Kirk, Justin



Justin Kirk [ID] 
 The thing about California is that it is both beautiful and heart breaking. The reason we have so many artist, tattoo shops, photographers, musicians and writers is because it has given us a way to share with the world what we have experienced in both the beauty as well as the pain. Sadly not all of us were lucky enough to find our outlets. Many of us just misused our time, and some of us were robbed of ours and that is where we see the pain in California, in its loss. And time is a crazy thing, no matter who you are the clock is always running. When your time is up then it is up and you're gone. The world is left to remember you by the way you treated those left behind. So I try to remember the lessons my friends have taught me and find strength in their remembrance because they have all shown me something. Something that has forever bonded me to them. These individuals were no Saints and only one name on here was innocent. But they were my people, my friend, and my family. And I'm sorry to all of the victims and their families that suffered as a result of my friends' actions. I mean no disrespect to those still suffering but I can't hide my own pain either because I knew them differently. In California we're taught how to kill for our friends, and how to die for our friends and spend life in prison for our friends. But from now on I think we should start living for our friends. And that's how I deal with a lot of my pain I just sit there and draw and reminisce about good people who just couldn't find a way through the California haze. 
 Rest in Peace Loved One - Dedicated to Airyana Rubie Luna 2018

Author: Kirk, Justin

Author Location: California

Date: April 10, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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