Cell block society cell block academia part one and two

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Cell Block Society: Cell Block Academia Part One and Two By Levert Brookshire Legal disclaimer To American Prison Writing Archive. This authorizes you legal authority to make whatever editorial changes you deem to be necessary at your own description in order to meet the standard for posting on your site. Thank you! Part I Dear America, what is a society? One would think that it would be obvious? A society is population, a community, and a particularly large group of people usually one that may or may not be officially recognized or even accepted as a legitimate society by the status quo. Professional sociologist's might not like admitting to it, but even though they may not be legally viewed as official or legitimate, to be called society's, because of their status. In fact, they are still society's, unofficially or illegitimately, they are populated with large amounts of people. All of them speaking the same language, live in the same geographic areas, share the same economy, governing system and laws too. This qualifies as a society too. Taking an even closer look at what makes up a society, actually reveals some very surprising truths. For example, take for instance those of us born into poverty-stricken sub-society's which are found in designated geographic areas, spread out wide, all over the U.S. a population that's living together in the same larger populations as all American citizens. But still separated, divided, by an invisible, unseen barrier of political, and economic walls. A partition that marginalizes and relocates us to attend different education districts, reside in different property tax zones, participate in different occupation employment pools. Unable to equally compete with large society's, highly trained, better educated, officially recognized society. Leaving many to create, improvise and develop pseudo-society's and quasi-society's counter society's, underground- society's even illegitimate unofficial society's, left with no other choice except taking what scarce resources they can find around them. Optimize their potential, and transform their circumstances, to survive. Like it or not, official or unofficial, these are society's and they aren'y going to go away anytime soon either. Places called ghettos that are found in every American city; just look for the place where the least amount of property taxes and revenues are collected. Find the most underfunded schools in the public school district. Check the crime statistic reports to see where, geographically there is the highest crime rates documented? Where are the most excessive force complaints filed against the police? Where is the highest number of enrolled recipients concentrated at, who are receiving government social services, for housing, food, and medicine? Because of this, all who are produced from this has been assigned a specific social-class status here in the U.S. Being socialized and guided towards another subterranean underground, unrecognized and unofficial society. One which has seen an explosion in population, all across the U.S. Officially called the "American Penal System," unofficially called America's "Cell Block Society." Think of it, as the place where the official society, and larger populated, legitimate and recognizes society, has constructed and designated to be the official social-waste disposal system. Where all of the citizens who prove to be psychologically broken, traumatized, and mentally-unstable, unfit to survive the inhospitable, wretched, suffocating pressures of sun-society's low income, government-subsidized, predatory environment, are sent, mentally-ill, and no where else to live. They are steered into the status quo's penal-system. Where they are converted into a state tax revenue dependent, joined together with the rest of us, who have succumbed to the mounting social economic, and other pressures. Trying to cope with desperation, familial demand, and other dysfunctions, having no employable skills, often illiterate, we are driven towards the most readily and always convenient, well "baited" and cleverly placed traps. Where we are sure to gravitate towards scavenging to survive. Adopting a survival of the fittest kind of mentality, becoming more and more sociopathic by the day, developing our predatory behavior as we go. Until we finally find ourselves ensnared in one of these elaborately designed, well camouflaged social-snares. Once trapped, labelled with a tag and tracking drive, systematically disposed of, separated from the larger society, thrown into the criminal injustice system, eventually into the penal system, what is another society in itself altogether, where, we all meet up again. This time inside the status-quo's other separate society or it's trapped predator's society, a guaranteed income source, profit producing shares, for their prison industrial complex, and shareholders. Once landing our feet here on the inside of these tall, electrified, razor wire fences, we are very quickly reminded of the fact, we no longer have to content with the pressures of one society, but still are contending with a whole different kind of society pressure thats altogether different from any other we know of. Because ere inside this one, the entire population is made up of sociopaths, predators, and the likes, where a count-culture society has organically formulated, given what professional sociologists define as society's. This definitely qualifies as one. Although illegitimate and unofficial by status quo standards to be recognizes as a society. One who unfortunately lands here becomes socialized into another alien environment altogether, one that's constructed by the state, policed by the state, yet the population being completely composed of all society's socially illiterate, mentally ill, chemically dependent, homicidal, suicidal, kleptomaniacs, burglars, and kidnappers, sexual deviant and predators of every kind, who are all concentrated together on the side of the razor wire fences. Having formulated a social class structure system of our very own. Just like the "ghettos" have done in civil society, in order to exercise some levels of control over the environment and its scarce resources. So have we, motivated out of basic human instincts for survival. Our natural human needs to protect ourselves, from threats and dangers, became the reason to form our own armed forces, and standing military's, with an organized chain of command and disciplined, well-trained, vanguard cadre's. Along with a thoroughly vetted, self-educated, charismatic leadership, chosen to steer the cell dweller population along through a governing system. One that had been hammered out and constructed years ago, decades back, by the early cell dwellers who experimented with several different political systems and governing laws before finally reaching a set of laws and rules that each and every political and racial group, could compromise with and agree to abide by. Through an unwritten contract it became official. This establish a majority rule to reduce constant ongoing conflict and was between separate, opposing cell dweller racial groups, with vying for dominance as opposing, political