Can we talk?

Hargrove, Jaymes G.



Can We Talk? (July 28, 2020) By: Jaymes Hargrove - Beto Have you ever walked into a situation where you knew nothing of what was happeningh? It can be maddeningly frustrating, especially when not knowing might adversely affect your health and well-being. The Texas Prison System is notorious for keeping everyone in the dark about the undercurrents that occur behind its razor wires. As the COVID pandemic continues to ravage the units, there is still little to no coverage of the dire situation. Typically, in a time of grave danger, there is an uptick in the levels of communication between the government and small folk. Yet, in slavish fashion, those being affected are told nothing. I haven't been able to get a straight answer from anyone, administration or medical. For the fourth time my wing is on a 14 day quarantine; however, no one knows if there was a positive test or not. The nurses come in their blue smocks and face plates taking temps, but have absolutely no clue when the wing is coming up. I realize that under the U.S. Constitutions 13th Amendment I am considered a slave, but I can't be expected to take the proper steps if no one informs me there is a task to be completed. Communication! That's all I'm asking for. Tell me what's going on, don't keep me in the dark. Is that so much to ask? All my questions have gone unanswered when it is unnecessary. Sadly, I've gotten to the point where I sit back quietly instead of raising a clamor. Maybe the pen will win in the end, but all is in vain until the prison authorities learn to communicate with the wards they are supposed to be guarding. Can we talk, Warden, Major, Captain? Can we talk, somebody, anybody in authority? Can we talk, because the Titanic is sinking and we can't find the remaining lifeboats? Can we talk, or does the death of prisoners, who also just happen to be human as well, mean nothing? I don't expect much return, yet the voice of reason must rise unbridled until someone deigns to bend his/her ear and instead of silence we hear, it is a voice of authority saying, "Can we talk?"

Author: Hargrove, Jaymes G.

Author Location: Texas

Date: July 28, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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