Cell block society if the walls could talk

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Working title: Cell Block Society: If the walls could talk Author: Levert Brookshire September 24, 2015 Through my personal re-education journey and self-rehabilitation process, I've learned my own true 'self-worth' and 'self-potential' along the way. On this road to my 'self-reform', getting myself ready for release back into civil-society. As I approach my last and final stretch before re-entry I envision, what could be, what should be, and what will be, my new life after prison. Something that will be my greatest "asset" out there and my most valuable 'tool' that will ensure my success and protect me from the negative shackles of criminal thinking. Education, inteligence, and responsible decision-making. Applying all of 'em together correctly is going to be the key. Everything that we all need, in order for us to survive and reach our goals is always just within our reach. But, we have to possess the intelligence and 'know how' in order to figure it out ourselves. All of us have the 'intelligence' we need but unfortunately not all of us choose to develop it or bother to use it at all. Many just let their intelligence go to waste. How smart we are, is up to us, nobody else. No matter what our situation is, whenever we use our own creative intelligence, only then do we begin to solve our problems in life, change our situations around, benefit our family's and become assets to our community's instead of liabilities. Tapping into our own intelligence leads us to 'act' in ways that produce a desired outcome. This is 'power', because 'power' is anything which can have an influence on, or action that effects the result of something, that is power. I have spent many, many, years of my life, 'lost on this fact' oblivious' to it. Unaware of the importance and meaning of critical "thinking" for life's choices. Just like the many, many other's who are out there in those cold wretched streets of Amerika, and trapped here inside these razor wire fences along with me. Where I had to land for my 'third' time, before my own personal suffering, misery and mental torment, had become so unbareable and agonizing that, my mind sought out relief through books, as a way to cope and deal with my tormenting circumstances. Reading about 'psychology' opened my 'eyes' to everything learning about behavior's of many kinds, including my own. 'Sociology' became an interesting field to read about. Several other topics were very compelling for me. Philosophy, government, statescraft, sovereignty law, etc. etc. this list continues. Together, all of the books were instrumental 'aids' in helping me to get on the path towards productive 'thinking', and intelligent 'decision-making'. Learning, inspired more learning. Soon, misery and mental torment was a thing of the past while sitting inside this small, cold cramped cell. Surrounded by other tormented, miserable, suffering celldwellers screaming, banging on the walls and slipping downward into insanity. Something that I'm forced to watch unfold around me, each and every day. Men, who like myself use to be, haven't found their own potential. Lacking the motivation they need they stay 'thinking' the same way they always have expecting different outcomes. That use to be me. Until I learned that my own motivation comes from my own thoughts. Each and every action I take, productive actions and destructive ones either or, they are inspired by our thoughts first. We all "think" first, before we tack action, we're suppose to? But now, today having seen both sides, of what it means to be 'destructively' using our minds to take actions and also 'constructively' using it as well. No matter our wherebouts. Here behind fences and walls or out there in society. It has to begin with ourselves first, inspired by our own thoughts motivated by the most simplest of thought's. Like in my case. 'Reading' a book, led me to 'read' another one, then another. Or just like writing this page. Once, we stop 'thinking' then we no longer motivated to 'act' constructively anymore. Soon, sliding into negative, destructive pessimism. Which will soon lead to even more lazy thinking. That's why I'm always reading a book, or writing to stay 'thinking', while also taking action to 'produce' something. Even while I'm surrounded by myostly tortured, sufferring and miserable men, who are slef-centered greed-driven, inconsiderate, jealeous-hearted, obnoxious, difficult to get along with, insecure, bitter at the world, illiterate, and mentally-emotionally unstable. Try to imagine what life would be like, having to live inside a limited and contained space. Where all of these 'defective' traits are all gathered together in one concentrated space. Disposed of by society, thrown in here to live amongst one another, in this contained, cramped, crowded area. This is what I've got to get up in the morning everyday to face. The average person out there in society can't even imagine the kind of creative "thinking" it takes, intelligent maneuvering, and people skills to navigate around all of this destructive personality traits, which are irrational and uncomfortable, stuffed inside prison cells. Many can't comprehend how twisted a man's rational can become in here. 