Brown persuasion




Title: Brown Persuasion Mi linda raza: Since ancient times we've suffered and withstood torrents of conquerers and invaders on our tierra. The affects we've suffered have almost disintegrated the social order of our brown culture. We must attempt to fully understand and recognize what this perpetual turmoil did to our raza's character. But of course, it's one thing to understand and another to feel, and not allow our positions to lead us to become just another addition of diversity in a stew of races. The goal is not to prevent the participation in the rule of this land, only to disallow the Americanizing of our brown identity. We should not continue to invest our livelihoods, which are exploited by colonial laws, and we should not accept being cheated by these greedy public officials. We've endured centuries of frustration and brought about inequities of state injustice. Sometimes in an unjust world it's necessary to create one's own justice. Our greatest desire is to give respect to our brown skin. No more being under the dominance of internal gang warfares happening in our barrios. But spearhead a unification movement of inspiring idealists and believers fighting for liberation and relief from our brown struggles. An enthusiastic band of enlisted volunteers willing to assist overthrowing the hatred and discrimination inflicted on our raza. As a resistance movement, we will rally as we always have for living ideals of personal honor, personal justice and personal dignity. We should burn with idealism. No more settling to live idly in tranquility over sacrifice. No more being mindless of the ominous overtones of the American government towards our brown relatives. In this subcultural ruling order, we will become the majority in this country, which calls for progressive evolution. For those who have civil liberties, become political activists and revolt against repression and settle for nothing less than acceptance of our raza's humanity and welfare; for freedom. Lets end the suffering from discrimination perpetrated by mainstream culture. We have the manpower to facilitate a new passage for our raza. The titles of immigrants, foreigners, and aliens deprive us of the advantages and opportunities rightfully earned with blood and sweat from our labors. We've already paid a heavy price. To dramatize our causes, our rebellion will be romanticized whether consequential or not. By challenging laws, protesting on behalf of the misrepresented, exercising our voices, and only use the language of violence and revenge if American principles continue to try and overpower us tenemos el corazon y la fuerza to challenge and rise against this tide of power. We are known for taking up the necessary means; the warpath, none of our raza should maintain any neutrality, especially having to observe the hardships and punishments as subjects of suppression to continue to be forced into servitude by any government, we are only adding to the groundwork for our own demise. Improved living standards will earn us respect. Our involvement in the welfare of our raza's human rights enables us to sustain a fighting chance at equality. Even if it means imposing our views and positions here by violent uproars in order to be recognized. Our history has been a story of bloodshed, so we must not be afraid to spare our own sangre once again so our brown children do not have to succumb to the same unfair disadvantages that make it hard being brown. We still have a lot of American brutal consistencies to confront. Because it stifles free thought and crushes our ideas of being free. In doing so, we will advocate against by military strength and dedicate to living again by our own moral clarity. Be proud of ourselves once again. The treatment towards us is our justification to forge ahead with this radical agenda. As we do not ask for immunity of civil litigation, only our independence and belonging. But don't let that interfere with our declaration of loyalty to our raza's flags. Flags that symbolize just motives, activities, and our ethnicity. Brown hermanos y hermanas who wish to wage a guerra against any oppressive country, inventiveness, creativity and discovering of a new revolution means our raza's lives can finally be at peace. Let this doctrine be of influence well beyond militarizing we are not fighting for morality of a constitutional order , but contending for a free society, free economy, human freedom. With this we transmit moral and cultural education to coming generations; our heritage, not western civilization culture. We're giving too much power to the American civilization to dictate us as workers, students, and children. Even to raza who share the same civil liberties that support Anglo interest, who watch the cruelty and dehumanizing over their own. There is no other priority than resisting the infidel, criminal, cowardly oppressor. Therefore, with the promotion and presentation of brown supremacy, brown militants and revolutionists, we don't raise our fists in alliance and compliance of American widespread corruption. We can create a reservoir of potential recruits capable of releasing a political and guerrilla guerra. But we must begin with ourselves. From the lack of incentive, initiative, commitment to contribute to our own households and neighborhoods, only strengthens the viewpoints and opinions assumed of us. Unfortunately we lack financial assistance that would enable us to maintain better living conditions for us. We need to become knowledgeable in order to know how to promote the upright of our social class. To inspire the rise from constraints of lower class standards. To be free from deenergized labors, and to have the energy to fight against deprivation and degradation. Now that we are aware of the vitalities and senseless episodes of sufferage, we either become saviors or betrayers to our own. To lack any action, we're still allowing our brown race to continue to fall to negative defilements of morality, especially to our women and children. Therefore, lets prevent interrelationships. We are a beautiful kind, so make the moral obligation to love, respect, honor and cherish our raza's beauty. Do not allow mix breeding to tarnish our brown image. To prevent being viewed as an inferior breed. Or sexual deviants to our women. Aside from today's disunity of our race, we should all develop the perception of being superior. We've fought wars, revolutions, and lost and won. Power can be found in strength and numbers. Utilize this brown manifesto to ignite your resentment resort to the same tactics that are being used on us. One can say that the participation in the immoral and ill treatment of others make us no better. This manifesto is only demanding the need to become concerned with the dilemmas placed on us by these deceitful devisers of oppression and extortionist. This is our new beginning of a potentially liberating rebellion as the exploited and dispossessed. Gain the deepest analysis of this manifestation and encourage recruitment. No more barrio warfare or separation, cannibalism, slaughter, predatory behavior to our own. With this ideology we now have another specific revolutionary aims and directions. We will not promote any desires to become vanguards or leadership. Nor any conduct that causes disunifying. No more falling into easy answers and faith into false definitions and explanations from any entity. Brown supremacy as a strictly representation of recuperators. The rewards for struggle, striving to dismantle the embodiment of oppression. Nor to do so will undermine the essential trait of supreme diligence. This manifesto becomes the development of relationships of mutuality and used to discover the commonality behind the brown struggle. Brown supremacy is to expand beyond the circumscribed cause herein. We are not seeking followers or adherents, but accomplices in the crime of freedom. By: "Manitas"

Author: Manitas

Author Location: California

Date: October 22, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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