Tamez, Brian Christopher



Tamel, Brian C. Hughes Unit Rt. 2 Box 4400 Gatesville, TX 76597 The Free Stiles Chronicles #2 Blowback Shortly after my first submission to Hamilton College regarding my experiences with T.D.C.J. and its example of the status-quo of itself as an institution, the M. W. Free-Stiles Unit in Beaumont, TX, I was rousted out of my sleep in the late-hour and shipped from the unit. It mattered not, the Hazelwood benefits utilized from my U.SM.C. service, nor the FASFA Federal Pell-Grant I was currently using for this summer's semester, gone, along with the possibility of completing my liberal-arts degree, coincidence? Likely a fine example of the dangers, and confusions of moral-relativism. The inescapable universal truth remains- it did happen! Here I sit over one-month later within the confines of a dilapidated prison cell, without even as much as a light bulb, yet full of roaches and ants, as well a feces in a clogged toilet that refuses to flush! matter the extent of exerted effort. Upon being removed from the Stiles unit, I was amerced to the Segovia unit; and conveniently for "them" I was assaulted in transit. Instead of following through with policy and procedure-corrective action, I was written several disciplinary cases, minimizing their wrong doings and stealing well deserved, and hard-earned privileges like attending college-retaliation... over, and over again. Knowing that the prison population has been forever divided into diverse groups of feuding Hispanics, but to see that 99% of the representation of the policy making system was also Hispanic was...eye opening, divide and conquer at its finest! If the government, comprised of mostly fair-haired persons, colored eyes, and lightly shaded locks, truly cared-where were they, to you know, supervise the policing of the madness? I bet that they are present when it comes to carving up the budget for these failing "concrete-ovens" near the Mexican-border, and anywhere there is a profit to be made from the labors, the tax-payer! As a republic, the officials that you all elect should be representing your best interests, and as the backbone of the United States you should accept nothing less! If the governing body were to truly see what takes place inside these concrete cess-pools, then they'd have no choice but to acknowledge the problems, then the acknowledgement becomes a problem for them, their associates, and of course their pocket! There is a ginormous difference in simply believing something to be true, and knowing it is true- a fact! ...but, someone would have to care enough to investigate. Truly, Tamez, Brian C.

Author: Tamez, Brian Christopher

Author Location: Texas

Date: August 2, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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