Bullied gay




If you examine and inquire into the nature and psychology of men and their love, list, desire, and relationship with women. You deprive a white correction officer of sex, conversation, and relationship with women up in esp Attica Correctional facility, the officers take their depression, hurt, emotions, and frustration violently out on the inmates. they will kill inmates. Its not a white or black thing. Even the bullies and gangsters get jealous and envy another man who has a woman on their side and they are lonely rejects. The gangster and bullies will result to violence, sabotage, hate, etc. When the bullies are without money, jobs, cars, etc the harass, rob, extort and assault and kill. They turn people into dope and crack cocaine zombies, when they are the have-nots. The white man is worst when they are the have nots. One inmate told me in group at mental health, said he is leaving from the classroom group, because, he don't like the women, and don't want to be around them. Other inmates told me he is gay. However, when he borrow a bag of coffee, a pouch of cigarettes or a stamp, he pay me back. Jay Z sang with Rihanna - "Who will run this town tonight! You have a blanket full of men (fellas). We have a blanket full of ladies, you should throw your hands in you don't have no spades" I been through it before even when I was home. you can deprive me of women but its up to me not to let it turn me gay. Cause I seen how gangsters are when they have the power. They say yeah we got these dude gay, like nuns. Its not a crime what I do. A woman have a right to date who they want and I have a right to avoid women. Men want to make America great again. Like no voting rights for punk men and women . You can't own property, or choose to date who you want. Gangster brag about how they have whores and the drug game lock in certain towns. So you can never be too clever. Women also support oppressive feminization of men. Men are not alone woman also get converted into degrading cultures of prostitution, junkie, drugies or turned gay. If a woman would just give their child a weapon to fend off bullies out to assault their child. Its common sense that a woman will not ignore a favorable defense, which support innocence of their child, such as childhood abused and emotional disturbance. people do to other peoples children what they will not do to their own children. Indeed nullifying a constitutional right and ignoring favorable facts, can cause a person to become homosexual in this cold world. Or cause drug habits, prostitution, etc. Also the first thing President Trump said when he got the white house was "We will stop gays from serving in the arm forces." Years ago blacks could not serve in the army, nor women. Blacks, gays and women was considered to be inferior. Then American rub it in a deprived rejected person fact, that I have a wife and 3 kids at home. And the deprived is being turned gay with no children or not even date. After, being discriminated or deprived, oppressed, bullied and inflicted with a culture of injustice. They make you feel inferior, less of a man, and like a homosexual. Then there are gay men around you. Then you ask what kind of religion is this so they play on your nature and play with you mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. No women supported me mentally, no financially. A man in here who was going home sold me a emery board nail file, which he got from his wife on a trailer visit. Its a big good one, which is great for diabetic feet and dead skin removal. Basically its a reminder of another thing I was deprived of. Because I don't receive no feet care. I have to use a shaving razor on my feet. The abuse bullying is a profound penetrating impact when you're oppressed in every way: rejection, injustice, etc. Just how they use to strip the slaves and sec their women in front of them. Now blacks say painful things about how they take your girl, how they sexed your girl. To oppress children in this cold world how they did me is a sin.

Author: Prince

Author Location: New York

Date: November 29, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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