Bread and circus, juvenal: Prisoners and jobs

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



“Bread and circus,” Juvenal; “Prisons and Jobs.” ARA © “Compartmentalized/Comparable?” ARA © 6-13-19 “In society (out there), durance portrayed, as ‘the dreg’ (of life)! Then, once released, lamented; for recidivating! Yet, the word (society) has an unknown meaning (‘institutions and culture of a distinct self-perpetrating group’); long ignored! And, like war (‘Neither kill the old verging on death nor children and babes nor the females...’), the taboo ‘no longer gain ire’; but – for ‘the base’ – receive ‘favor’! So, from my position, durance seem: ‘to have switched places’; out there, for in here? It’s a ridiculous notion, but, nonetheless true (‘The selfish soul of the other led him to the murder of his brother... and became... one of the lost ones.’); like the ‘first murder’ (Cain killed Abel; Paul killed Stephen; Vlad killed Radu; et cetera)! ‘Zeitgeist’! ‘Cain’ represents ‘half,’ the society, don’t believe polls; for they’re like: folks think, the POTUS (Trump) ‘elected’; though he was ‘selected’ (electors)! In any event, half-the-population believe anything; that’s race based, just like prisoners! In here (out there), ‘half’ follow whatever, comes their-way; are, called, legal! An example: ‘a purge’ (Stalin; Hitler; Truman; Johnson; Nixon; and, Bush-es - oh yeah, Trump’s ‘separation of brown kids’)! As well, the ‘100-to-1’ (crack v cocaine) sentences; purged thousands (of freedom)! Thus, I’m not one-of-those, I’m serving Fed time; unconstitutionally! Do not weep for me, I’ve seen ‘the result of folks (out there) that weep for the U.S.’! Nature weeps, too (floods; global warming; [alluvium]; etc.); it, at least, responds to human-lethargy! ‘You’re part of the problem, or part of the solution’? Half, the folks who’d murder ‘Abel’ (again); work for his government, are unionized-militias! I must avoid them, ‘3-shifts-everyday’! Imagine, ‘Trump,’ wannabe that; lack oversight??? Ineptitude, ain’t in the stratosphere (cf. ‘1984’; ‘Democracy in America’; and. ‘Les Miserables’???)! But, ‘I weep,’ for ‘the thousands’ (out there); who are blind: ‘Do not even go into the village.’ (Bible, NAB) And, don’t see (truth)! ‘Walking-dead'?[1] There is one relief, left, the truth; but, ‘out-of-paper’ (‘ shall be a waste...a result of their deeds.’ Micah 7:13, NAB)! (Permissions-questionnaire and previous work on file /ARA preferred) [1] “Zeitgeist/Mt.16:2-4, LK. 12:54-56?” ARA© 6/13/19 ADX (Co)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: June 3, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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