beliefs, and philosophical views just allowing for effective government to resolve disputes and arguments, this soon led to clearing a way for basic exchanges of contraband goods and services, between opposing groups, deals were to become a common occurrence. Which set up the framework for an economic system to thrive as well. Strict adherence to the Cell Block Society's governing laws proved to work, for all cell dwellers living in this unofficial, illegitimate underground society. However, it should be of no surprise that once state authority's discovered how cell dwellers learned how to manage ourselves, govern ourselves and mete-our own undesirables or mete out those proven to have violated the laws of Cell Block Society, who are then disciplined with extreme prejudice. The state became inherently threatened by this, extremely troubled by the fact. What the state had constructed as a tool of oppression and "strict" control and "containment," to degrade and demoralize a specific segment of their social class system. Those who have been disposed of and "tagged" losers have somehow adapted to the oppressive, inhumane and unnatural living environment. Dramatically shifting everything to our control. Turning the violence, trauma, dysfunction into usable resources that can be tapped into and manipulated into a meaningful supply, given a value. In attempts to gain a sense of power, aspiring to become more than what the state has relegated us to be, and tagged us as, some of those being disposed of in here, discover themselves here, and see this as an opportunity. Many decide to increase their knowledge, heighten their understand about themselves, their lives, and how this entire world really works. Learning about their relationship with the planet, developing a relationship with books inside here. Unfortunately, not every cell dweller is equal, so we don't have equal abilities, some or should I say many have learning disabilities, illiterate, or just simply don't have any desire to learn at all, who are ultimately left to be exploited, taken advantage of, manipulated and preyed upon by the predatorily hierarchy, and their initiates, who have studied statecraft extensively, educated themselves thoroughly on the art of rhetoric, racial propaganda and invest thousands of hours into sociology, psychology, political science, and human behavior. Like the historical political philosopher and author of the famous work "Leviathan" a must read for all cell dwellers ascending to the Cell Block Society's all powerful government, hierarchy. Being in here, forced to co-exist in such closed, contained environment crowded together with such unpredictable, hostile, predatory alpha males, one can see quickly that life inside here, without government, would become a state of human nature, where without agreed upon enforceable rules, created by us, cell dwellers, would live like we are inside an animal kingdom. Poaching, foraging for resources, stealing, killing each other and even rape'n the weaker off. In order to tame these horrifying predatory natures to at least, a sustainable level, I would argue, along with many of my fellow "Cell Block Society" government constituents, with state prison officials, that "social predators" even after society has disposed of them here, they too must still be persuaded by coercion to submit themselves over to an even more powerful force, that is credible and fair, ensuring protecting and support, to each who does. But state authorities insist that we are an illegitimate government that is only in existence to act as an intimidation force, that uses its own influence to "extort," "threaten," "coerce" the uninitiated into submission and collusion to support and participate in a much larger and expanding Criminal Syndicate Enterprises. So, we've been given a designated, validation of security threat groups of (STG's) according to the state prison officials, which has been created as a legal maneuver to systematically identify those of us who are recognized "validated" ranking members of the "Cell Block Society" government, it's vanguard cadre or associates. Authorization for immediate removal from open general population is certain. Transfer into level V maximum security housing is imminent, 23 hours a day confinement. Entombed to an 8x10 cases separated from every other cell dweller's, absolutely zero contact with another human, all means of communications heavily monitored and censored. Phone calls closely screened, mail closely inspected. Such has been the conditions for myself and several other comrades for quite a while now. This form of confinement is being used to dismantle destabilize prisoner leadership structures statewide in all the institutions. Becoming increasingly common occurrences, more and more, as a torture device to create a "psychologically" tightening effect on our minds subjecting us to prolonged periods of isolation, employing behavior modification techniques, surprise strip-searches, random cell inspections to keep us in line, staggered feeding times, to confuse us and, sensory deprivation. I've had to listen to men slide into mental depression, despair, anxiety, rage and claustrophobia, psychosis, men who have even slipped into deep psychological hallucinations, losing impulse control and struggle daily to concentrate on one thing, having an impaired ability to think. Not all of us, who are sent here are able to endure the devastating effects of extended periods of time in isolation cells. One can even become delusional with paranoia, frightened of what will happen to us, should we become ill while we are isolated back here. Many of my closest comrades have committee suicide back here choosing to take their own lives oppose to, psychological torture. This development has in turn made the entire "Cell Block Society" more vulnerable to government in-fighting, power-struggles, racial-rioting and a breakdown of order and control out there on the open-yards. Board of governors are no longer being vetted, chain of command rank is not appointed by protocol anymore, but through favoritism and "opportunism." Leading to all kinds of miscalculations, abandonment or duties and "zero" accountability. Making prisons authorities feel less threatened. As they use the "STG" label to get the real leadership into these torture chambers. Their use of the "gang" label by the prison authorities, is obviously fraught with racial bias. While at the same time, white supremacists hate groups rarely get labelled as gangs or transferred here as security threat groups. While I'm not denying the fact that many of us have deep history's in the street corner criminal gangs outside of here, and we depend on those same connections and ties behind these fences and walls, in order to strengthen our credibility and influence to achieve political goals and aspirations inside here. Increasing our status and giving us a measure of security and grow connection in a dangerous, violent and predatory environment. At the same time, yes in-fact we do frequently engage in illegitimate activity, controlling smuggling routes to introduce contraband into the cell blocks, controlling the distribution of contraband, and revenues generated from it. Setting up vast communication networks using contraband cell-phones, corrupting