Can you imagine? Part 2

Thompson, Michael Meeko



"CAN YOU IMAGINE PART (2) After re-reading, I felt that I should share a few more things I left out... Can you imagine waking up to strange crinkling noises in the middle of the night only to discover that you have a whole family of mice's eating their way through your food, such as potato chips, noddles, bread, meats, ect. The mice infestation is so bad that a few prisoners has taken it upon themselves to catch and train some of them on command. Which is either amazing or part of the madness that take hold of some of these guys, depending on what perspective you look at it from. I can remember being transferred to another facility (MTU) from the Jackson prison, they also had the same rodent problem, I personally killed about (30) the two years I was incarcerated there, what's outrageous is the fact that "Staff" wants you to capture them alive then release them outside. I also personally remember prisoner [redacted] who was a few cells from me, I will never forget, woke-up one night and discovered a big rat, size of a small cat, sitting on his chest, all I remember is hearing a very loud yelp!!, cussing and thumping as he slammed it against his cell wall enclosed in his prison blanket. The other problem was prevalent in Jackson Prison was the pigeons, which were flying all over the cell block and even worse when you entered the mess-hall, flying over your head while you were eating, dropping (feces) everywhere, some of the metal tables were so bad from the bird droppings (feces), that some of them were eroding, imagine a rusted car where you could see through parts of the metal. These are just a few of the stresses that a State Of Michigan prisoner has to find a coping mechanism in order to remain sane, day in, day out. I wanted you to have a concise visualization of my man-made sort of hell!! I remain forever strong Standing on Faith MICHAEL “MEEKO” THOMPSON

Author: Thompson, Michael Meeko

Author Location: Michigan

Date: March 20, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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