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Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Author: Levert Brookshire Title: CellBlock Media: Breaking News Cell Dweller Statecraft Pt. II When we stop to assess and evaluate this recent 'rash' of police sanctioned terrorist acts coordinated against our people who were 'proven' later to be unarmed, ordinary citizens, slain, without probable cause, combined with all of the other very deep and complicated social problems that are threatening American society, problems that we all share in today's modern society, generally, we can all agree upon one thing for sure. Even though today's economy has improved from what it was seven or eight years ago, it's still nothing close to what it should be for more people to feel a better sense of prosperity. Instead, many people who make up America's working class and low-income populations are still in a 'dismal' state of recovery, a direct result of numerous and economic policies created and implemented at the highest levels of U.S. government, decisions and policies which have certainly been 'crafted' and 'well prepared' specifically to secure the 'profiteering' interests and protect the systems in which they are generated for the neo-colonial status quo who have complete control and 'dominance' over America's executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. Both political parties are responsible for the current state of our society. Democrats and Republicans both have been infiltrated by the wealthiest 'multi-nationalist' global corporations who have contributed billions to each political party in exchange for influence and control over the American political system, our laws and courtrooms too, 'monopolizing' our entire society. Although this painful realization may come especially tough to most Americans, an increasing 'pressure' coming down on us, the poverty stricken, disabled, low-income, non-contributing members of society, who pay the very least amount of taxes into their pockets, but cost them the most amount of expenses actually in the U.S. social programs, food stamps, public education and other government assistance programs, subsidized 'housing', mental health treatment, and 'medicare' etc., etc. All of which interprets into 'liability' and 'expenses' for U.S. political parties and those multi-national global corporations that they, do their 'bidding' for. As these two political parties 'fight' it out, over who will it be that receives the 'bulk' of the tax-cuts and awarded the biggest economic gains? The U.S. government will continue investing billions of tax payers' dollars into the 'surveillance society' and 'police-state' efforts 'spurred' on, following Sept.11, 2001. In order to maintain control over those 'least' favorite in America's society, people who are, least 'likely' to, benefit from whatever occurs in the U.S. political system's hierarchy. Therefore making us greater threats and more inclined to turn against their whole system, as the (more) of us become awakened to the reality that America's systems do not serve the working poor. I only see tension between the 'under-class' and 'upper-class' rising, mounting up overtime 'Spawning' into even more social inequities, injustices and social-conflicts. Also, a direct result of decisions, policies that are made at the top government level. So far, it appears to be no solutions or remedies in sight, none effective enough to correct all of these social problems, that currently face our society. Especially these kinds of problems and conflicts we see today regarding the kinds of deeply rooted 'psychological', racially biased tendencies that have made it into the U.S.national police force. One of the number one driving forces behind today's 'spreading' social problems is America's race relations. What can only be addressed by discussing America's need for more diversity and cultural awareness in education, police law enforcement in general accountability, transparency oversight at national levels with federal guidelines instituted nationwide. Opposed to being forced to watch Democrats and Republicans fight it out, pandering to their constituency, exploiting the needs of their jurisdictions, promising to deliver various benefits in exchange for ballots and delegates' endorsements, if elected. Dueling it out, fighting to get themselves into the seat of power where they can execute their personal agenda and advance the interests and profiteering schemes of their top, wealthiest campaign donors and financial contributors who have set their sights on the American population of consumers. Using the political system to impose their own, cleverly designed 'social-controls' and influences onto our behaviors, to ensure the consumption of their products, goods and services, and the survival of their 'multinational, global corporations profit margins'. Using American government as their puppet to introduce advanced psychological methods and techniques with biological and environmental methods being manipulatively used and adjusted to suit the needs of the 'multinational corporations', NOT the needs of the American population, and consumer. Once elected into their 'seats' of power, Democrats and Republicans launch their cleverly designed new systems, laws and steps, to ease more and more state sanctioned social controls and 'guaranteed' incomes, for these multinational corporations who got us, to "change" our behaviors without being aware of it. Using subtle techniques to introduce products, services, goods we gradually become 'dependent' on daily. Marketing them to us, as being 'rational', 'logical' and 'convenient' for us to solve our problems, our smartest options, best responses to our 'social' problems, even convincing us all, there is a 'human' justification for us to accept inflated prices on our health care, prescription medications, Cable T.V. fees, 'increasing' food prices, financial service fees, etc., etc. Unfortunately