prison guards through bribery, often having to display violent criminal actions to terrorize our own community's to enforce rules and maintain control, which can be challenging to prison authorities to control. So they set-out to develop ways to limit our activity's. Although we don't glorify or promote criminal activity's nor do we condone violence. Because of our population being who they are, unfortunately violence becomes the necessary evil here to gain any respect. From the populace, many of us who have exclusive access inside of the Cell Block government, have made a personal commitment to ourselves and our community's, working with the street corner gangs and with the youth, trying to help them to transform themselves into community organizations with a legitimate cause to create social movements for social change, mentoring them on how to use their power to make a difference showing them how to counter their gravest problems, created by deepened inherited poverty and lack of education, many of us have been developing new models, of community accountability and new approaches to reducing gun-violence in the streets, ourselves. Oppose to waiting for others to do it for us. Which will most likely come in the form of incarceration adding more of us to these "cell blocks." Where we eventually become essentially socialized to live inside these state constructed criminally governed institutions. Never getting desocialized of our programming we are released back to intolerant, unforgiving "civil-society." Facing a constant struggle to find employment and legal means of income. While being discriminated against and passed over because of our past criminal history's. Past history's which deny us opportunity's in our futures. Becoming another discarded individual citizen amongst the other millions who come out of Cell Block Society with a permanent label. Allowed to interact freely amongst larger, legitimate civil-society. However being subdued and held back by unseen restrictions and invisible life sentences of limited options and contained potential. The status quo's civil disability laws were developed and written specifically for this. To maintain an underclass social-status of disposable citizens that is kept unequal in every sense compared to the other population. These civil disability laws aren't written into the criminal statuses, but are found in business codes and professional trade codes. They are created for the specific purpose to limit those of us with criminal convictions from being allowed to participate in specific occupations, professions and trades. Their objective is to limit the competition, so despite our seeming to look as if we are free of the "Cell Blocks." It is only in appearance that we are free, not actually in reality. So, what is an ex-con to do? Stay quiet and endure suffering? Wait around and pray for the laws to change? Be satisfied and content with whatever we can find? Unfortunately for me and millions others who, like myself, embrace the most convenient and readily available alternatives around us, which is crime, the quickest, and nearest option for all us. Especially following rejection from civil society, we take on the mindset of an angry rebel who's out to get retribution against society's status quo, sabotaging ourselves to come right back again and again. Re-ensuring the popular belief that we all belong inside of here. Today a real effort is underway by the all too familiar elite social-class status quo, to label and track all of us with a radio frequency identification monitoring "micro chip," or (RFID). All of us who are now validated "STG" gang members have been added to a national database for known gang members, to ensure that we are designated as possible "domestic terrorists." On Sept. 11th, 2011, this was the day America's ruling elite ushered in its newest and highest level of controls yet, for a "free" society. A new phrase had been introduced to our daily lexicon, "Homeland Security," which only had bounced inside government think tank's at one time. Now it's a common term we see and hear daily. The same goes for the term "terrorists," and "terror attacks," even "terror threat." State and federal authorities have now gotten everyone acquainted with the "terrorism" scare. Now, they are taking dramatic measures to add certain crimes and certain kinds of criminals to their Homeland Security "terrorist" tracking lists. This is only the beginning of what's to come. As they plan to use these fear tactics of eminent danger and terror threats to manipulate the public and U.S. population into a level of fear, enough that they would willingly surrender their constitutional rights over, giving up their own "freedom," for "protection" in exchange. Protection from who? From what? Unwittingly moving this country closer towards a police state. Using manufactured threats and fears, to persuade the population into routine curfews, blockades, home searchers, good being rationed-out, water supplies restricted etc. We, will be seeing an increase in police-military training exercises playing out in the streets soon. See: (Judehelm.gov.org), See: (Patriotic.gov.org). Under the term "terrorism," they will justify everything, to usher in their new plans for martial law. "Terrorism" is an ambiguous faceless, nameless adversary, because the perpetrators of it can be anyone. U.S. political dissidents or simple criminals, whoever police want to eliminate. Thomas Jefferson once said "when people fear their government there is tyranny, when their government fears the people, there is freedom." Being a staunch believer in this ideology, I've dedicated many years of this 21 year prison sentence trying to get myself prepared for whats coming in the near future. Particularly the changes that we see occurring in the ways that we will be identifying ourselves, declaring who we are as U.S. citizens. For instance, 9/11 has given us the national "Real I.D. Act" which is the national standard for all states to follow when issuing state drivers licenses, I.D.'s etc. Under federal mandate called "Secure I.D." spurred by the status quo to create a more connected database that can bring everything about a persons entire life into one form of I.D.. Medical history, finances, criminal, employment and even credit. Again, all for our own protection of course. This is now already in motion, all 50 states must be in compliance no later than 2021. Around the time I'm scheduled for release. I've already said why I've come to have a serious distrust for our government's intentions and plans for America's population regarding the social class structure. And I'm not about to just follow the other herd to my own slaughter, without attempting self preservation, self-governance, requiring a lot of self-education to rise to the occasion. So, I follow up with deep research and track all developments, who would argue that we are now moving towards a "cashless" economy, no more paper to tender our transactions. Now, we see technology being introduced allowing transactions to be tendered at the "tap" of our smart phone, to "lift" digital payment. Soon, if you don't have this technology then you won't be able to tender any transactions. "Cash" simply will become obsolete. Shifting each and every