Born to a struggle




Born to a Struggle By Exile I was born to a struggle, I cant place the blame on my brother or the so called blue eyed devil. I was the reason for my own demise, I didn't have the patience to hear the words of the wise. Their was a veil over my eyes and my ears were closed till this day. All I wanted to do was hang on corner with hard heads and pretender. No matter what you do, don’t live your life in the past, the future is where heart needs to be filled with laugh. You see I live on the other side of the tracks where my people are so falling like [facts?]. Young kids so as me have no vision. We don’t take time to educate ourselves. Disrespect parents and loved ones, so when hard time comes, we wont learn values or respect, we end up in a rut called prison that wont connect. Their many books placed on bookshelves most parent don't encourage their kids to go to school and use life tools. Their brain is misunderstood, you could have been saved but now you are left. Pass along as dust upon the floor, the Lord said whatsoever you reap you will sow. So listen you don't have to travel the wrong road, their are people’s and voice inside your head that want to help you unleash your load. Instead we end up in prison with no success. I can’t lie and say I’ve had the best of everything but when people speak of me, they’ll tell you I am willing to make a change. Selling dope, acting hard, isn’t keeping it real, I seen most of them either buried or in prison for years. Look at all the pain you cause, all the people you lost, we talk so negative to each other so don't get mad if I step on you shoes, just let me say I’m sorry. The right words can test humility in somebody. Most individuals get mad because you from the wrong side of town, beefing over flag, and concrete that isn't ours. My brothers are too busy listening to music, instead of picking up a book and use it. I also got food stamp and wic, that doesn’t mean you have to be committed or addict to it. I was born to a struggle this was not my wish.

Author: Exile

Author Location: Georgia

Date: February 15, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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