Cause and effect

Porée-Daniels, Tre'Lanzo A. L., Sr.



Essay 4 Archive Cause and Effect 10-21-2018 My name is Tre' Lanzo i've been incarcerated for 6 years now because of the evil choice of violence that I allowed to overcome me. This is my first essay for this article and my goal is bring awareness to my people and everyone else; about the importance of knowing the meaning of "cause" and "effect". How important it is to understand the meaning behind what we all do, say and also neglect. To give a solution to conflict. during my incarceration at CSTAFF/STATE PRISON I observed the negativity of my own actions and learned from them, also the negativity of other people's actions also. This yard (E) is really not a violent yard like other prison(s) yard(s) that I've heard of and experienced myself. But I see a major problem with the systems way of racial inequality. I've been here at Satf/sp for 5 1/2 years and I've talked to majority of these Correctional Officers and majority of them know me quiet well due to the fact that they have seen me grow up and become a man of maturity. Being an Asiatic Black Man was hard at first because of the hatred of Correctional Officers toward me when I first got here. Fortunately, things started to change for the better and respect came to play because my constant act of kindness and compassion being displayed before me. I can say I have changed the dynamics of respect towards C/O's and inmates. Some of my people and others still hold the institutionalized impression of being disrespectful towards inmates in which I believe and know that this is not the right way to progress in. The violence in prison has to stop, prison doesn't always have to be about politics and murder. I know this because of my knowledge of "cause" and "effect"; for example. Cause is the one that produces an effect, result, or consequence. 2) A motive 3) A reason 4) A principal or goal; To be the cause of: Bring about. So, be the one that produce a motive, reason or a principal and goals that are positive. You don't have to be a leader of negativity, you don't have to separate yourself from being social with a white man; or, black man or, Latino man; or an other. These politics is in place because "we" put it there and if "we" want a better prison "we" have to be the cause to stop these old politics that was formed in the middle 1900's. My fellow brothers on the Mainline regardless of how you view me on SNY or Protective Custody, let me say this; yes there are people who harm children, people who killed, people who are not strong enough to stay on GP, but that don't make me one. I'm here because I care about my family and I know me being over there as a 26 year old wit 7 years and 1 strike to do; not only that but being a Blood at that time; I would not be getting out of prison and probley would of caught life or would've been harmed by prison violence all behind prison gang politics. I saved my own life!, yes I did now I'm getting out in two years to my family. Now I'm the result of an X-gangbanger, dishing out positivity, kindness, and mercy including compassion. I bring about that which is non-violence, non-political; but hey, you could too by destroying the gang violence and political game of separation between racism in prison. Next I want to explain what a effect is. Effect (n); a condition or occurrence traceable to a cause => The power to bring about a result on another. When you harm someone that is the effect of your negativity, likewise when you show someone good character you give the effect of making someone become inspired to follow you in good character. My GP and S.N.Y Brothers let's all say no to violence and politics and say yes to being the cause of peace. harmony, and love of one another. People have to stop dieing behind walls and we have to make sure our youth get home to their familys who love them. Laws are changing and we have people like ARC, and others fighting these laws made to keep us in this prison system. We are the future and it starts now so join me in the movement of motivation for peace and global peace but it starts on both sides GP and SNY. We all trying to go home so the one's that are leaders you know who you are. Become leaders of doing and promoting what is right! learn that you are the "cause" and whatever you do has an effect! Sincerely, Mr. Tre' Lanzo Anthony Lee Bree- Daniels -Peace to the Gods and Earths

Author: Porée-Daniels, Tre'Lanzo A. L., Sr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 21, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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