'Haunted' and 'plagued' by their miserable predictament here, their suffering and losses, from their own past decisions, and mistortunes. Then, on top of all that, left to fight, struggle and compete with several other's that are all desperate, hungry and frustrated, searching for the scarcest of food rations, and survival resources, as everyone in here tries to be the top dog. There's very limited things to do, to stay motivated while inside prison. It's easier to give up all hope so with the majority of the population that has to live here. Those who do 'less' thinking, searching out ways to find temorary relief, escaping through smuggled in illegal substances, by getting into constant manufactured drama or obsessing over their T.V.'s and Radio's, anything that stops them from thinking, or trying to figure-out solutions to their problems, keeping them from taking action, becoming pessimist's. I see this all around me everywhere I look inside prison. Most prisoner's aren't trying to produce anything. That's why I've decided to stay thinking, stay reading and to constantly be writing something. Because it's my way of always producing something everyday. Optimist's have rituals they follow and use daily to keep themselves thinking productively. Always creating different healthy habit's which keep them thinking, what can I do next? That could make even a small difference. Given the fact, there's not much to do here inside prison, and the people around me represent so much pessimism. I set today's rituals to be like yesterdays, which is to use my pencil to write and produce these essay's, constantly producing something. Something that I plan to use later in life. Writing's that I will use once I'm finally released. These will become inspiration and motivation, outside of these fences, something that started inside here. Orienting myself with productive ways to keep "thinking", even under miserable, depressing, stressful conditions starting each and everyday with a healthy, productive ritual, for myself to follow. Training my 'thinking' process, toward's goals and looking ahead. Constantly reminding myself, what I'm motivated for in life. Thinking about it first, then writing in words, what I'm 'thinking' it's the very first action that I take, towards producing an outcome. My writing's are, apart of the 'goal' setting process. It's a ritual to use my ink pen or pencil daily to produce something, that will make an improvement in my life because what I write down, I plan to use once I'm finally out of prison. To inspire me, motivated me, remind me of where I've been, where I will return to if I stop thinking, stop managing my time, stop creating plans, no matter how difficult the circumstances might become out there in society, or how corrosive the people are around me, outside. Nothing out there in society can even come close to the level of difficulty that I have to face inside here daily, surrounded by sociopathic people who are constantly looking for any signs of weaknesses to exploit. Predator's are always circling around these places trying to catch any prey that's off-guard or too relaxed. Making this place into an "Animal Kingdom". Where its all about the 'Food Chain' survival of the fittest, by any means necessary, only the strong survive. Making everyone around you in prison a possible threat of somekind, or another. How does anyone who is confined to live inside this predatorial environment be expecting themselves to survive without having to become a predator themselves? Is this realistic thinking? Difficult to say. One must be reminded of how someone get's ensnared in this trap in the first place. The kind of people that find themselves being thrown inside here, those who make these places home. Remember the people who you hear about in the news for commiting those heinous, violent and terrible acts of rape, murder, kidnapping, and robbery. Well, when you no longer see these people in the news or hear about their cases anymore, It's because they've been convicted and sentenced and then disposed of by society, thrown into these places. Where they still carry with them all of those same old habits, thinking patterns, past trauma's, and scars, they carried with them, before landing in here. By the time one makes it here, the damage is already done. Keeping company with other habitual liars, manipulative con-artists and scammers, burglers, car thieves, drug dealers and crooks isn't shocking at all. Having personality defects that work against us outside of prison, can become our strength's inside these places. For example; being too outwardly violent and threatening to people outside of here won't help you, or get you, anywhere. While on the other hand, violence and danger is the only currency recognized and respected inside here. The only thing that's respected more is having the ability and power to control them both, in other people. Being talented enough to properly persuade, convince and compel the most dangerous, most violent of all prisoners to swear their loyalty and allegiance over to them. Getting other's to commit violence on their behalf. After