Binary laws first became apparent to me

Torres, Eduardo



2/24/20 Torres Eduardo Ione CA 95640 PO Box 409020 Binary laws first became apparent to me late in my teens like at age 18 or 19, I learned there is at least two sides to a speculation, but I knew it wasn’t always true or really something I should pay attention to. Now that I’m 24 I can see the matrix of subjectivism as a myraid in “God’s Kingdom”. The realm of God where we live in a box and only can be presented to out of the ordinary ideas by scarce hand-me-down knowlege. Delusions have it, pseudo effects are real and that’s just what we ordinary people know. Laws are applyed, not often created, and complex by the nature of your matrixed view. Create a realm for your own purpose with discretion according to the bible for saftey’s sake and allow yourself to become conscientiously aware of your subtle cues that can drive a curious person mad. Call it a test to develop a guide to life. I learned that matter is conscious and so are traits, like strength or debilitation. We can interact with them and by doing so you will unravel a war that is known to some as one that no man is safe from, a war you can run and hide from but can’t hide forever. It’s perennial, in other words you will find it in this life with unlimited resources or in the after life with so few things to go on from. You will be tempted and there is good in all life, but we ask for so much and at the same time spend or lose so much it’s a dilema. Matrixes are complex far from binary by nature, and nature is so hard to dicern, but it’s all ruled by imagination (something very precious and concoctive) so take care on this quest that crosses paths with everyone so you can feel confident and retain sanity. Feelings are a realm that can be crossed by the devil so educate yourself with no excuses before under taking a whole myraid of memories. Make people strong dont sell out as a young teen does with all his life ahead of him to drugs in poor nieghborhood upbringing. Feed your soul... -ETS

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: February 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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