Cell block society post-release master plan (introduction)

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Cover Page Working title: Cell Block Society Post-Release Master Plan (Introduction) Author: Levert Brookshire Page count: 6 Word count: 4,600 Resocialization structure: reprogramming for society No right or wrong way, only consequences for actions Nature does'nt hurry yet everything is achieved. Explaining the need for always having a plan, and keeping an independent mindset; free thinking, no clutter. Keeping-out mental clutter, sustaining mental clarity, creating a place of meditation, stillness, and focus. Not leaving my life to chance or coincidence; planning everything, creating a time table schedule in order to properly manage my responsibilities and priorities. Programming success into my mind, thought the use of daily rituals; planning [ineligible], and through the uses of repetition, constant reminders. Daily rituals will be the key to staying the course; retrieving master plans, consistently for guidance. Furter research required on following: How to study Ron Fry Breakfast becomes a P.T. #553 pg.6 $10.00 How much $ you need to P.T. #560 pg.9 $10.00 Security needed by P.T. #264 pg.12 $10.00 Making the first move #565 pg.9 $10.00 Nutrition Almanac John Kirchman Memory of Running Anatomy of the Human Body James Keith Taking Fear Out of Change Dennis O'Grady Self Reliance Ralph W. Emerson How to Meditate A Practical Guide Kathleen Mcdonald Theminimalist.com Ragner's Guide to Underground Economy $942 pg 154 $2[5?] CellBlockSocietyInitiative(Research Project) 2016 Working title: Cell Block Society Post-Release Master Plan (intro) Author: Levert Bookshire Introduction to Post-Release Master Plan pg.1 Even though we are humans, are made up of three different parts, all of them making us into one complete human being. Our mind, body and spirit. Usually, most of us generally tend to ignore our minds and our inner-spirits. Only to experience our lives with our bodies. Something that most of us do for our entire lives. I know this is true, for me. I wasted my entire youth and young adulthood years distracted away from using my mind or tapping into my spirit. Neither of them were discovered for many many years later. In my studies, I've learned that for most people, the mind is neglected and soon ignored, eventually it's forgotten, and abandoned. By the time most people reach the age of 30, they've stopped all reading and studying by then. Most don't ever do anymore writing after that. People lose desire to act as [mentors?] or using of service to other's in need of help. It becomes more about the "body", the way other's perceive us. How we dress, what fashion we wear, stimulating our bodies with 'pleasure' satisfying our flesh, nor more nourishment or expansion, no upgrading, or input; very minimum output as necessary. Neither the mind or spirit still gets fed or stimulated. In fact, many people seek out ways they can disconnect themselves completely, unplug themselves from reality. Turning to controlled 'illegal substances',' alcohol', 'movies'. 'T.V.', celebrity gossip. 'social media', the 'internet', and pop culture. 'Magazines'. What, they can do or find in order to distract them, from having to 'think'. People turn to, all kinds of different ways to sedate their minds, and spirits to stay oblivious to reality, not wanting to give proper attention to their 'mental health' and 'spiritual' awareness. Working title: Cell Block Society Post-Release Master Plan (intro) Author: Levert Brookshire Introduction to Post-Release Master Plan pg. 2 Facing, so much pressure from life's demanding obligations, under the stress from balancing life's mounting problems. Most just seek-out ways to live-out their live's on the body level only, seeking to please the body, satisfy the body, stimulate the body, feed the body, clothe the body, just take care of the body, while ignoring the mind and spirit. Having no quiet places to be themselves. Many people have never even stopped, taken a time-out, for a book. After leaving high-school, or college. Completing a book that, they can learn something from. Yet they can tell you everything there is to know about the current celebrity gossip news, tabloid headlines, the entire monthly T.V. program schedule, and sport's updates. I find this to be pathetic and sad. But, the truth of the matter is that, most people would rather not have to 'think' at all, figure-out problems or explore solutions. Especially those that make up these 'cellblock' populations. Having spent many year's of my life inside of these places. I've found that majority of those inside of here, with me, would prefer to 'block-out' their thoughts. Those citizens, who are out-thee in 'civil society' would also rather, leave the 'thinking' to others, to do the 'thinking' for them. That's why they elect their government leaders, adopt religions, and leave everything up to somebody else, to figure-out. Hoping they're not expected to have input or do any independent thinking of their own. Leaving all the 'thinking' up to others, while they just, have to follow. For majority of my life, this was me. Following the crowd's, doing whatever seemed popular at the time. Depending on my impulse's, and urge's to lead me along. Without using my mind to 'rationalize' through life or 'think' my way through difficulties, lead me to year's and years of unneccessary tormented period's of time, sitting in prison, financial distress, hospitalizations and personal losses. Working title: Cell Block Society Post-Release Master Plan (intro) Author: Levert Brookshire Introduction to Post-Release Master Plan pg. 3 As I gradually and slowly began to see myself stark awakening. Being taken out of the whole 'virtual reality,' 'fantasy life,' and given a chance, to look at the way everyone is so swept into it, how, they never see themselves being manipulated into mindless 'non-thinking' puppet's, that don't question anything happening around them, as long as they're entertained and kept feeling good, they don't want to know. I started to take notice of this, seeing how passive I'd been, when it came to steering my own life, solving my own problems, creating my own path in life. Allowing my own personal gift's talent's and potential to go to waste. Once this reality finally-set-in. From that moment forward, I vowed not to ever again be passive. About my life. I made up my mind to become actively involved in my own future. Loading up my mind, with knowledge and information. Equipping myself with key tools needed for personal transformation. Empowering myself with the ability to be an independent thinker. Taking control over my own mind, developing my inner-spirit, and creating healthy rituals for my body. The moment that we start neglecting our own mind, becomes the moment