closer inspection, which is more dangerous? The dangerous ones, or those who control the dangerous, violent ones? There are several different ways to look at it. Many creative techniques have proven to be effective in "survival of the fittest" circumstances behind prison walls. Techniques that allow some to barely make it and others to not only make it, but thrive and even flourish inside prison. Through our minds, we all determine how we are placed into prisons population 'food chain', where we 'fit-in' at. What I've come to term as Cell Block Society. Finding the right place is mostly determined by how well one can adapt their mentality to this house of horror's. How quickly can one properly adjust themselves to accept this as home? How quickly they learn, become familiar and aquainted with, areas of human behavior. Mastering the ways of people and human traits, dealing with every kind of personality imaginable, becoming an expert on identifying personality 'defects' in people. All of this doesn't happen instantaneously, or overnight. This area of knowledge is studied and researched for year's, to aquire a handle on what to look for when negotiating our way through this hostile, predatorial, dangerous terrain. Facing this kind of environment myself began at an early age for me. Entering California's state juvenile and youth correctional facilities. Where my unique area of studying behaviors first started at. Which has lasted for the span of over 25 years now. Using this knowledge of personality's and defect's in ways that people behave has proven to be benefical to me while 'locked up', contained inside these cellblocks. House together with 'damaged', and 'broken' people, thrown-out of civil society, for turning against it's laws and it's citizen's. Keeping away from civil-society, having no other's to direct our 'violence' at, no one else to prey upon. Here, we turn our violence and brutality loose on each-other. Directing all of our frustrations, and anger at those around us. Using what misguided belief's we used outside of prison, to justify every action we take inside prison. Practicing whatever bad habits we had outside, bringing them in here with us. Most often, 'relying' on them, 'even' 'depending' on them, as key to survival. Developing them, and strengthening them to use as protection, against other threats. Ordinarily I can see why some decide to develop these erroneous, damaged and defective thinking habits, to use for their survival in such inhospitable, threatening place as prison, the trouble's one will eventually come to see when they are someday fortunate enough to regain their freedom again and make it back outside of prison, to civil-society. Where one quickly learns that all of the bad habits and defective 'thinking' they depended on for survival inside prison. Doesn't work outside of prison, 'broken' values, and 'damaged' bad habits that justify our actions here and work well for us inside of cell blocks, like these. But work against us when we are outside trying to re-adjust ourselves to civil society again. Survival of the fittest, inconsiderate, violent prone, desperate and motivated by purely self-centered needs aren't 'key' tools for out longevity outside of prison. More specifically, always being the 'key' personality defect in leading us back to a cell block. Something that I've come to learn the hard way first hand. In order to overcome this dependency on erroneous beliefs I've relied on, and adopted as my 'armor' of protection while locked up inside these Animal Kingdom's called prisons. First we have to take a look at ourselves and assess the whole overall picture? While using whatever ammount 'broken values' and 'bad habits' it takes for us to make it through our prison environment and experience. Eventually, we have to take inventory our own ways to turn off the 'broken', 'damaged' and 'defective' prison survival way of thinking, and turn on the motivated , eager to be free, and ready to persevere out there in 'civil society' way of thinking. Making that shift in mindset's doesn't come automatically for prisoners. One has to spend some time trying to figure it all out for themselves, before getting out. Taking the time to look at what their own god given natural talents are assessing what abilities they have, before they get out? Taking a serious look at what interest's they have, passions, ambitions, and visions. Then spend some of their time inside prison, learning more about it, developing whatever it is that they find to interest them. Research more about it, collecting more and more information about they're own personal interests and passions in life. This began to happen for me once I began reading more. educating myself about the way our world really works. studying the history humankind, gains beyond what I've come to learn and experience in life myself to see what others have gone through way before me. This helped to change my view of the world. My education about different people and their difficult struggles in life. How others managed to get through their difficulties. Understanding what distinguishes us, from other's. What sets us apart from each other, is how each of us manages to navigate