Catching a predator

Brownell, Charles A.



Catching a Predator In this world there are all kinds of predators of all types (sexual, material, informational, women, men, children, people, murderers, religious...) and they all exhibit very similar characteristics. They can’t STOP is the biggest flaw they have which is what makes them a predator. Most can’t help but to talk about or boast about it in some means is their second big flaw. The third but far from the last is that they THINK they have POWER and are always watching for new prey without realizing that it puts off "Creepy" vibrations that most of all people are tuned to sense but have been taught to ignore... If you ever SEE a person and immediately feel DANGER, DISCOMFORT and a need to flee, you’re in the presence of a natural predator. All predators employ the same hunting strategies and the female predators are the most dangerous because humans are programmed from both that women are "protectors" when in truth they can be the most vicious and vile of all... Vile, you cannot have vile without EVIL, just move the "E". They always watch the people but focus in hard on their prey of choice while tracking their foe… Dopers are easy to spot for a seller who is a "USER" predator. The key is that predators always hone in on specific weaknesses that they can exploit that identifies their "PREY"... Sales men and women do this all the time with suckers that fall for their GAB and funny enough, in the first thirty seconds can tell if a person is vulnerable or NOT. All predators are SOCIAL ENGINEERS. Humans have no natural predators except other people and a famous material predator P.T. Barnum once said, "There is a sucker born every day and two to take him." He was a MASTER at drawing in his PREY and separating fools from their money for himself and having them like it. His best was "This Way to the Egress". He had a tunnel and a sign that said $1 this way to the Egress... a clever word play, as Egress means Exit. People were paying to go out the Exit but what was amazing was they they were only mad for a few seconds or minutes as they had actually paid to sit and watch the next fool come out and laugh at them for falling for the same scam. Thus now you know all SCAMS people fall for are just Social Engineering Plays of Predators to separate fools from their own money. Not all predators are BAD or harmful but MANY are. Any time a person is exploiting a mental weakness of another it is bad and harmful. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances and the worst PLOY and SCAM TODAY is the fake Criminal Justice System. Good clowns and Illusionists are paid ahead of time because their PLOY is expected and is what people wan to see thus they are not harmful. All predators that perform harmful acts against others though are dangerous (sociopaths, psychos, pedophiles, serial killers, serial rapists, thieves, drug pushers, SCAM ARTISTS)... None of the predators realize that they constantly put that they are predators out there in their own actions and tendencies because they cannot help but focus on and hone in on their preferred prey. Yet they will always be wound up, tense and nervous while they are focused in and fantasizing about their attack as they plot the entire encounter in extreme detail in their head. By displaying different "weaknesses" or traits that they hunt for, you can elicit their predatory response... The problem, all people have a very natural internal PREDATOR because that is millions of years of very natural and normal instinct which means the right situation can trigger a predatory response from ANYONE. The real predators are those who actively hunt and cannot STOP. Many predators try to put themselves in what they see as a position of power but there is no such thing in reality. Power only exists if others feel, think and believe you have power... otherwise you’re just another person. These "positions" of power is a deception to attempt to protect and preserve themselves by falsely making themselves more important than what they are. It makes others NOT believe stories and ignore what is going on. It helps their hunting grounds. Most fear challenging an ALPHA but again that’s a deception. Power or control over other is NOT the predator’s goal. No... it’s the thrill of the hunt and the rush of a successful hunt. It’s a powerful rush that can last for days, even weeks or months... sometimes years. All deer hunters know this rush just as the agonizing disappointment of failure. The educated idiots called psychiatrists and psychologist all say it is about control but it was NEVER that... it’s a deeper more primal need an animal need of the subconscious for that hunt and success of it. The high is stronger by more than 1000x any known substance today. All predators except one affect such a small area or group of people that with the exception of Elizabeth Bathory with a body count of over 600 and another serial killer with a body count of over 300, is GOVERNMENT. Germany in the 1940's is responsible for the deaths of 13 million, Pol Pot has millions, Serbs, Kroats, the Middle East, the United States has a genocide of hundreds of millions... Government is the worst predator. It starts out to ensure peace and liberty, becomes corrupt by the people of power and begins to exploit its people for more power, more money then starts to kill the people it sees as undesirables. Every time they establish the Death Camps or Concentration SLAVE (WORK) Camps institutions with fences and everything to keep the SLAVES or undesirables in. In the United States people freak out about the FEMA death camps and ignore the U.S. prisons that are concentration SLAVE and death camps. There are many methods in catching predators as there will always be a trophy of some kind, documentation, or word of mouth because the predator wants a memorabilia of the successful hunt and to brag about it. Deer hunters collect horns and tell stories. Hackers brag on dark web forums and hold data, serial killers and/or serial rapists will keep a personal item of their victims... There is always something and the government is NO exception. With the government there is always talks and what if conversations that always lead up to the actual event and the most interesting is that all predators do a smaller or mock hunt to test what they are going to do to test themselves and their strategy and their strategy will always change at first till they settle in to the preferred attack method or style and preferred victims... This becomes their signature... and it with boasting and bragging leads to catching them. In the state of Arkansas the worst predator is the government system that hunts using its "Criminal Justice" system. The corrupt "Criminal Justice system" composed of the police, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, judges, legislature (Senators and Representatives), Governors, courts and the real predator that uses all the others to hunt, the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) run by the Arkansas Board of Correction (ABC) that also contracts the Parole Board and Parole Officers all designed to put women, men, and both female and male children from ages 6 to 17 in the court system and prison which makes money for al the state. In these "Correction Centers" that are actually concentration SLAVE camps all people are forced into SLAVERY and some into SEX trafficking. Drugs are pushed to the addicts and willing plants (Inmate Enforcers) force others to be compliant or else. Many are killed but all are forced into SLAVERY, TYRANNY, ABUSES, TORTURE and you cannot do anything to defend yourself because all the states systems get MONEY from ADC. BUT WAIT: they can be caught: ADC’s Achilles heel is staffing, correctional officers... so many gang members and honest people get hired on. The crooked get caught trafficking drugs and contraband or selling sex to or buying it from inmates in using drugs, delivering and they get caught. The honest people see what is going on. The work and living conditions, corruption and treatment and thus QUIT. News articles, ADC internal documentation even altered documents all exist. People, employees, TALK... Running a couple of people through the jails, court process to see how the prosecution, defense and judge all have the same employer and work together then get on the inside with "Medical" issues and everything to see how they are treated. Put undercover agents in as officers and inmates to get a complete picture of BOTH sides. The inmate will get first hand of all the illegal and unconstitutional things that go on from jail, court, to prison and the officers get to record staff banter and steal documents and digital records. It’s all right there and they need to try to appeal, wait and try, go through medical, file grievances. All things an officer and inmate may need to do or experience and report it all, every step of the way. Trying to get legal help, file a case, protect themselves... everything. It’s all there to catch them. I will do it. I will fund a project to pay these people, men, women and children, to go through this system and report on everything from start to finish... Inmates and Employees. Gather the documentation on all the activity and the conditions and the treatment, abuse, medical malpractice. The whole thing. I’m willing to do this in all states because I want to protect the people and save them from our very predatory government. I will go through the full processes of "Catching a Predator" and one of the WORST OF ALL!!! Join me in #ALLOFUS...

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: November 1, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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