Cell block society social sciences celldweller philosophy pt I

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Pg#1 Author: Levert Brookshire Title: "Cellblock Society" Social Sciences Celldweller Philosophy PT 1 Date: 1/1/15 Dear Amerika, If these walls could talk, the stories they could tell about the history inside 'Cell Block Society'. History as I've come to discover it and comprehend it from my interpretation. Like a clock, we turn to history records in order to pinpoint the cultural time of day, and identify the political time and climates we are in. History, no matter where we may be at, it's our compass to find ourselves on the map of human geography. While banished here, held in captivity alone with myself, getting more acquainted with my inner-self, throughout these 12 year's in this cage. Having this much needed alone time to reflect on my past mistaken way of thinking. Discovering different things about myself. Learning about my motivations, compulsions and incentives. Early into my discoveries, I was introduced to the long written trail of other mens histories. I discovered the profound role of history's influence on us, today. Studying what early man and woman have accomplished and failed at. Where they have been, who they became and how they even managed to evolve and adapt, over the course of time, explaining where we are today. Whenever we have time to research history records of early civilizations discoveries. They will explain to us the way's early mankind found his way out the scorching hot desert, the tropical rain forrest, the inhospitable animal kingdom. I came to understand the way's mankind became pushed into relying on his mental capabilities in order to compete against the tough and unsympathetic, hostile environmental elements surrounding him. When early Neanderthal found his way out of the dark caves, scouting the terrain, exploring, discovering the fertile land. He found it littered with resources and tools. Everything necessary for his survival. During my research on history, I learned a lot about man overcoming and conquering difficult environmental, and circumstantial obstacles arising in his path. I came away understanding that we can only put our confidence, trust and belief in the accuracy and truth of a history, if the credibility of the person who's keeping the records and documenting the accounts is qualified to do so, objectively and without bias. A crucial, element when discerning the facts from fiction. Whenever we decide to lookback to history for clues. We learn about, mankind's early difficulties, challenges that he faced and the creativity used to approach the challenges, in front of him. But we also learn something else. That is, we get closer understanding about the record keeping person who's charged with the task of carving or etching the markings into the stone. We come to learn about the person who's responsible for scribing the records or documenting the accounts of the times, into a convenient system of tracking, we sometimes find ourselves more interested in the writer's, than the stories they write about. That's the case with me. What started out as an interest to learn more about world history. Soon, turned into another interest altogether, what is termed as Philosophy. The various philosophical views and different perspectives from other men and women who all represented a whole wide range of different schools of thought, fields of study, and disciplines. Literally a love of wisdom. Traditionally what was commonly comprised of metaphysics, epistemology, and logic. Then gradually, more modern philosophy started to include political theory, ethics, theology, scientific theory even law. What experts would generally argue to be the rigorous, close examination of subjects like reality, nature, time, cause and effect, freedom, reason, moral agency, and skewed perception. I began to see as a form of freedom for me. Essentially an escape hatch from my oppressive environment. Surrounded by negative forces, mechanical restraints subdue my hands and wrists daily, psychological warfare is deployed against me daily and controlled movement is the way of life in my world every day since April 3, 2003. Agents of the state, wearing authoritative uniforms, control my feeding schedule, my food portions and caloric intake, is limited each and every day, violating my basic human rights daily. To top it all off, prisoner on prisoner violence is at an all-time high. As the state puppet masters uses their puppet strings to manipulate and influence those that are blindfolded by substance abuse, lack of education and ignorance. To do the bidding of the state, for special favors and privileges, as they look for ways to get around their oppression, misery and desperation. Where as many, have found our own innovative and creative ways to invent our own tools, to cope with this oppression. Some simply spiral downward into mental disintegration, because the reality from this perspective view, inside this windowless cell, cannot be understood for many celldwellers. They eventually become disconnected from the realities of life. However through self-study and critical examination of Philosophy. Many questions about life, and reality had began to get answered, for me. Like Philosophy does I to, seek to find answers to questions, through a process of investigation and argument. The questions that philosophy asks cannot be answered by experimental means, but rather mental means instead. Philosophy addresses the questions about life and death, our individual purposes, meaning and reality. By argument and demonstration, allowing no place for dogma, to cloud the conclusions. What intrigued me about philosophy the most, is the way a philosopher works with their ideas, others, different concepts, and questions that are shaped, developed and formed into a molding, and in doing this a sculpture emerges into view. I embrace this. I discovered that there are several branches of philosophy, and several different kinds of schools of Philosophy. My own interest's for philosophy and how it's impact has influenced my thinking, during this time alone inside 'cell block society' how it has inspired my ideas to establish an official "cell block school" of thought and the concepts that it would seek to address, the questions that answers would be sought for, are summarized in this essay. Like those early mankind, who figured out ways to create tools, from scarce and limited resources. Learning how to use my windowless, graffiti-marked, barren, cold cell. Like early man used his darkened cave. I adapted and transformed it into a sustainable living enviornment. That, could even substitute for my school or academy, where a dedicated disciple could thrive in. Developing my mind, cultivating it, and nourishing it, molding and shaping it fabricating it, into my most valuable and critical tool, so far. If lacking purpose, creativity, innovation and intelligence, while behind these perverbial 'cave walls'. I'll certainly be left behind, in evolutionary history of mankind, who's been here in these 'cave