through our difficulties in life. Learning about different ways to approach the same problem. this opened my eyes to look at myself differently. How I've dealt with my own difficulties in the past? During my past difficulties did I stop to look at all of my options first before I jumped into a quick decision or impulsive one? Reading about other people's struggles inspired me to stop take a look at myself, inventory all of my options, weigh out all of my choices. Keep whats gonna help me to persevere in my life long-term. Leave what's gonna sabotage me and keep me shackeled to a life of crime, sititing in prisons, and keeping company with violent murderers, thieves, robbers, gang members and other socially 'defective' and 'backwards' thinking people. Who aren't motivated and view the rest of society as their enemy and have no employable job skills, to offer. One step at a time I've slowly changed my 'view' of the world and how I see myself "fitting in" to it. Becoming more in-tune with myself, has made me recognize how long I've wasted trying to make defective damaged and broken ways of 'thinking' seem normal. Using up so many years of my life, following erroneous beliefs precious years of my life wasted away that I cant ever recover. Selfishly taken away from my family members who needed me around them for added strength and support but instead of being there with them, to do my part. I, had selfishly decided that my own obssessions and personal interests were of utmost importance to me. So important that I jeopardized my life, my freedom and my future, trying to satisfy myself. These same 'defective', broken and damaged ways of thinking which make survival inside these institutions possible. Are the same ones that keep my kids from having a father involved with their lives, while growing up. Because of my erroneous view of society in the past. All of my decision making selfish as it was, kept me away from my responsibilities and duties as a father. Leaving my kids out there in society without my protection or guidence to help steer them away from dangers. All because of my backwards thinking views of the world, that go along perfect inside of these places when we're packed together with all the other backwards thinkers, broken, and damaged people that were all thrown-out of society, as well. Disposed of for 'trampling' over other people so we could satisfy our own needs. Murdering other people, robbing others, stealing from others and scheming others out of what's theirs. Just so we can have our needs temporarily met. Even though we know our actions are inconsiderate and lack empathy, we still take this action, over and over again. When we finally land here in these prisons. May of us don't use this as a chance to change our views about life. Instead most of us succumb to these defective, broken and damaged views that dominantly cover these cellblocks and widely accepted as survivalists 'beliefs' and views. Helping to perpetuate an erroneous mindset inside here that everyone has to 'prove' themselves inside here. Who can be more violent, more maliscious, more angry more 'unempathetic', who can 'hate' the most? Who's the "Top Dog" of all the broken, defective, damaged backward 'thinking' people, who have been thrown-out of civil society. As I progressed alone in my reading, I was soon introduced to the term 'sociopath'. As I read further along to learn more and more about this term and what it means, eventually a picture of myself started to emerge. I was able to see that mostly all of the trait's and characteristics assigned to this term, were visable and present inside of me & majority of the people who were around me. This realization made me tak a look at myself even closer. Looking at the motivation's behind my past decisions and actions. An awakening happened inside me, making me 'think' deeper into my own 'broken', 'damaged', and 'defective' way of making decisions. I became disgusted with myself and disgusted with the sociopath's that I'm surrounded by here. My disgust turned my view of self, society and the world around. With a different view on life, I saw that it's not too late for change. Sociopathic trait's and characteristics can be identified by me, and the choice is up to me to act on these behaviors and trait's or choose not to. The first thing I've learned to do, is to give myself alternative choices. Number one way to change, is giving different choices and seeing other ways we can decide to take action, in reaching our goals. Satisfying our needs. While understanding that there will still be some 'conflicts' to challenge me along the way, inequality, class-discrimination, and racial prejudices, there are still options available to use, that keep sociopathic options from being considered. With everything facing an ex-convict being released from prison, our unemployability, poor education, lack of job-training skills, our criminal records, this isn't a justification for us to commit acts of desperation to feed, clothe, and house ourselves; nobody has to resort to deviant, sociopathic, predatory behavior, whenever we are faced with different social conflicts. All we have to do is stop, take some time to 'think' our way through the