Cage talk returned




cage talk Returned P1 I tell my self everything is gonna be okay but how do I really know god is doing his best to turn the world into the last days today has been my 3 week in this cage. some people dont last this long in here but I guess Im used to it. I havent talked to my wife in 2 days, its not Right but I did wrong, Right?? I should be able to complain about being in this cage all alone if I did wrong. The crazy part is not having anybody to talk to. Yea There are others in the place with me but they are trying to make it Just as I am we are all doing this cage talk together but Im the only one Recording my thoughts I woke up did a little studying now its playing with all my sane thoughts and failures from my past. P2 My dreams are getting weirder or am I just getting weirder?? Thats a good question Right? But by now you know this is just my cage talk welcome to my little world. The Reality of it is they put us here for whatever Reason and expect us to be normal once we get out of here which is kinda impossible if you ask me!! is this normal like Really think about it. god created eve and a bunch of animal so Adam wouldnt be lonly. Do you think the guards ever thought about that? you go to court put your hand on the bible but do they think about gods instruction? No of course not this is a easyer way to deal with a problem. if you ask me its a worst solution then the overall problem to begin with. P3 Who is up to building better solutions? Me you or the guy hanging from his sheet?? Its not funny is it?? I know I have a bunch of question and not a lot of answers. This is just cage talk for all those who will listen!!!

Author: Bobby

Author Location: Texas

Date: July 14, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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