transaction to a controlled, monitored database. So, then when you disobey the authorities, disappoint a creditor your ability to buy or sell will be unplugged from the system. So, how do you function after you're disconnected? People don't see this for what it actually relays, "a prison." Because, they can't see the walls. Once everyone comes through these here prison doors they are issued a unique number that connects them to a database of criminal records, and their entire criminal past, with no escaping it. There's no difference when the government demands all citizens take a single number that connects them to their educations past, medical, credit, taxes, and financial status, with just a single number, with no escape either. Sadly, most of the population see nothing wrong with us being forced, to acquire this new secure I.D. There will always be nieve gullible and mindless sheep that will always follow along and avoid asking questions. But those wolves who are lurking and observing in the cult, can see past the "elaborate" disguise. We, can see the implicit threats to our freedoms, shifting everything over, to computerized central identity databanks. Which will become conveniently used for insurance company's, banks and creditors, hospitals, surveillance and eventually another tool for "social-control" and assigning "social-class" status. I've researched, very intensely all of their new rules for these government-issued I.D.'s and have uncovered strategic clever ways to legally create new official forms of I.D. for myself to have a new start in life. Providing them with the documents they want, in order to get the documents I want. I think it would be an injustice to exclude honorable mention of my most influential, distinguished and proven decorated mentors that I've had the great privilege and honor of meeting, through their writings. Those whom I've studied under and would like to point to as having the most profound impact on my theory's and philosophy's explored in this writing. The principle theoretician and mentor who is responsible for taking-off my blind fold and leading me to the light is the late great Cell Block Society architect George L. Jackson "The Dragon" who's written works "Soledad Brother" and "Blood in my Eye" became my "awakening" to see, with my minds eye. Before him, I had only been seeing life and this world through my visual eyesight. Through the Dragon's writings I was able to meet another esteemed distinguished mentor of mine that led me out of the darkness using the torch that George had lit for me, after he removed my blindfold. Dr. Sundiata-Acoli, who wrote "Sunviews," picked up where George left off. Mumif Abu Jamar who wrote "Live From Death row." Then: Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Sekow Udines, Geronimo Pratt "Jidass" Huey P. Newton, Sekow Toure, George Washington Carver, Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglass, Ms. Elaine Brown, Ms. Angela Davis and Joanne Chesimard "assata," these were the mentors who shaped my philosophy about political thought, government and social ideas. Most recently I've had the honor and privilege of studying under Dr. Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson, and now since 2010 I've been introduced to a very compelling theory and appealing ideology that's altogether compatible with all of my earlier lessons, only these mentors are able to join everything from the past ideology with the current, updated and modern relevance. Dr. Roxanne Meadows of "the Venus Project," with Jordan Maxwell and Jacque Freson, all of which have captured my attention with their works on the venus project and the Zeitgeist Movement. I write my essay's while caged inside an 8x10 cement "tomb" that was constructed to bury my human spirit and suffocate life from all who unfortunately find themselves entombed here. Writing is my personal form of therapy to help me cope with these psychologically suffocating circumstances. I'm not expecting anyone who reads my writings to accept any of my theory's, or claims on their face value; every one of my essay's have been written with the general reader in mind. I'm only providing an ideal introduction into the mind of a solitary man, who's removed from the rest of society to do introspection, and rightfully so, due to my actions against the innocent general public, and the effect those actions have had on them. There should be accountability for all of our actions, I truly believe this. not only for those of use who are common, poor everyday citizens who don't possess wealth or privilege. But, I'm sending out a call to action. That is trying to get those possessing the power, wealth, privilege, and status in the U.S. to come forward and do the same, as they too expect of the underclass. As they use their unlimited access to global resources, and media to promote their own ideology's and beliefs about what's best for everyone else. I'm left with only a pen or pencil a few sheets of paper, limited to a small cramped cell, and my personal thoughts, ideas and theory's. With the help of some very open-minded and free-thinking volunteers at American Prison Writing Archive, who make no endorsement for, or against my ideas and theories, one way or another. Only seeing that I've got an opportunity to say them, to a wider audience. For that I'm forever in debt to them and very appreciative of them. This writing offers me a small porthole in my tomb to look outside, having something to look forward to keeps the human spirit from withering away inside of here and succumbing to death's awaiting arms. I do my best to provide accurate and concise information even the sources to verify my claims. Hopefully America will find my writings both easy to comprehend and thought provoking, the cell dweller journalist "it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought, without accepting it" Aristotle. 384-322 BC. Part II It's difficult to describe the impact of living inside these Cell Block Society's without touching on subject matter that essentially has been well hidden and tightly guarded, strongly protected and concealed away from the general public's eyes and ear's for decades now. So, I'm hesitant to even move forward in this writing endeavor to offer my perspectives and positions about the overall view of America's penal system, and its impact on my life particularly, knowing that in order to have any real meaningful serious function that will effectively have a distinct influence in educating the general public, than I've got to explore the rawest form of truth that's possible. A truth reflected in the daily activities of the cell dwellers who populate these Cell Block Society's. In order to make these writings relevant and credible, I do not have to implicate other cell dwellers or name names in order to add value or prestige to my work. I've decided against using others names to strengthen my theories, opinions and claims here, for which I have no right to through my pencil and paper, I only seek to give the readers another direction to look at, another "area of focus," to examine. Most importantly, emphasizing the fundamentals of learning to be good leaders in our own family's, in our neighborhoods and our communities. Or, risk the possibility of others exploiting