Can you see the pain




By Exile Can you see the pain or agony on my face. Behind these walls my life has been erase. A distant memory has become my place. Pain has been like sweat coming from my pores, which is repeated constantly in my soul. Day to day I face the anguish inside of these bars causing this separation of the man I become (cold). Can you see the pain, this never ending path I face. I just want somebody to know I exist in this place. Force to be by exile - inside this circus called prison where actors and all types of acts are portrayed. Yes the prison officials control the strings making inmates puppets. So many of the youth lost to this movie called the system. The focus lies on oppression, love doesn't abide in this building. All the faces you see or full of torment or scorn. Most prisoners need freedom a change to be reborn. Yet so few have seen a purpose to be more than a number with no meaning, belittle as a man, made to lose all your dignity, and morals, beginning to accept the abnormal. Stripped of your pride, brought to your knees by another human being. Inside this prison hate is all I see for an inmate I'll always be. By exile. Some things in life can't be tested by time (such as prison). With this poem I hope to gain the ears of society or whoever is listening. My words slowly blossom like the fruit of the earth. Yet so few in prison don't even know their worth. So many left to rot on the vine. But in their absence, hope I call you mine. The labor of the harvest out weighs our worth. Too many individuals behind the fences with a purpose. Not so our value, which exceeds degrees. Even from the cell I am in, I have reach. With these words brings freedom and my pen peace.

Author: Exile

Author Location: Georgia

Date: February 15, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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