our lives are subjected to disillusion, manipulation and even misuse by other's. Which will eventually, distract us away from all of the simple, basic, important things in life. Jeopardizing our freedom, our lives, and our legacy. We cant abandoned our most important, vital, creative, and useful tool, that we will ever have our entire lives. Fortunately for me, I've been able to get re-aquainted with my own mind. Becoming closely connected again, tight companions and back in-tune again. Like never better. I've become my mind's caretaker, nourishing it daily. After starving it, for so many years, mistreating it and ignoring it. Now, I keep engaging it, using it in every situation arising in my life. Working title: Cell Block Society Post-Release Master Plan (intro) Author: Levert Brookshire Introduction to Post-Release Master Plan pg. 4 Not 'thinking', using my own mind, eventually got me to relax my views about parenting, fatherhood, and civil-responsibilities. Not 'thinking', had me slacking on goal-setting, choosing 'fun' and 'pleasure' before responsibility. All of which has resulted in me, having to endure year's of unneccessary harm, like being shot, stabbed, jumped, placed at risk, losing my own freedom, on several occasions, totaling up to 30 years by the time this prison sentence is over. Not thinking or exercising my mind, put my legacy in jeopardy. Tainting my image and even threatening my reputation with my children and family causing me to make irresponsible choices. Overlooking the most important things in my life. After finally becoming connected to my mind, re-engaging it with books, programming it to studying and learning again. Since doing this I've developed my thinking abilities, stretched out my range of creativity. My thinking process has been organized into well constructed, personally managed problem-solving systems. This has helped me to come around to my senses, where I can now maintain a responsible, healthy, balanced and more improved way of thinking about my life and living it also, today and event he years to come. My mind has now become useful to me, as it was meant to be, my greatest problem-solving tool. I've learned to use it in my everyday activities, whenever I'm making estimates discerning, considering action, calculating, or trying to be rationale about something. I've come to depend on my mind now, more than ever before. Because of my mind, I was able to figure out, for myself. Release from prison is soon approaching, five years to be exact. It's about time to use my mind and think about my future plans, once I'm released from prison. Thinking about practical, logical, and realistic plans and goals. Working title: Cell Block Society Post-Release Master Plan (intro) Author: Levert Brookshire Introduction to Post-Release Master Plan pg. 5 Today my mind has driven me to, gather up everything everything that I've collected over these past thirteen years of confinement. Pulling together every piece of information, knowledge and source of insight I've come accross at one time or another, during my self-education journey here in prison. I've used my mind to develop, design, and construct these here, post-release masterplans, especially for myself to use as charted-maps, once released. Charts, I'm going to be needing, as I re-enter society again, trying to re-socilaize back into civil-society, transitioning from prison life. Having maps, to help me re-adjust and navigate the unpredictable, strange and hostile terrain is going to be of vital importance, to any successful transition. I will use these here plans to help me in my journey to reach my goals in life. Also, to help remind me, how important it is for me to never forget about my own mind, ever again. Which is how this cell block society: post-release master plan came about: a direct result of my mind, and it's potential to solve problems, plan and even create. My mind will also hold me accountable for my own poor decision-making from now on. Demanding that I protect my own liberty, life and legacy, in the future. Assuring me, that I'll never again leave either of them to chance or coincidence. Never again, allowing outside influence from pop-culture, commercial media, consumerism, or otherwise, to manipulate my mind, away from my own control. This is my way of making sure that I will always be, the only one who's able to distinguish, my personal values from the world's. Making sure that, it's my own mind, under my own personal direction, that's helping me to navigate my way through civil-society's most prominent-social obstacles, and challenging hurdles. To ensure this. I will always have alone time to myself. Working title: Cell Block Society Post-Release Master Plan (intro) Author: Levert Brookshire Introduction to Post-Release Master Plan pg. 6 It has taken awhile, but I've finally figured it out. There's a direct connection, which in-fact links our personal development to our minds, and how we learn. Repetition of word's, phrases, sentences, statements and expressions, slowly become our own. No matter how wretched or dysfunctional they are. Whenever they're rigorously, repetitively aimed at us, eventually they will become programmed inside of our mind. Knowing this, wishing to replace the past 'wretched', and 'dysfunctional' programming with more healthy, moral, and particularly educated word's, phrases, sentences, statements, expressions, and social-perspectives. I've written up these plans in a way. For me to use and 'think' about constantly. They're written up and designed to program my mind with steady and repetitive programming of information, well-researched and credible knowledge rigorously implanted in my mind, to brighten my pathway, out there. Giving me insight and clarity to know recognize, and properly respond to obstacles that appear in my future, once I'm back out there in society again. This master plan, was prepared to help me become independent and self-sufficient. A comprehensive tool. For me to reference daily, once I'm released. By taking advantage of everything that I've learned, and using my mind, like I've discovered in here. I can optimize my personal mental power outside of prison to think, act, behave in ways, that produce favorable results and outcomes. Learning how to use the painful experiences of my past mistakes way of thinking. Inverting them into assets, which I've come to learn from. Spending my days engaged in well, thought out; well researched well-planned activities, going after my goals in life. Using what little time I have left to re-establish a new way of life, through repetitively, repeatedly doing healthy rituals over and over again.

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: October 15, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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