Black lives matter

Leland, Rhonda



Rhonda Leland Professor Phipps English 1A May 11, 2018 English Final Black Lives Matter The Black lives matter movement is not saying that black lives are the only ones that matter. It is a statement that begs the human race to place value on black lives. Historically black people don’t ask for much. A great example is the civil rights movement when black people simply asked to be treated civilly. It is unfortunate that after all of these years so many blacks still feel like there is little or no value placed on their lives. Often, other races don’t notice how significant the “Black Lives Matter” movement is until it is on the news, or the topic of social media. Unfortunately, by the time it hits the news it is usually because a black life was lost in an act of violence. Many times, this happens out of fear, racial profiling, and ignorance. Yet, many people make judgments as if it is the fault of the person who is black. It would be amazing if everyone could live a month as a black person. I bet it would change our society so much that there would be no need for any movements. However, that is not an option but, white privilege is. It is amazing how much white people can say about a topic. Many times it doesn’t even matter if they are angry. Their arms may be alee curse words flying, as long as they are white, no one will call the cops. It is heartbreaking to me that when I hear about a white person in relation to black lives matter, it is usually because they have done something horrible to a black person. The shocking truth is that black people are still killed for the color of their skin. Many people will dispute this and say that it is the fault of the black person. The arguments are many and some Say it is their cloths, or the body language. I think that Lisa Wright would agree as she has been teaching her son how to survive by the way he dresses, acts, and carries himself. Unfortunately, Brennan Walker was still shot at because of the color of his skin. Most of us know that if Brennan was a lost white boy looking for directions to his school, Mr. Zeigler would not have shot at him because white lives already matter. Our country is full of black mothers teaching their black son’s how to dress, speak, date, and carry themselves in a nonthreatening manner. They all know that their lives are insignificant to several members of the human race. Often, it is through movements such as black lives matter and peaceful demonstration that black people are searching for human kindness to prevail. The black mothers have learned an important lesson. They can take all the precautions and teach their sons and daughters how to become nonthreatening, but the color of their skin will not Sich three they will never be protected until we all agree that their children matter just as much as ours. Some may claim that these are isolated incidences and that it does not happen everywhere. For many others, we know that it does happen everywhere. Many of us have black friends, family members, or husbands who face bias based on the color of their skin. Their stories come up as topics of conversation each time the media covers an injustice towards black people. I know that skin color should never dictate a person’s worth or their ability to live free from harm. I want every member of ay the human race to be appalled that black lives are sometimes taken without consideration of the human being. We as a society should be perturbed at the bumper stickers that state; “Black Trucks Matter.” Many times this is what happens someone make light of the situation. However, I doubt they consider that a boy was almost shot and killed because his life did not matter to someone. I am sure there are several black parents who have had to bury their black child because of the color of his or her skin therefore, comparing a truck to a human being is an outrage. It is not funny, it is hurtful, disrespectful, and should have no place in our society but, unfortunately, to some black lives don’t matter, hopefully the rest of us can somehow speak loudly enough to drown the negativity.

Author: Leland, Rhonda

Author Location: California

Date: May 11, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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