conflicts, before taking impulsive action, driven by our need to have that instant gratification at everyone else's expense. Something that's characteristic of a sociopath. Characteristic's which we can see in people outside in society but are found here in other prisoner's throughout the prison population in vastly disproportionate number's compared to society's populace. While many sociopaths in civil society go undetected, or unreported. Once we land inside these institutions. It should come as no surprize that the prison population is predominately poor, uneducated, mentally-ill and of course black or brown. Who are punished harshly by the ruling classes laws, for sociopathic acts. Used for desperate survival, during social-class conflicts arising. What I found in my reading changed the way that I view my relationship with these conflicts. Racial inequality conflicts, class-conflicts, income-conflicts, etc. etc. I have to decide my own standards and establish my own set of values, that I will depend on and use to determine what is a 'desirable' option and what is an 'undesirable' one, whenever having to face difficult conflicts of one kind or another. Instead of relying on my values to come from my 'environment' which is heavily skewed towards sociopathic values. I've begun the difficult process of re-programing myself, re-educating myself to re-learn the characteristics of real civil-society, re-aquainting myself with the knowledge, social skills, attitudes, values and the healthy actions thought to be appropriate for society. Developing my leadership skills and the ways in which I use them, to influence others. Now, I've abandoned all of my sociopathic ways, turning my back on the whole-predatory culture, and values. This has led me to discover real powers inside of me, that I never knew existed. Showing me abilities within myself, to carry out my will, even in the face of resistance and conflict. Something I must continue strengthening while I'm inside these institutions, to 'prepare' myself for civil-society again. Having no dellusions about public opinion when it comes to all ex-cons being released to the streets. Knowing full well, my social-status in the pereverbial "food chain", when it comes down to income, housing and resources availability, and opportunity equality. Civil-society reactions to me will be defensive, shocking, pejudice and disturbing some will be repulsed by my expectation to interact with them at all, finding me to be like a strange alien of some kind. A common reaction from conservative, sanitized, sterile, civilized society. A reaction that has been taken wrong in the past, causing myself and other's getting out of these cellblocks to feel imbalanced, insecurity and powerless. Throwing off our equalibrium, is disrupted and disturbed, causing us to have a 'counter-reaction', which is commonly predictable. Relapse back to our old ways of sociopathic thinking and actions. Driven by our own need to survive. Believing that we have no more choices available to us, we take the most convienent easiest option that we know of. And that is what I've decided to invest my time towards changing, creating other, different options for myself. Whenever circumstances look daunting or insurmountable for me, or social-conflicts arise in my pathway. I'm training myself not to become off-balance, feel insecure or become frustrated. But stop and remind myself I have other options available to me. I now know of other ways of doing things. Engage my mind into the conflict, thinking my way through the challenges. In ways that do not include sociopathic values. So this time when I'm released into an intolerant and discriminating society, I will be better educated and even prepared, equipped with supplementary aids that will help me respond to different conflicts and obstacles in my-pathway. Nobody is given an unlimited amount of chances to get their lives straightened-out. After having plenty of chances to get it together already. I'm almost 48 years old, I've already used up all of my chances. I'll be 53 when I'm released again. I see this as my last chance to get it right. My old sociopathic thinking patterns are gone. Today I put all of my attention and focus on my 'usefulness', and cultivating my skills. Because of my age, I'm not looking forward to doing alot of intensive labor work once I'm released this time, at least nothing for the long-term. I'm planning to make myself useful in the educational sense. My value is going to be in what I know, the knowledge that I have stored inside my head. The kinds of knowledge that I can use to secure myself employment. Knowledge that is useful in the world, company's are willing to pay me for. Such things like, substance/alcohol abuse counseling, construction blue-print-reading, paralegal law researcher, computer science, business administration/finance, community organizing, and personal health/fitness trainer. Making myself more and more capable is my main focus, I've taken these study courses so far and have completed each of them. I plan to keep learning new things and becoming more capable, more useful. I've made a lifelong commitment to grow my knowledge, through learning. Making myself