us, our family's and our community's for their own selfish gains, something that, I had to unfortunately learn the hard way. Having no other credible, healthy, good leadership around me, I succumbed to the influences all around me, being reduced to "gangsterism" and "criminality." Instead of being taught how to embrace humanity, respect-self, and respect others, create goals and reach for them. Establish a personal code of conduct for oneself, that's disciplined and dignified. Instead, I was led by the American "pop-culture," obsessive about brand name's, materialism and status, which started out early on for me. I didn't know that I was being "socialized" into consumerism, at such an early age. "Colonized" by the social-elite, to continue buy-in more and more, but "producing" nothing of my own. This is the result of failed leadership in my family structure, an indictment of failed leadership, in my new Afrikan communist as well. Because, they're weren't any around, the underdeveloped, low income, poverty ridden oppressed communities in the city of San Bernardino, Cal where I grew up at, in the 70's and 80's. Eventually, my obsessions became the priorities in my life, making me another misguided stooge for the imperialist social-elite and corporate machine. Landing me inside these cell blocks very early in my life. Where I began to experience psychological changes, that made it easier for me to adapt to this kind of inhumane, unnatural, oppressive living environment. Something that I write in-depth about, regarding my socialization into prison-living. Becoming mentally detached from the "outside society" and more socially adapted to this "institutional" society, after being locked up inside them for so many years. This is what I've been driven to write about, how it's effected my life personally. The ongoing changes that I've experienced over my 24 years of confinement inside of these institutions. Engaged in a self-educational journey, a crash course into manhood. Maturity and human responsibility. Writing this book I say "writing" because even if this "book" were to ever get published, it still wouldn't be a finished product. Because it's an ongoing product. As undertaking that won't be completed until my own family members, and kids are finally aware and consciously educated as to who I once was. How I became that person, what drove me to change, how I set put to achieve the necessary changes, and who I am today, as a direct result of it. My writings are "installments" that will make up my "manifesto" since my family and kids haven't had the chance to get to know me in-person because of my life choices, keeping me here, locked up with the rest of society's unemployable, illiterate, despised, and misunderstood. This is becoming more than just a book. This is what I hope to be about inspiration and motivation, encased inside pages. So that once these words are finally read by my family members, my kids and my homegirls and homeboy's who know who they are, my words act as incantations which empower them and other readers too. To incarnate "raw" determination and ambition to pursue their goals. To show them that, no situation will change unless they change it otherwise nothing will ever change except for their situations becoming worse. If they too begin making conscious, informed, nuanced, choices. I know that they will cause their own personal and collective realities, to transform and advance themselves in ways to be eloquent, sound highly intelligent or produce some aesthetic masterpiece. I'm not worried about my chapters being properly organized with correct sentence structuring, or if my punctuation is all on point, or not. However I'd like all of my readers to please keep in mind that I am only the ambassador of a long established tradition of other's who came before me becoming unique and distinguished, prison writers and published authors, who like myself, discovered themselves while inside these cages, who also set out to create a new better legacy for themselves, and expand their world view as a whole and their social-awareness too, in a way that others before them and in contemporary times shared and lived. There are times when I present ideas in my writings that haven't been considered for millennia, or ever. Other times I'll be breathing new life into some plausible, sound theories of others, that have since been forgotten, ignored or distorted. I'm one who considers them all one and the same in my eyes. Because I have zero interests at all in receiving credit for anything, or re-inventing the wheel. My only interest's is that we as a new Afrikan's colonized here in America, at some point, either here in prison cells or out there in civil society begin to experiment with, explore and apply the ideas and theories, suggested in these pages. That we remind ourselves, awaken other's, that we get hungry for change, and start to "think" through varied lenses. That's why calling this work a book would be limiting it's purpose and potential, such cause's as this have had many, many of books written on these issues and ideas, even many of speeches to deliver them. I've personally read hundreds of them, with property boxes under my bunk, full of them. I'm not just consolidating all of their messages and insights into my own words, that you're reading now. Our vision and intent is for these writings to become a "social-project," for a "social movement." You will notice that I often use the word "our" a lot. Because as I mentioned earlier I am only the ambassador of ideas and legacy, that has been handed down to me, from other's. Including the many cell dwellers in captivity who also have contributed to my knowledge, personal development, and political views. Many of whom have organized classes together with me, we've mentored to one another, formed group-discussions, think-tanks, and exchanged literature. Through these efforts we have used both personal and collective realities to even transform and advance our situations in ways we never imagined possible, reacting meaningful goals, together, and as individuals. Learning how new African leadership doesn't have to be about "handing down a bunch of rules and regulations, by laws constitutions, and codes of conduct, any group can do that." However, as I've seen first hand, eventually it stir's contempt and breed's disloyalty, lack of trust and desertion of ranks. I've had to learn, through a "crash-course" lesson, that credible honest, leadership doesn't seek to use it's authority or status to exploit it's disciples. Leadership is, the ability to inspire others, show others how to tap into their own worth and potential. Leader's attract others to causes that are bigger than themselves, and fulfill something inside of them that no amount of money or material possessions can fulfill. Something I'm saddened about, knowing I've missed the chance to be there and teach these ideas to my own kids, as a father should. I've got several nieces and nephews that I've not been involved in their lives either, because of my life choices landing me here. But, I'm ready now, to set another example for all of them and put them first this time, showing them how to become the embodiment of higher idea's, innovation and success, eliminating any possibility of them