Brief Autobiography

Moody, Jesse, Jr.



Brief Autobiography December 05, 2017 Jesse Moody #XO2438 5400 Bayline Drive Panama City F.L. 32404 My young undeveloped mind did not understand the consequences of my actions and I made a few critical mistakes as a juvenile that drastically altered the course of my life. I sat through four criminal jury trials, lost three, and was sentenced as an adult to serve approximately 18 years in the Florida Department of Corrections even though the offenses occurred when I was 17 years old. I should have been given a youthful offender sentence. Anyways, I rehabilitated myself, obtained numerous educational accomplishments, and with the help of God I made a body, mind, and soul transformation. After filing post—convictions motions, I received relief from the courts and my sentence was reduced to 11 years. I served 10 ‘/2 years in prison before I was released at age 28. I struggled to secure consistent employment due to my criminal record, color of skin, and lack of college degrees. After bouncing around temporary jobs I finally decided not to waste my intelligent mind so I enrolled in college. I attended the University of Phoenix and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming maintaining a 3.8 GPA. During my college years I began working in the commercial cabinet industry and eventually started a cabinet business. During my quest for a Bachelor's Degree I was compelled to drop out of college due to the demands of my flourishing business. Tragedy struck at a high point in my professional and personal life at the age 35 when I was unlawfully set up and objectively entrapped to serve an undercover police marijuana out of my personal user stash during my first year of substantial profits of my business. I occasionally consumed the drug to alleviate the pain caused by my frequently strenuous work because I did not want to take prescribed drugs with worse side effects than marijuana. I was eventually entrapped to serve the police crack cocaine. Although I was not a drug dealer, the police and state attorney's office built a case against me that painted me as a drug dealer violating my due process rights. After losingjury trial I was sentenced harshly in a Duval County courtroom and received a 10 year prison sentence in spite of the fact I have not been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony for seven (7) years after my release from prison the first time. Other individuals with a more extensive criminal history have been sentenced to months in Duval County for the exact same crimes. It must be noted that I was not offered a favorable plea bargain sentence and I did not receive justice because of myjuvenile criminal history, my successful previous win in a criminal jury trial in a Duval County courtroom years before the current case, the color of my skin, and the fact that I was not a Jacksonville native. lam the father of four (4) young children, a civil rights activist, literary author with a novel on, and an astute business man. I and two other Plaintiffs recently had a 1983 federal civil suit, against Duval countyjail for 14 unlawful jail conditions, dismissed without prejudice due to procedural errors. I will re-file the suit very soon. Until I am released I remain a persistent advocate for prisoners’ rights and I will continue to file meritorious state and federal suits. It is for these reasons why I am contacting you.

Author: Moody, Jesse, Jr.

Author Location: Florida

Date: December 5, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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