useful to my family, my kids and to the world. I'm studying and trying to learn another foreign language now in order to have another useful skill to offer other's. Adding more value to my brainpower. All of this was achieved while I've been kept contained inside of fenced-in institutions. Imagine the possibilities once I'm released to the streets again. Where I'm planning to continue my learning by enrolling into "LeCordon Bleu" School of culinary Arts to train as a certified chef, then enroll into a medical training tech school where I can become certified as a licensed physical therapist's, I'm even considering enrollment into a commercial truck driving training school to recieve my cdl. I've been compiling everything together into what I've come to title as Leveret's Last Chance Master Plan Blueprint. It's meant to serve as my personal referrence guidebook once I get-out. Like my verey own pre-planned out, pre-organized charted map. Designed for my own use. Many hours have gone into researching these plans, looking into the ideas and seeking out answers to my questions. Accounting for much of my time, went toward building these plans. Developing a unique process as I went along working on this Master Plan. First I needed a 'vision' of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life? Who I wanted to become? Finally how did I plan to achieve this? Over these past 13 years of my confinement here I've used this vision as my self-motivational tool. Giving myself something to wake up for in the morning. Having something to look forward to in spite of where I am. Knowing that it was subject to have several changes made along the way, if I decided. It was important to me that I have a plan to work on everyday, a source of inspiration. Encountering problems as I went along, would send me looking for solutions. This happened repeatedly and in-fact, made me frustrated on numerous occasions. But eventually it became motivation for me to develop a problem-solving system to help me. I learned how many difficult obstacles and challenges in life, often lead us to unexpected solutions, to those obstacles and difficult challenges we face. But we must stay the course and try to figure it out. Oppose to throwing up our hands in dispair and frustration giving up. Over these years I learned that having a structured set of rituals and habits is what works for me. Orientation around systems simplifies life for me. Making and developing a process to get things done, allows me to achieve more, account for my time and my tasks. Instead of aimlessly and mindlessly going about doing things, making it up as I go along; time management, at it's very best. While at the same time exercising some sense of control over my own life and my environment too. One of the very first books that I've ever read cover to cover, was titled "To Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Who explained how our est time to start a new, different, course of personal motivation is when we're in a rough depressing, miserable and frustrating situation. He sees this to be our perfect time to learn one of life's most unusual lessons. Because we can turn our depression, misery and frustration into emotional fuel. that can be directed towards planned work, ahead of us. Anothere book that resonates with me is titled "The Road Less-Traveled" by M. Scott Peck who also believes that our problems in life call upon us to use our creative thinking and our courage, in order to solve our problems and navigate difficult situations. Problem's present opportunities to us. For me, whenever I do come accross a problem or a conflict starting ritual I've developed is a way of taking an action that leads me to -eventually finding a proper solution. So I've developed a system of simple, small rituals for myself in here that act as self-motivation kick-starters. Like for example, I love to jog around the prison yard's track when I can. But since I've been in this solitary confinement unit 23 hours a day locked inside my cell, I get up and I start to 'jog in place". This always overrides any doubts, hesitation or procrastination. Also, I turn to writing as a ritual to use to get myself motivated in a comfortable way. When I finally get released to the streets. I plan to get myself reaquanited freedom again taking time to settle into my new surroundings first, then I'll start to develop new rituals for out there. Rituals that will be my personalized self-motivating kick-starters to get going, with some action, and not become discouraged by problems or conflicts, that are certain to arise in the future. Especially once I set-out to achieve the goals compiled into my master plan blueprint. Another compelling book that I still like to revisit occasionally is titled "The six pillars of self-esteem" by Nathaniel Branden, who writes "To feel competent to live and feel worthy of happiness, I need to experience a sense of control over my existence. This requires that I be willing to take responsibility for my actions and the attainment of my goals. This also means that I take responsibility for my life and my well being too. I can definately identify with these thoughts, unequivocally. Having read these books