America's general public continues to fall the same ol' scams again and again, as the elite government 'profiteers' authorize more and more 'sweeping' ranges of laxity and loosened restrictions for law enforcement agencies and police officers to be empowered and laws and 'dominance' amongst those, that contribute the least to their systems, using their latest justification 'Domestic Terrorism', to secure taxpayers' money for multinational corporations' (government) contracts. Who will be contracted to 'manufacture', 'produce' and then supply, all of 'law enforcement' and 'police departments' priciest, high tech equipment used in their so-called counter terrorists effort, launched right here on U.S.soil. There should be a 'clear' yet painful realization for all Americans, especially the 'working poor' and 'under-class' citizens, as evidenced by the emergence of our country's expanding 'militarized' police state as the more frequent, ISIS-inspired terror attacks occur here. The more fearful citizens become, it is obvious what we will see begin to happen next in our behaviors. Being less and less resistant to the idea of more security, fewer freedoms? Can't have both together at the same time. Americans will become alot more willing to surrender their 'sovereign' rights and freedoms, so that their multinational corporate owned government can make them feel that, they are safer. As this government accumulates its unsustainable debt to these multinational banks, giving the keys to America away, 'foreclosing' on the working poor and under class, in this country. Opening the doors, being exposed to looting and 'poaching' of America, by the global, socialist, financial institutions such as the world bank, central bank and International Monetary Fund - 'Engineers' and 'Architects' behind the New World Order's socialist agenda. What these U.S. politicians refuse to admit to, or acknowledge, while they accept all of this pay off money and 'contribution' funds, being paid advocates and agents doing the bidding on behalf of these 'global' institutions, global financial lenders, making greater and greater levels of dependency on the 'global' society, for our country's survival, it means having to be disloyal to America's founding principles and sovereignty. All globalization' comes down to, either America's attempt at world domination or succumbing to the first 'World Government', either we will remain citizens of the U.S. or 'citizens of the world', but never both. As for those who consider themselves to be 'die hard' American patriots, I recommend they start preparing themselves for the 'final showdown' to protect their U.S. protected sovereignty instead of trying to invest in education and empowering those who exist at the lowest level of America's social, economic and class structure. Those who pose threats to their profiteering schemes and add to their liability classification. We are perceived as 'domestic terrorists,' declared to be threats and written off as 'enemies' of the new, militarized police state. 'Labeled' to the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, then surveilled and targeted as dissidents, subversives and radicals. A whole new, entire 'industry' has been created by these 'multinational corporations', who have been given 'multi-billion' dollar government secured contracts, to 'fight' these so-called enemies, domestic threats and radicals, using taxpayers' money to fund this Counter Terrorist effort, directed towards U.S. citizens, inner-cities and poverty-stricken, minority communities, where the most community activists' 'noise' is being heard, the loudest protests are coming from and the most organized marches and resistance is being detected. Any voices of dissent, or spreading of anti-establishment measures that attract newer generations that want to join the cause, this will get you labeled and targeted as an 'enemy'/'terrorist' however peaceful we are. It doesn't matter to the political 'elite' or uber-rich Americans. It's the powerful persuasion of the 'truthful' ideology that they fear most of all. Notably, 'black lives matter' grassroots movements with all of its affiliates abroad. Upright brothas and sistas of integrity and credibility, many of who are clergy and professionals, who are forming together out of outrage and painful, heartfelt anguish for what they see is happening to our people as the assailants operate with impunity. As word spreads, and a stream of recognizable, high profile athletes are coming to join this 'ideology of truth', provoking the status quo to launch a campaign to discredit the movement and its ideology of truth. Declaring the supporters as 'unpatriotic' and 'un-American', and just an unruly crowd of anarchists who are declared to be terrorists by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Even when an individual lone activist/protestor acts alone and vandalizes or loots a store to express their complete rebellion or a 'loosely' structured cadre of angry protestors express their contempt and outrage against the impenetrable Blue Wall of Silence protecting police corruption and misconduct, the Dept. of Homeland Security quickly couples any/all dangerous or violent expressions of resistance as being connected to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. Using ignorant and misdirected activism to evoke fear and doubt in the ideology of the message. As the message spreads and the unrefined movement grows, the supporters will hopefully become increasingly aware of their 'actions,' reflecting on the whole, being conscious of their actions requiring self-restraint and discipline when forming and shaping a vanguard army of valiant soldiers, refined thugs and tamed rebels, to lead a nationwide cause takes immense responsibility.

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: July 18, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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