Black Lives Matter: Are they ignoring Blacks in prison?

Magnific, Roc



“Black Lives Matter: Are They Ignoring Blacks In Prison?" Ever since its origin in 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement has… repeatedly stressed it was founded on the idea that Blacks were ad libitum being targeted as well as being murdered by police for being Black indiscriminately. As a Black man who has experienced police paramilitary tactics while (WWB) in the wee hours of the morning, of which such was used to obtain a... search warrant (with affidavit) whereas police lied in their own theatre (e.g. testifying: a hellish move police use to obtain warrants and affidavits when the lacked “probable/reasonable cause”; or, whenever they’re on the stand, they perjure themselves or rape the truth to hide misconduct that’ll have the case tossed out. Hey, let me keep it (100): You want a good idea of what I’ve just cited? Look at the O.J. Simpson case.) and my present confinement is illegal, I’ve yet to hear or have seen, anyone affiliated with (BLM) to march in public, holding up signs that say: “What about the thousands of Black men and women who’re actually or legally innocent sitting in American prisons?” I support (BLM)’s cry for defunding police departments but not to disband wholly. Yet I would like to see (BLM) advocate for prison reform as well. America locks up more people than the whole world. For years we’ve seen society argue that the only way to reduce crime is by locking people up with stiffer bids – turning the criminal justice system into a roach motel. The is what BLM needs to also speak out against. (BLM) needs to point out that our caustic sentencing guidelines have given police paramilitary power, prosecutors carte blanche in stacking charges out of one episode, lawyers who take the money from the family of the accused and strike a under-the-table deal with the prosecutor, public defenders who are judicially inept in most cases. Believe it or – Duh!: Famed basketball coach Al McGuire let this sorry quip come out of his pie hole years ago: "A Black person has a better chance of going to jail than becoming President of the U.S” (quote, unquote) What he was saying is this: As a minority, Blacks have been considered as one. And per our esteemed criminal justice system, the best remedy is to lock us up. If anyone, Black or White, any person of color is confined for five years or more that person’s become a victim of society. That being said, it’s [illegible] well known that Blacks are confined longer than Whites. Yet one powerful weapon exists for Blacks to use and anyone who is a member or supporter of (BLM) ought to know this first hand: Irreverance. The Black Lives Matter movement must be judicious or it’ll become an logocracy always involving in something that’s viewed as floccinaucininihlipilification. Many cite members and followers of (BLM), famous or not, are nothing but cageux engaged in a bottled moonshine movement, full of Carthaginian faith against society. I know some members of (BLM) won’t like this, but I’m keeping it (100). How can you cite you believe in something if... you admit you’re tired of being [illegible] by the majority, yet you want to out Herod-Herod? If you’re too arch-cowardly to stand by your colors, look for another flag. Roc Magnific

Author: Magnific, Roc

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: October 13, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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