and gone through them several occasions afterward to get refreshed, these books along with many others with many others will be recollected again when I'm released and then put into my own personal library, so that I may share with my kids some day and even my future woman, whom is unknown at this time of writing. "7 habits of highly effective people" by Stephen Covey, "Understand Your Potential" by Myles Monroe, "Incredible Human Potential" by Herbert Armstrong all must haves in my personal library in here as well as out there too. "Survival Personality" by Al Siegal is one certain to get shared often. Reading is definately in my plans for when I get out. There will be a ritual for my time to read, outside of prison as there is a ritual for my reading time inside of here. Because of reading my entire way of "sociopathic" thinking has been shifted and transformed, making it a thing of the past. Rather choosing to be more empathetic, having humane ways instead, to satisfy my needs and achieve my goals in life recently I finished another book titled "Notes From a Friend" by Anthony Robbins, it's a quick and simple guide to taking charge of your life. What he writes about having empathy for others and how he discovered more satisfaction when he was able to help other people and share his success with those who were disadvantaged and in need, the underclass forgotten people. This really connected with me deeply. Something that I felt closely to my heart. Because I've been one of those in need before as a youth growing up, and I've struggled with borderline homelessness on a few occasions while as an adult. Knowing what it's like to be looked down upon by other's and feeling the embarrassment and shame. Stopping to take the time out to care for other's and make other peoples lives more tolerable, and more comfortable and happy, this is the ultimate reward. Knowing that we've contributed to someone's life besides our own, gives us real satisfaction inside. This is why I've takin the time, to develop a 'ritual' that will be included into my master plan blueprint, outside of prison. A ritual of regular volunteering and visiting community charitys, making donations and helping set up youth mentorship programs etc. etc. connecting with gang-member's and directing resources their way, that will offer incentives for changing their criminal behaviors, around. Giving them access to information materials they normally wouldn't get to have. Spreading around the important news that every citizen should be aware of and educated about. Because the world is going through a serious transformation now in preparation for a very different future, in the coming years. We are in the midst of a major shift in how our society lives and functions each and every day, life as we have known it all of our lives is coming to an end. We must get ourselves our families and communities prepared for it by educating them about what's to come, the social class divisions and class conflicts to come about as a result. How there will be shortages in food production and disruptions in the fuel-supply chains causing people to panic and create social disobedience, revolt and protesting. This will begin the first visable signs of what's been in the planning stages for decades already. The ruling elite class 'militarized' police-state. which have already been organized and formed to usher in martial law "Jude Helm" which means the government and its laws no longer apply any longer it's the military who is the one in charge. Imposing blockades, restrictions on freedoms and even curfews. Only few citizens are even aware of this whole plan that's in the work's now. And having no more rights protecting individual right to privacy, now cameras are going up everywhere to monitor all movement. Using the public's fear of impending terrorist attacks as their cover to strip away personal freedom so that they can protect us from this perverbial the manufactured terrorist 'boogeyman', hiding among us. A call to action has been sent out to the public by a grassroot's movement calling themselves the Venus project as they set out to educate the uninformed about this coming social change in social class structure, and shed some light on who are the one's people and responsible for all of it. There's a network of citizens that have joined together all for the purpose of organizing people and resources to prepare for what's to come they're known as The Zeitgeist movement.com. Convinced that there has to be an end in order fora new beginning to start. Not surprized by their theory's or ideas after reading several books dealing with this same subject matter. One book particularly titled as "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper very eye opening for me. Another one titled "Mass Control" by Kieth, Jim full of very interesting theory's backed by some facts. It was also vitally important for me to read a book titled "The Shadow Government" by Ien Bracken about the 9/11 terrorists attacks being engeneered by the elitist's powerful, puppetmaster's who are behind the scenes trying to sieze control of everyone and everything on the planet. Secret society's that are obssessed with having control