Capitulation via compliance

Fuller, Brian D.



CAPITULATION VIA COMPLIANCE I’ve always loved the beauty of words. It’s a shame that I’m forced to waste them addressing such ugliness. For decades, I let the fear of inadequacy supersede the urgency of my purpose. My reasons for writing to you are simple. Those of you on the outside have far greater intelligence and resources. Everyone knows about systemic malfeasance. Our misperception of a problem which appears too big to solve is the very paradox which allowed this monster to grow. The Prison Industrial Complex was built under the guise of public safety. Now we know, it was only a clever ruse for one of the biggest racketeering schemes the world has ever seen. The one thing corrupt people who abuse their power fear the most is TRUTH! They operate outside parameters for ethics, morals, and even the law. Regardless of how intricate this web of deception is, there is always a way in. People will treat you as bad as you let them. Every day I see the encroachment upon our civil, human and due process rights. In their arrogance, government officials falsely believe that if they perpetuate their crimes slow and subtle enough, nobody will notice. Now we've deteriorated to the point these parasites feel they can blatantly violate the law with impunity. Recently, I was fortunate enough to witness the power of One Man and his PEN. He didn’t seek counsel or try to form alliances. He simply told the truth and stood up for what was right. This spontaneous act of selfless dedication to a cause is going to pave the way for the freedom of thousands. Please take a minute to ponder what we could accomplish if we could get people in every prison in America to do the very same thing Perhaps we'll never get the unity to attack every wrongful conviction or grievance collaterally across the entirety of our state and federal systems. So, I asked myself some crazy, yet valid questions: What do these corrupt elitists fear most? What’s most precious to them? Well, if it’s their money and power they love so much, then why don’t we hit them where it will hurt the most, their pocket books? There is not a jail or prison in this nation that is ran properly. Most of them are falling apart. (toxic building syndrome, unsanitary, substandard living conditions; inadequate nutrition, medical, and security; numerous policies, procedural, code violations; faulty electrical, plumbing, structural and safety issues, etc.) I don’t need to list everything. I’m sure y’all get the idea. Let’s simultaneously attack them on everyday compliance issues. When they find it’s going to cost more to fix these facilities than they’re worth, then it will cut far enough into their precious profit margins and bleed the beast dry. Closing prisons increases the parole rate; thus, reducing the demand for filling bed space. This will also decrease wrongful convictions and may even cause these crooked lawyers and judges to stop the bribery and extortion and actually follow Our Constitution. Maybe we could expand this method beyond the boundaries of our criminal injustice system. It might have an effect on the rampant greed and corruption which will destroy both our nation and our planet if it continues. None of us can force someone to care. We, at least, have to try and inspire those who do care to think outside of the box. All I have now are some correspondence supplies and the burning desire for change. On the other hand, y’all have social media and the internet. You are educated people with good vocabularies and better ideas. It will take a coordinated effort. However, all of us know that when we unify ourselves toward the common good, nothing can stop us. Thank you for your time and consideration Sincerely, Brian Fuller

Author: Fuller, Brian D.

Author Location: Texas

Date: June 22, 2022

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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