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Jones, Jimmy



CASE HISTORY Defendant: Jimmy D. Jones D.O.B: Dec. 7,1974 Current Status: Incarcerated Present Institution: Wabash Valley Correctional Facility D.O.C: 891782 County & State of Conviction: Marion County, Indiana Cause No: 49G02-9312-CF-160463 Crimes Charged: Attempted Murder, class A felony & Felon w/ Gun, class D felony Date of Arrest: Nov. 30,1993 Date of Trial: July 26,1994 Date of Sentence: Aug. 26, 1994 Current Sentence: 45yrs on the Attempted Murder, & 3yrs on the Felon w/ Gun sentences were ordered to be served consecutively for a total of 48yrs Earliest Possible Release Date: Nov. 28, 2017 Judge: Pro-Tern Stephanie Roth Prosecutor: Barbara Crawford Public Defender: Wilson T. Turner Direct Appeal Cause No: 49A04-9412-CR-508 Direct Appeal Denied: Aug. 31,1995 Petitioner Files Pro Se Petition for Post-Conviction Relief: Feb. 17,1998 Petition for Post-Conviction Relief Cause No: 49G02-9312-PC-160463 Petition for Post-Conviction Relief Denied: Aug. 4, 2003 Appeal of Petition for Post-Conviction Relief Denied: Feb. 6, 2004 Petitioner Files Pro Se Motion to Correct Erroneous Sentence: July 8, 2011 Court Denied Motion to Correct Erroneous Sentence: July 11, 2011 Petitioner Files Pro Se Petition for Successive Post-Conviction Relief: Oct. 4, 2011 Petition for Successive Post-Conviction Relief Denied: March 15, 2012 m % < e Court Denied Motion to Correct Erroneous Sentence: Dec. 8, 2014 Appeal Status: Currently Pending - V : Jan. 8, 2015 On Nov. 301993 7 was an ISyrs otd Hid, tvAo ti^e most young 6tacH motes stucH in tte gdetto, so eaugtt up in tAe a ■ . .' '. ■ ■ ■ . - m m . ■"-O'fM - - - - — • J^y:;;;; ^ ever t make me apart ' mu <40 patHiug tot. living Me type of iifestyie 7 was coming into contact witA tAe poiice wasn’t an option. See not onty was tAe ear outstanding warrants feu my arrest for everytAing from tootf off running Oefore tAe poiice eoutd even putt up A see wAo 7 was- Vat Aa Aad defiaUety sec* me Si was mow preparing to give cAase. As 7 ran off 7 made my way to tAe 6ac% door of my sister’s apartment. WAen 7 reaeAed my sister’s apartment 7 was nnaMe to get in Aeeanse tAe SacQ door was ioeff & as 3 went to pounding on it 7 Aeard tAe poiice officer running around tAe iuiiding in pursuit of me. oc SLasAe gave cAase managed to maintain sigAt of me as 7 ted Atm tAougA severed areas o : : - SR over wAetm witA fear tAat 7 tost any 'X- \ w. aver my sAoutder . WAen 7 fired tAat first sAot 7 never of fleet or even Med to Ait dim. wMeA was never my intentions. 7 was seared of going to 6ae^ to fal6 & ait 7 wanted to do was scare dim so de wontd stow Ms pursuit of me & atiow me to get away, looking Oaeti on It now 7 eon odvlousty see tdat tMs was a very stupid deelslon Out at tde time 7 was apartment Cnitdfngs wtUcA caused me to fire auotAer sAot iu tAe air. TAe officer responded Ay returning fire. Ant instead of Aitting me Ae ended up sAooting up tAe side of tAe Ardiding tAat 1 Aad dueled AeAind. TAis gave me tAe perfect opportunity to affect my escape i veAiAe Ae was focus on apartment & disappear inside. oncetAe Immediatety responded to tAe scene. WitAIn minutes tAey v\h'\ Aatred towards me. TAis officer was Aent on seeing me AeAind i. So wAen tAis officer arrived on tAe scene Ae seem to atready Aave it in Ais tvAo Aad It out for rut tAat cam.* straigAt to my sister's apartment & started Seating oh tAe door, yetting for Aar to tott Aim Aar. Upon Aearlng tAe tost name Jones Ae tAen responded, "TAat’s Ais sister/ tie’s in Aerel Open tAis door titcAl" Now rememter, tAe originat potiee officer wAo Aad cAased me Aad no idea wAo J was or wAere 7 Aad gone, so was. of tAis was going on. if tAey did not consent to a searcA of Aad ho cAoice Out to cooperate wit A tAe poiice JL signed tAe consent form wAicA attowed tAem to searcA tAe apartment witAont a proper searcA warrant. During tAeir searcA tAe poiice found tAe gun A tAis pretty mncA seated my fate. Once J was arrested in cAarged tAe court appointed me a Aire an so Aappen to Oe an ex-potice officer. Oven wit A tA AacOof understanding of tAe tegai system J Aad at tAe time, J Anew received tAis BtneO dude wAo iured me in to a faise sense of KM?M Aeart wAen in fact Ae too eoutd care \ ism on my part attowed tAis 'so catted OrotAa' to severe me rigAt up to tAe prison industriat eomptex. TAis 'so-catted a fray Mat las a decided my guitt even arguments income as soon as 6otA sides rested tAeir cases sAe immediatety found me guitty witAout even tatfe a recess to detiierate tAe facts presented Oefore Aer. i it was tAis Protemp fudge wAo woutd eventuality sentence me to forty-eigAt years. wAicA excided maximum sentence tAe taw attowed in my case. Now Aere J am. twenty-one years tater, stltt trapped witAin "system" tut to 6c time to up Aotd tie tow yet veliS vioiate taws to fastlfy peeping me incarcerated. Refusing to allow tie injustices of an injustice system ireatj me, 7 Have ciosen to tatje advantage of tie time I've 6een years, I've a Q.6D, Out certificates of completion for a wide range of stjill sets. Tve paralegal. Hopefully J can find willing individuals or efforts prison Aid not dreeUf me, for 7 am for too strong to ever Oe Oro^en. AAy onty regret, However, Oesides tde precious moments tost witd famity, is tde fact tdat no one was reatty around wden 7 was growing up to teaed me att of wdat 7 tfnow now aOont 7 MaMf a€i tAose wAo Aave taking tAe time to read tAis A Aope 6y doing so yon Aave develop a Setter understanding of wAo was. veAo 7 am, A tAe Man 7 am wording towards Secerning. Respeetfntiy A SineereSy PX). Box mi CatSisie, Jn if838

Author: Jones, Jimmy

Author Location: Indiana

Date: October 23, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 12 pages

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