over the human population, the earths natural resources, all financial and monetary systems, military's and even medicines, media and mind control. too far fetched and absurd for the average person to wrap their head around it. However, for those who have done their research, put in the time to check out the facts and make the connections. It's come down to the hard truth. We are on the path of somewhere very different and foreign to where we've been at our whole entire lives. Now, the question is who's leading us down this pathway? More importantly, can we trust them enough to follow them along? Do we have the right to refuse? I found a book titled "The Biography of Winston Churchill" about population control to be most fascinating about the idea of the earth's resources being able to keep up with the worlds growing, expanding, human population. Putting more and more demands onto the production of food, agriculture, water supply, medicine supply, energy production etc. etc. He was considering the time we had, before it could no longer sustain the human population. When shortages would lead to competing countries going to war, conflicting over the last surpluses of resources. One particularly known controversial advocate who has been speaking out about about all of this stuff for decades now is Jordan Maxwell. He's written extensively about it and also given several interviews and public speeches. I'm not the expert on this subject, but I do believe there's definately enough merit in this theory to alert the people about it and educate the uninformed, allowing people to do with the information as they see fit. There's a classic book titled "1984" by George Orwell, he had written about the 'survellence of society' way back when. During his time it all just seemed like science fiction then. Now fast forward ahead to the present, 'surveilence' on all street corners, cameras on every building, GPS satelites video phones, he turned-out to be onto something after-all? The same goes for the book titled "A Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley who was exploring the controversial area of the science called "Eugenics". Who's founder and pioneer Francis Galton believed in stem cell research, genetic engineering selective breeding, and manipulation of the human genome to create the superior human race. That was almost 100 yrs ago, and fast forward ahead to the present. We see invitro fertilization, DNA testing, performance enhancing drugs, steroids etc. etc. Where does all of this originate? A Venus project representive name Roxanne Meadows gave an interview to explain the purpose of the Venus project and it's whole idealogy, behind the Zeitgeist movement; which she offers alot of valuable insight to consider, giving many sources to look at for supporting here theorys. One of the souces to check out is found on facebook/sustainable man. If anyone needs to see more evidence before they are convinced into believing. Then I would reccomend them to take a closer look around them. Take note of our-now-dramatically changing weather patterns, how the earth's climate is warming the planet, drying up land and agriculture, shrinking crops, rising sea-levels, natural disasters, creating drought in normally thriving agricultural areas. Industrial toxic polutions poisoning our drinking water supply seafood fishing sources are being polluted with carbon's and other toxic chemicals. Taking a toll on our 'food chain' and other vitally important sustainances. On top of this, all of the developing countries fast growing populations like China and India, are using more and more resources, food, medicines, technology, and water as well. Operating more vehicles, flying more planes means consuming more and more petro oil and fuel. Puting an even greater demand on a shrinking supply. How does humankind continue to sustain this growth and consumption when there is no such thing as an endless supply of resources? Who gets to make the final decision over the "scarce" dwindling surpluses? This is what all friction and conflict's will be over. So it's very plausable to see why a group of very uber wealthy and extremely powerful, influential people, would be interested in manipulating themselves into a position of control to be more involved in the ways and means these depleting resources get devided up and how they are distributed, and at what profit to them. Building even more wealth and influence that is able to sustain their position of control, even as they use more valuable resources, and surpluses to waste sending men, women and machines into wars to destroy each other in order to determine who gets to control what? When in-fact these same depleting resources wasted in war could've been used to support each and every man, woman, child on the earth. Instead they are being used to strengthen power and generate more wealth and profits for the elite ruling class. While the rest of us scramble and suffer at the bottom clamoring for scraps and crumbs. Who are the real sociopaths? I ask?

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: October 14, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 24 pages

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