succumbing to the many, types of social-economic pressures of society today, showing them how to overcome their obstacles in life, by thinking their way through them oppose to reacting to them. Making sure that they understand the difference's. Making sure that they know the histories of all the various struggles, social-movements, and charismatic leaders of the past, and explain how, after all of them. Much of the wrong's back then, are still wrong in this day, and why that is. I look forward to the next opportunity that I have, to teach my kinfolks, nieces, nephews, and my own kids, how they are the future, they have to revolutionize their own capacities to think and sort-out their problems, exposing them to different ways that they can navigate themselves through the coming changes that are going to transform life as we know it. My closest loved ones and kids have to be made aware of these coming new realities, the serious extreme harshness they are going to bring. I'm hoping that I can make it out, outta here, in time to help them face all of the coming various challenges ahead. No one else will guide them, or teach them how to prepare for the challenges ahead, the way I will, showing them how to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, then make an effort to shore them up. For us to approach these coming tests and challenges with full confidence in what we do, I first have to gain the confidence and trust of my kids and nieces/nephews, who have not had time to get acquainted with me, at all. Sadly, I've missed-out on the entire childhood years while I sat inside cages that are like this one. Making progress in this area, will have to start out as they are teenagers and young adults. I expect there to be some hesitation and in-trepidation on their part at-first. Letting down their guard, gaining their trust won't come instantaneously, or overnight. I will have to build trust over time, proving myself to be worthy and credible. I'm sure at first it will be a bumpy, jagged and crooked road, before we reach full-trust and confidence, and more importantly "loyalty." Something that is rarely found nowadays. My past was riddled with "immature," "irresponsible" and "impulse" decision-making, as I was a lost, reckless, misguided, misunderstood new Afrikan youth, who had been colonized into a dysfunctional lower social-class structure, feeling powerless, lost, and insecure, I like many other delinquent young black males do set-out to be promiscuous and highly sexually active to overcompensate for our deeper inner-feelings of inadequacies and this results in several unplanned pregnancies and leaving young single mothers out there all alone, left to struggle and raise our babies all alone, feeling abandoned, unwanted, unloved and burdened by mounting expenses, limited support and scarce resources, consequences of being stripped of what our original Afrikan culture teachers its men, starting at a very early age, we are mentored, taken through a rights of passage as we enter young Afrikan manhood. But this was take away from our culture as we were separated from our traditions, customs and native culture; leaving us to find a way for survival, here. Over the passing of hundreds and hundreds of years, we can see today that "uneducated," ghetto dwelling lower social class black males, out there in them streets and even inside these cell blocks, are now, men of confusion, facing hostile environments daily. Attracting the hostilities of American society, the police force, and the social-elite. We are targeted by everyone we are constantly told that we are violent and animalistic, we are told that we are inferior males, because of our lack of ability to produce. As young men, we often find ourselves without the things that bring status in America's pop-culture, we lack those material thing's we see, that bring respect, and a feeling of worthiness. We look around us, and we don't se the few responsible back men whoa re out providing for their kid getting status or respect like they should be, it's the "dope man," the "gangster" who;s looked upon with admiration and respect, instead of the black man who's working two jobs to provide for his kids and attend classes at night in order to acquire the skills needed to make a better life for himself his family, manipulating his social status and environment to his favor. Instead of being the one, who is manipulated by their social status and environment, like I had been for most of my life. Something that I've come to feel ashamed about and even embarrassed for today. After year's inside this institution, having time alone to reflect on all of this and deconstructing this mistaken failed way of thinking. Rebuilding myself, and my old dysfunctional mindset, I've since retrained myself towards ambition and willpower. Liberating myself from the imaginary fantasy-world of having thing's, stuff, object's, material possession's that we really do not need. Breaking away from the obsessive need to feel a sense of status. Going back to the basics, to become the one and only, sole master of my universe. Where I've been learning to be the sole master of my own faculties, learning how to analyze my own problems, evaluate conditions, while cooperating with others, sacrificing selfish desires, in order to reach the bigger picture. Let me be clear, I'm not another "penitentiary" scholar who has found the "light" so to speak and then they somehow lost it once they are released, going right back to the same old things, like those who only use the Bible or read books just to keep themselves busy, and pass their time inside, with no real plan's to change. I honestly have no more inclinations towards criminal behaviors. I don't have any more desire or aspirations to belong to any street gang, or prison organizations. My loyalty is no longer sworn to any such criminal or prison revolutionary dissident affiliations. Today I'm loyal to a higher elevation of ideas, principles, and values. Believing wholeheartedly, if steadfastly adhered to, pursued and committed to. Eventually I will create much better outcomes in my life, then the past outcomes I've seen. I will produce outcomes that satisfy my personalized master plan and blueprint for my future. My goals, needs, and interests will be met. Unfortunately it's taken me over half of my life to finally get here, to see that eventually sooner or later those we choose in that whole criminal street hustle, gang's, prison organization's, to come first, over our own kids and family's, they all will soon disappoint, betray, fail, change and abandoned us. However, principals, and personal laws, values, and ideas don't change instantly like people do. I've had the time it takes to develop the capacity to think and create for myself, as an individual, taking heed to lessons that have been passed along to me, from mentor's. I discovered ways how to transform this oppressive, psychological torture chamber, into a place to heighten my understanding of self, and my entire surroundings, while adapting to the most mentally challenging extreme test's imaginable. Entombed inside of an 8x10 cement windowless sarcophagus. Diligently pursuing knowledge, and education believing in my heart the whole time that in-fact, school is, where we make it. School