Can the MDOC be fixed?

Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.



Can the MDOC Be Fixed? No, this is not a trick question, however, the state of Michigan will never know the answer. The reason why is because its not that the Michigan Department of Corrections cannot be fixed. It is because of what it will take to fix it. Consider Structure The MDOC needs to be more structured. No one is on the same page. Most of their own policies and operating procedures are personally interpreted as the interpreter wants to interpret it. If another staff member says “That sounds about right” for that particular moment, that is what it will mean. Tomorrow this exact same scenario will be interpreted and have an altogether different meaning. Next, most staff, cannot stay in their own lane. Medical staff play corrections officers, corrections officers play teachers, teachers play yard officers, yard officers play medical staff, counselors play store workers etc, etc. Everyone wants to something they are not. This is especially true about inmates. Another area is professionalism. Most MDOC staff, in general, are some extremely lazy people. They play cruel games with prisoners lives, retaliate when confronted with grievances, abuse authority and are very deceptive. Maybe if they played a more fair game, inmates, especially the younger ones, may have more respect for them. Programming: Here is an area that needs lots of help. Prisoners take various classes either because they are recommended or to please the parole board. The main problem with programming is the MDOC is similar to the Jerry Springer Show. Everyone wants to know everybody else’s business. This is so bad that inmates will call home and have another inmate looked up and then spreads the reason(s) why that particular inmate is in prison. For reasons such as this, prisoners do not divulge information about themselves. It’s too dangerous, therefore, you may be in a very serious class, however, the feedback is not real because the story is not real. Everyone is “acting as though if” because everyone is fully aware that confidentiality does not exist. The gossiping that goes on between inmates, and sometimes staff, is atrocious. Responsibility: Responsibility is a very huge factor, however, as it stands, it is weak which means the desire for rehabilitation is weak. Further, staff are no role models. For instance, no prisoner goes home for the day and then return the next day. Matter of fact, prisoners do not leave at all, therefore, how does contraband get into the prison? Staff blames visitors. Okay, then you have a faulty security system. Why is no one upgrading that? One of the most serious problems I have encountered between both staff and prisoners is their ability to deceive and pass the blame. Attitude: The MDOC’s attitude regarding incarcerated people and their own perceptions are so big that it would literally take a ream of paper to cover it all. Understandably, every person has their own individual personality and attitude, however, there is a time and place for everything. For instance, a funeral director can be a mean spirited person, however, not towards those who are grieving a loved one. Likewise, MDOC staff can be the most horrible persons in Michigan, however, they should carry a certain attitude parallel to the situation, especially considering that everyone is not the same. Undoubtedly, there are some cases where an attitude adjustment is necessary due to matters which may promote violence or unacceptable behavior. Nevertheless, there are already disciplinary measures in place to resolve issues such as these when they surface, therefore, a bad attitude is a negative addition that does not help, it hurts. The above are only a few. There are some resolution and if you would like to hear them I may expose them. Including, . . . Oh, but wait . . . In my opinion, the answer is “H. E. double hockey sticks” No. Its too far gone. The MDOC is all about the Benjamins. Note: Did you know that the MDOC promotes homosexuality, indirectly? (My opinion)

Author: Mack-Lemdon, Mr. L.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: July 9, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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