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The American Pharaoh



Black Power By: The American Pharaoh When faced with power what should one do? When oppressed, should we struggle against the chains or strengthen them? If freed from this bondage and imbued with a morsel of this tyrannical spirit should we then turn and become minions of destruction? Georgia's modern slave institution, referred to as the Department of Corrections, is still utilizing the teachings of Willie Lynch. If you have not read "The Willie Lynch Theory" but you're interested in understanding the injustices of the prison system, especially southern imprisonment, you should research this as soon as possible. In short, this man was invited to the south to teach slave owners how to gain and keep control over their slaves. In pure confidence Mr. Lynch informed these men that if they adhered to his teachings that the slaves would become mentally enslaved and it would take more than 400 years and a miracle to reverse the effects. Slavery was established in 1619 and today is a hot summer noon in 2019. And from what I witness on a daily, within the modernized version of that diabolical genius' teachings, I have to concur with that ever-so-bold statement. We're in need of a miracle. Georgia's slave industry has positions of all types. Some of those who the show hardly ever see a prison, they work in nice, air conditioned buildings miles away in the city. The most important positions are consistently ran by affluent white males. Occasionally, the lower watch dog positions may be held by an over aggressive man or woman of color. But when it comes to staff within the prison's which house a vast majority of blacks, you find a lot more color. And I mean a lot more. Before I go farther I'd like to paint this. Wealthy white men running an industry that makes billions of dollars off captured men who work without pay. These men or workers are often chained and shackled, they've been separated from wives and children, they're beaten, sprayed with mace, they're killed by those who supervise them, they're improperly fed, housing conditions are harsh, they cut and clean fields, they pick vegetables (Roger's State Prison), tend livestock, build houses, work in factories, shine the shoes of staff and warden, must respond to overseers 'Sir Yes Sir' at all times, are counted, and some try to escape these circumstances any chance they get. These men may have did something to get brought under rule, but they chose to commit a crime, not to come to prison. They were forced into the courtroom, then the prison bus, and finally their captivity. How similar does this actually sound to slavery? Because the top dogs know this entire prison corporation is nothing more than a kinder, less brutal form of slavery, they run it just the same. This is why Mr. Lynch's teachings can so easily be found within the running of the facilities in the countries most notorious slave state, which just so happens to have the most facilities nationwide. One of the things Mr. Lynch taught was to give certain slaves power over the other slaves. He also taught to give some special privileges and loftier lifestyles. Now, this is where the terms "House Nigger" and "Uncle Tom" originate. Well before they were used as degrading terms the plans for creating the characters had begun and they can be found all over Georgia's slave institution. A warden boy is an inmate that is a personal worker for the head overseer over the plantation or properly termed: facility. No one trusts this man, except for overseers and some of them are leery of one of the biggest snitches known to inmates. Not all, but most gather intel for the big man so that he can later make major finds or busts. This looks good for the Master who actually owns and profits from the facility. The house man, which sounds so much like an earlier used phrase, is a dwindling position, but is the inmate who handles getting things around the dorm done such as getting chemicals from the officers, getting brooms and mops from the officers, informing the officers of maintenance issues, making sure the floors shined and dorm is clean so that when the head overseer or warden comes through for inspection, it meets his standards. So much interaction if staffers gives this man a sense of superiority. And that soon leads to him feeling he has authority. "He don't walk over there, I'm shining," "Do't get that much bleach; I ain't gone ask for no more." "Don't smoke before the warden comes cause I ain't gone be lying for y'all." and on and on. These guys normally become so close to officers and against inmates he begins feeding information to the overseers. Like I said earlier though, this position is dwindling. Now let's discuss the terms slave and slave driver. Webster defines a slave as a person who is owned by and forced to do labor. Inmates are considered and constantly told they are state property. You are also forced to work. If you refuse to work you are subject to punishment. A slavedriver is an overseer of slaves at work. Also defined as an extremely demanding employer or supervisor. Practically no inmates lack a detail or work. Every detail has an overseer or slave driver. Most of these slave drivers are blacks hired to rule with an iron fist. And they do so with pleasure and zest. They only expect you to do as you're told and hold no regard for your Constitutional Rights or humane treatment. Sadly, black women are the more harsh overseers. Constantly screaming, yelling obscenities, and giving overburdening workloads. They are the quickest to seek physical punishment for the wrongs committed by an inmate. Their monthly cycles causes them to become even more spiteful by denying what the state policy requires you to have. They control the kitchens that are filthy and they come up with ways to save companies money by stretching food rations with water or giving out smaller portions. Black, female overseers are the number one leaders in oppression and stirring up agitation and strife amongst slaves. The worst part is that it's obvious that they relish this power. They will even comment that we deserve this type of treatment, that we asked for this treatment. And when one of the top white affluent males walk in, both them and the males, shower him with praises and worshipful smiles. Another one of Mr. Lynch's teachings was to make the black woman dependent on the Master or System, thus turning her against the male. As well as turning man against man prohibiting unification by bolstering egos and pride. I entitled this writing Black Power because in the Georgia Slave Institution, blacks have been given all the power within the facilities. Blacks run the plantation and they do so with an iron rod. In what is probably the nations most inhumane system, blacks are applying the choke hold on rights and proper treatment. The worst counseling are found in black administrations where no paperwork gets done and asking for real assistance is scoffed at. Classes that are run off tax payers dollars aren't ran, but inmates are put in classes an photographed every so often for show to keep funding going. These same classes are required to make early release, but you can't take them if your black slave drivers don't offer it. From inmates to the Warden, Georgia's Slave Institution is filled and run by blacks seeking power, blacks with oversized egos, and those fighting against themselves internally, leading to external disruption. With all the power we've been given, we use it to further entrench ourselves in slavery and inhumane circumstances. Most of the crimes that placed blacks within chains were against blacks. And most of the crimes committed against blacks in chains are committed by blacks. The struggle is real. The most humane facilities in Georgia for a 'Black Man', not a savage, is a white ran facility. Places where you're addressed as 'Sir' or Mister instead of some derogatory term.Where you receive all your yard calls, families are treated with respect when checking on you, counselors ask you how they can be of service, officers are reprimanded when violating policy, and the good rarely suffer with the bad. Oh, it's still slavery, but you're allowed a measure of dignity. This causes slaves like me to despise my black overseers, which decreases any chances of unification. It seems Willie had the whole thing figured out huh? He's the forefather of our Black Power.

Author: The American Pharaoh

Author Location: Georgia

Date: July 5, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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