doesn't have to be one sanctioned by the status quo first, before it's legitimized to "teach" or people can "learn." We need only the hunger, the desire and passion to learn and education will occur, no matter our whereabouts or our circumstances, conditions, or environment. Like this one, where I'm embarrassed to admit that, adult males who have the audacity to call themselves AZ. Azteca warriors or "Mexica" even hijacking the California prison moniker's Mexican mafia even Aryan brotherhood, they resort to throwing feces and urine through their perforated doors and screaming, at the top of their lungs, trading-off all of their personal property, T.V.'s, tape players, faces, etc. etc. Just to score a "fix of heroin or meth to inject themselves with, spending money that their own families have sacrificed to support them will through this struggle, and they use their own family's have hard earned money to maintain their drug dependency, while keeping the illegal contraband prison-economy well-funded. All of which leads to even more desperation, suffering, torment and increasing hostilities as the prison organizations all clamor for control of the prison-economy, which, leads to more racial-riot's, and "overdosed" prisoner's carried out atop of stretcher's, more mental anguish and misery, deep depression and men reaching their "breaking-point." I witness men, developing drug habits gradually building up their tolerance levels that require more and more of these drugs, finally to the levels where they get themselves into a "credit line" with the distributors, running up credit bills that they cannot sustain so they voluntarily go into protective custody as a way to seek safety and find protection from those whom which they are indebted to. And many of these cases, they must disclose everything they know about their particular prison organization, their hierarchy and drug operation to authorities before they can be admitted into the P.C. program. This now becoming, so frequent, there is no more available bed space housing to accept P.C. prisoners. Authorities have now essentially turned away prisoners who are trying to get into protective custody, due to P.C. housing shortages, inside Arizona's Dept. of Corrections. This has now reached such crisis levels here inside Arizona's state prison system that prison authorities have been forced to take protective custody prisoners off one general population yard and transfer them around to be mixed together with other general population prisoners where they bend in until all of their past comes catching up with them. Which happens often, so these prisoners are constantly moving from one institution to the next, to stay alive. "If these walls could talk" the stories they could tell. Odds are they would speak about the ongoing secretive hidden, "homosexuality" being played-out inside these walls, men passed around as "sex-slaves" in the dark, those who prove to be passive, effeminate or timid, are targeted by the dominant, alpha male population whenever cornered alone or in a cell with males that entertain these "homosexual" urges, then they become the "prey" who are coerced and intimidated into performing sexual favor's, secretly at first. Then, eventually this becomes who they are, their identity. Spending their remaining time here as indentured servant's, and sex-slaves, for the other alpha-male population that indulge in this "homosexual" activity. But, still do not consider themselves to be "homosexuals" at all, a fact which I find to be quite a disturbing contradiction. I personally do not subscribe to any kinds of male on male sex, whatsoever, not that I'm homophobic or harbor any contempt towards those who are into that. I'm simply not sexually aroused or attracted to males in any way whatsoever. My lengthy period of time spent here confined to a prison, the circumstances of my living environment doesn't change the fact. Sexually, I don't relate to males. I embrace my heterosexuality and have actually been quite fortunate in my pursuits after the opposite sex here that come here to visit me on occasion, and quite honestly there have been a few occasions when female staff members even given in, to my persuasive charms, arranging for our bodies to meet, on several "secretive" rendezvous. One in particular which lasted 7 mos. Before out last rendezvous was ended abruptly with a sudden interruption, by prison guards barging into a file room on us, acting on a "tip" by another prisoner (confidential informant). Finding me and her having intercourse with me in possession of a "cell phone" and "drugs" packaged for sales; terminating her employment immediately, while triggering a much intense and thorough investigation into my background and my activities, within the institutions wall's and beyond. As authority's set out to build a case against me, to formally indict me and prosecute me. Using intel collected by prison investigators, that confidential informations CI's provided. They formulated a formal "disciplinary" case to designate me as a validated prison gang member warranting my immediate transfer to a super max unit, "STE" housing. High security, 23 hours a day confined to a cell, for a minimum of a mandatory two year stay, before consideration to be transferred is even looked at, by prison administrators. Due to these circumstances taking place within the prisoner social-class structure, all of the known established cell dweller government's and their hierarchal ranks have been forced to go into hiding underground, using elaborately camouflaged decoy's and red herring's to throw-off their scent and escape prison authorities detection, and avoid getting ensnared by their many well placed traps, many have already begun to restructure themselves, deconstructing their old models, upgrading to a completely different way of doing their "day to day" operations. Knowing that those initiates who have deserted, and defected to protective custody, into the awaiting arms of prison administration, have also passed on the most vital and sensitive of intel, about the inner-workings and "formal" structure of the Cell Block Society government, economics, and supply chains. Essentially handing over the "preverbal" playbook to the other "opposing" team. However, the essence of conflict between the prison administration and the prisoner populace will always be a perpetual, on-going and timeless one, which demands for any general or commander of his cadre to know that his means and methods used in steering his soldier's, have to continuously evolve, in order to stay one step ahead. I herewith present an obsolete, yet tested and proven 30 year old strategy of defense, that's already been replaced, by another one. Sun Tzu is known to have said "if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy for each victory gained you will also suffer a defect. