disciplinary hearing office by sgt. Thompson. I presented file marked stamped copies of two documents evidencing that I am at present pursuing relief from trial conviction under Rule 60 pursuant to Rule 12 & one petition of Writ of Habeas challenging the illegality of my being detained past my release date due to prior conduct report from somm ( even though I was litigating in state court towards relief from conviction at that time too). I presented the hearing officer with two policy directive exempt forms as well with both case numbers ascribed to them with & the respective docket sheets from the federal court with the same reflected case number for each on them. The hearing officer stated that my documents were authentic & supplants as evidence against the conduct report. He then stated to myself & the lay advocate that he was going to call the author of the conduct report to see if she would accept my evidence against the conduct report. Yeah, you read it right. Can you say conflict of interests? Can you say, that this is a direct violation of the fundamental concept for the hearing itself? Subsequent to the call, the hearing officer related to myself & the lay advocate for the hearing that she told him no & that I am not to be considered exempt from the conduct report & somm participation . And based on that -- I was pronounced guilty, once again in lieu of my providing evidence against the conduct report in conjunction with their own policy. I stated to the hearing officer that I should be immune from conduct report & sanction if he adhered to policy. The hearing officer retorted: I don't know policy! That's funny. Because just (30) days prior to he adhered to the policy in order to allot myself time to procure the necessary proof rendering myself immune from further harassment via the somm program. As stated earlier, by the hearing officer conceding to the fact that I should have been automatically given a (30) day exemption instead of being written up, evidences that the conduct report was invalid from the start. Ultimately, when it came to the hearing officer siding with my position in accord with policy, to grant the thirty day exemption to provide the pertinent & relevant documents as proof, supported by their own policy it availed me nothing. Disregarding my expostulations, sgt. Thompson stated: I had to find you guilty! He began to fill out the sanction paperwork at an intense & frantic pace, when he abruptly stopped & looked up at me with a smile of such profound serenity & joy, saying: I have to find you guilty- it's not me. I mean, I'm trying to help you. It's all on somm. I'm just doing what the policy states. Until that particular moment I have never seen sgt. Thompson smile or appear to have the slightest semblance of peace in his disposition. He appeared as if he had a glow in his face- like unto a pregnant woman. I remember thinking. What kind of people are these who feel so much joy in doing so much wrong? And attempt to justify doing so with a forked tongue. God, forgive them. They do not know who I am. They don't understand the gravity of their consequences. Both hearing officers statements to me with regards to the separate conduct reports relative to somm was just the typical form of antagonism & harassment that I have been subjugated to since my arrival to New Castle Correctional Facility. Overall, my experience with the somm program, staff & participants clarified my conclusion as to what the true mission entails for the program. It finally dawned on me that I was apart of a lab experiment predicated upon & perpetuated by fixed (preconceived) theories within a program that I refused to be re programmed by, in order to facilitate the somm staffs ability to frame particular parts of reference relative to statements made in conjunction with my conviction for which is used as plausible validity to other theories formulated to lay the foundation for consistent statistical errors, that make insignificant results within the somm program appear significant in order to legitimize to the public the existence & necessity for somm while maintaining a covert operation of control over a lottery pool of forced participation in lieu of being detained past their release date or risk being sent back to prison without any real justification; whether the participant is in compliance or not. In this way, it remains forever at thee discretion of parole agents, somm personnel & the Indiana Department of Corrections individually & collectively to shape & circumscribe specific outcomes for targeted individuals being retained for contractual necessity equivalent to= guaranteed recidivism & extending the sentence of one up for release, for reasons outside of good faith & intent conducive to meaningful rehabilitation. This unjust necessity espouses greater chance for structured failure as a more dignified & reformed person, making it more difficult for myself to rely upon & exhibit humanity when facing those whom are hell bent on hindering my optimism of purpose & progress relative to my leaving & staying out of prison without the discretionary input & contractual nexus afforded to the ill intended; unless without guarantee, until I agree to consign the pleasure upon them to further insult my intelligence and allow myself to be degraded by them under the facade of what they coin as treatment for crimes I have already shown the preponderance of evidence proving my innocence & at present still seeking relief from the conviction thereof. I even made available court filed documents available to somm personnel that corroborate my stance for innocence in conjunction with info contained in my innocence project packet. In other words I have been transparent & cooperative as possible with them. And all I received in return was harassment, being lied to incessantly, stalked, & false conduct reports. It became apparent to myself as to why the somm personnel encountered were so tenaciously harassive in misapplying policy against me to legitimize their unbridled urge to impose conduct reports despite my ongoing litigation for relief from trial court conviction. This is attributed to their resentment of the fact that I will & can not submit to their designs- contractual & otherwise. So, to counterbalance their malicious aspects being frustrated; irrationality has been brought into parity with their job capacity to perform what I have already made known to them as being illegal & unconstitutional relative to my being detained past my release date as contractual chattel property within the Indiana Department of Corrections. My lack of recourse against the wrongs committed by them within their jurisdiction facilitates their propaganda as being universally acceptable, at least until the court says: okay, they have capitalized off & held him hostage long enough. At present, no standard for rationality & fair play have been employed with regards to my being held illegally & unconstitutionally past my release date. As a result one must call into question the very foundation of the somm program. From my own personal experience I have seen how policy involving somm(s) provides the leeway for the ill intended to consider their own prejudices, inconsistencies, vindictive inclinations & contractual aims is utilized to fulfill a well crafted design to bring about desired ends: recidivism & extending the incarceration of targeted parolees & prisoners. Now that I have undressed the reason beneath the surface (with regards to myself & many others) I know who these players really are & what is they really represent. Sacred imposters are they whom employ rebel hypocrisy & policy as make up to cover the ugliness of their own conscience. Their irrationality is worn like perfume to cover the stench of indifference & self loathing. The somm personnel & the collusive administrative & corrections staff here sharing that collective agenda are no more than pimps, prostitutes, extortioners, thieves, oppressors & terrorist whose main objective is human trafficking & to punish one such as myself whom rebels against contribution to its upkeep. The only difference between them & the ones capitalized off of is that they have been provided a temporary license to commit crimes under contractual obligation. It is no surprise that there is at present a class action lawsuit in motion. This indeed, evidences that the proprietors of the somm program & their staff are vexed with a contradictory & hypocritical view of what treatment actually entails. Their facade of treatment & the threats utilized to compel a participant's forced acceptance of it speaks of a great & arcane axiom: Homicidal vows & impious thanksgivings are the relics of the dead. These people don't care or either profoundly ignorant (maybe both) to the consequences of their actions, at least until this same type of wrongdoing is foisted upon them. Then it would be crystal clear to them. Truly, what I myself & many others suffer behind the walls of this new world order prison plantation system is only a microcosm of a macrocosm of the far reaching & epic proportions of ills to come upon the masses. This exemplifies the breakdown & degradation of society as a whole. Light must be thrown upon all the injustices perpetuated. Evil & ignorant people prevail when good & wise people do nothing. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down & thrown into the fire. I will prevail, as many others will also. My roots extend well beyond the soil. I rise in fire. I am coming out of the flames.

Author: Riley, C. T.

Author Location: Indiana

Date: October 23, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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