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, then you will succumb in every battle." Part III The internal working's of any prisoner structured organization is very similar to those found in fortune 500 corporations or conventional military. And usually follow standardizes procedures and processes, that have been written and designed to ensure normative behavior among initiates. Consequently, direct control measures can be used to solve most problems because, those problems can be anticipated fairly well, if the variables and boundaries are well-defined. When prison administrators have all of the schematics and strategic foundation for the present and future plans. This obviously leverages all of the advantages in their hands. Success of any kind is highly unlikely, after that. Leaving the prison gangs reduced to desperation and on their hands and knees groping around in the dark, feeling around for any signs of something they can use for a "tool." As a prisoner who has held high-ranking positions of authority before inside of this cell block government hierarchy, I've seen the side of defeat of diminished capacity, crumbling under the proactive and aggressive effort's by the state, to suffocate, strangle, and squeeze the last breath out of their bodies. Leaving them to only "react." Reacting as a strategy may temporarily stave-off and prevent defeat. But it rarely will deliver a victory, this has left Arizona's Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood and new Afrikan Republic, in a downward slide of disorientation, internal conflict, and failing leadership, greatly reducing their authority and their effectiveness, causing them to split into separate camps, blaming each other, and pointing fingers, amidst their crisis, such level of disharmony will lead them into total disaster. As any will come to the realization as I myself have done. They too have nothing to show for all of their sacrifices made on behalf of the group's they belong to, they are left with nothing, for their "risk" taking efforts or dedicated time in service to their groups pursuits. Having only their memories and experiences to account for their life of crime. No formal education in government politics, business, economics, or sociology. They will always be left behind, stranded, and stuck in the dark, on the ground fumbling around for any signs of useful objects without any light, to help guide themselves along. I'm no longer of this mindset. I've come out of that dark cave and set my feet on solid ground. Having learned the hard way that, belief in these mistaken ideas and erroneous organizations, will sooner or later prove to be our downfall, from arts of betrayal or exploitation using us, and our talents till we are no more of any value, to the organizations interests. All in all it took someone from my own chain of command to inform prison authorities about my activities involving the female staff member, for it was not a "public" knowledge on display for all to see. In fact, it was something highly controlled, well choreographed and kept hidden away. So much so, that one exposed, there was complete shock throughout the institution. Only at the hierarchal level did the organization know of my so called "redenzvous," whom they were with, and the specific times and locations, they were planned. This was not the first time people inside of my own group had betrayed me it's happened to me before, however it will be the last I've announced my official notice of resignation to the remaining rank and file commander's. Which has expectedly been receive with great contempt, and immediate reaction, and swift response. Once chapter has ended and another one began, for me. Closing one door and opening another. The only condition is to never implicate anyone, or disclose any secrets about behind closed doors inner-workings, my comrades know that I'm no threat to them due to the fact I'm not renouncing because of any pressures being applied against me by authorities, I've already taken all of the judicial and institutional sanctions facing me. My consequences have been accepted and meted-out. I never tried to seek any easy-way out, of that situation. My decision to renounce my affiliations have been something that's been on my mind for quite some time now. However, this act of betrayal was the last straw, that helped me to make the final decision, and enough to make me desire a new start. While leaving the prison government behind, I take new Afrikan Republic ideology, theories and philosophy with me, everywhere I go. Which are not responsible for the corrupted, deceitful and deviant actions of those who use, republic of new Afrika as their premise to attract conscious, and socially aware black prisoners to their cause, having malice in their heart the entire time. The Republic of New Afrika is a much bigger and credible movement, no one state prison stakes claim over it, or has authority to own it. Therefore, the actions of a few, "bad apples" have no impact on the whole overall RNA. There is a lot of work to be done outside of here as well. There's no time to waste, we must ask ourselves, what have we done to ensure and see to it that our own family will be safe, protected, and educated about what to do. Because in truth the revolution is underway not tomorrow or in the distant future, but right now. The international financiers, bankers, and rich global elite social-class, have begun to usher- in the new world order, changing society as we know it, engineering horrific acts of terror against the American general-public, blaming Islamic jihadist for these acts to speed up the fear tactic's they need in order to implement their strategies, pass sweeping laws, persuading the public to voluntarily give up their own freedoms in exchange for more police and para-military protection. The police state is officially in the works, martial-law is showing it's ugly head everywhere. We will have our entire lives monitored very soon, surveillance cameras will be mounted everywhere we look, they will be equipped with "facial" recognition software, and capture all of our identities by simply walking past them, now police body camera's, license plate readers, etc. etc. Privacy will be obsolete, look at the news, "the world" is on fire. Countries are at war, entire economies have been afflicted by recession, extreme weather pattern changes, rising sea levels. It's time I start to focus my attention on these issues and how to prepare my kids and family members, for these coming changes. Steering them towards the best support and organized movements out there during my absence. If they contact the zeitgeist movement.com and the venusproject.com they will have a fighting chance, to get a sneak peak at some of the future police martial-law tactics planned militarized curfew zones and practice exercises search wikipedia/judehelm. for more info. I would like to dedicate this writing to the following, as my invitation to them, opening up the door for some serious discussions regarding me, playing my role as responsible, involved, contributing father. How do we start this discussion? When do we start to have it? Where do we begin at? Brandi Lynn, Melissa, Norma, Nicole, Michelle, Joyce, Quanesse, I'm sorry for the ways I've acted in my past, my immaturity and lack of empathy at the time played a major role in my irresponsible decision-making, I'm hoping that someday you will be able to forgive me and give me an opportunity to prove myself. The Cell dweller journalist.

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: October 14, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 31 pages

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