walls', relagated to memory as somebody who was dependent on, feeling around my cave, in the dark. Desparately trying to find something anything of use. Using books to explore a whole new thinking. One that was unintelligible to me most of my life, unreadable, and difficult to comprehend. But that is quickly resolved once I untangled the faulty wiring inside my mind and corrected my past failed way of thinking. The mental discipline that I developed afterward gave me significant awareness and perspective which then helped me to translate and understand what was once unintelligible, unreadable, complicated Philosophy and thinking. Discovering that, my most valuable tool, that I need for survival, most importantly is my mind and how I utilize it. One particular way that I've decided to utilize my most valuable tool, is through the invention of early mankinds discovery of making records, etchings, stone carvings, scribes and writing. By way of using his invention of alphabet and language, combined with the 'inkpen'. All of these inventions became early mankinds tools for keeping precise, accurate, convenient systems, charts and records he used to track the harvest cycles, winter, spring, summer and fall seasons. Tracking the celestial movements of the heavens. Documenting the accounts of history, worthy events, tragedy's and transfers of power. With the invention of writing and writing tools. Their stone carvings and markings, even writing's about their times, their cultures, their experiences. All have survived them. Without this invention there would be no record of mankinds past, or any record of early generations discoveries, eyewitness accounts or charts. While in the beginning stages I did struggle and fumble around trying to use early mankinds invention of writing. But eventually I soon discovered that I became more familiarized with the uses of language and developed my own mental discipline. This led to more clarity and understanding about articulating idea's concepts and thoughts onto paper, through the use of writing tools. Since then, I've now developed my proficiency with the use of these tools and I'm hoping to make some strides in transforming my living enviornment into a more tolerable, manageable living condition. Where I can continue to aquaint myself with the many uses of this writing invention. Where I can perhaps begin the first leg of my own journey to start recording my own observations, ideas, eyewitness accounts and documenting history. In order for me to pass on useful philosophical views and knowledge I've collected throughout these years. Creating a written record for future generations to study and learn from. Perhaps other celldweller's like myself, could even benefit by taking a look at what is contained in these essay's. Mankinds evolution, developments and knowledge has only been fortunate and able to rise where ever the invention of writing has been introduced. Looking back in history where ever man and woman had to work and till the soil together in fields planting seeds, harvest crops, measuring weights, labeling, and tracking expiration dates. They had writing to help them keep accurate records, learn the seasonal patterns. They could read the written records of those who had already done the same type of work, dating back century's earlier. When ever we decide to increase our knowledge of history. Then we start learning from the men and women who have been there and done that, way before us. Allowing for us to learn from other peoples mistake's, their achievement's, what their experiences were like, what did they happen to discover along their journey and most importantly what can I learn from them. With the invention of writing tools, language, alphabets, papyrus, paper, the creation of paints, dyes and inks. The invention of all these tools played an important role in lifting mankinds knowledge all over the earth. Something that many people, take for granted. Especially those of us who grow up in poverty, wishing for the basic and simple things in life. Such as food stability and shelter, when you dont know where your next meal is coming from, then learning to read or write becomes the least of your priorities. Something that I elaborate on at length a little later. For some who grow up in these poverty stricken environments then they make decisions which leads them directly to these places. Many of them continue to spiral downward, gradually sliding into a mental disintegration, leading them into emotional breakdown. Searching for relief, I see a lot of these celldweller's reach for ways they can self-medicate. Using the many choices of smuggled in illegal contraband medications ranging from heroin, cocaine or crystal meth to cannibus sativa, or synthetic weed called spice. All of which become readily available to the celldweller populace, whoever can afford to pay the exorbate, inflated mark up's and tax increases added onto the contraband for all of the troubles to get it smuggled into "Cellblock Society". Something coordinated choreographed, controlled and finally executed by the well established, well organized and highly disciplined cader of criminally connected secret societies, crime syndicates or what the prison administration have termed prison gangs. A criminal enterprise that operates behind these walls in "Cellblock Society". By utilizing what they to, have learned from writings about the operational structures and systems used to sustain a Fortune 500 corporation. These "Cellblock" enterprises do not see what they do as any different from what corporate board of directors do, day in and day out throughout Amerika. For other celldwellers like myself, we distance ourselves away from self-medication and we choose writing tools to become our most appealing form of escape using the 'ink pen' like a painter uses their 'paint brush'. Turning paper into our canvas where we use words and language to paint images and display mental pictures the way artist's strive to do. In fact writing has become an art form for us. History proves for us, that there hasn't been any other invention more influential or profound on the human races evolution and development than compared to that of writing. There is no other tool invented, that's more credited with uplifting the human race than the invention and the practice of writing; I cannot emphasize this enough. One of mankinds most crowning achievements in history, more profound than any of our advancements, or conquest's recorded. Without this invention, the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Quran, or none of the world's organized religions would've come into existence. Amerika's U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and it's laws would've never been devised. Writing's invention, made it possible for their drafting. If only these walls could talk, the history they could tell. As I'm quite certain, each and every day other celldweller's past and present, have a story to tell, of their own. If they only had the self-discipline inside of them, come to the surface. Enough to give them, the patience required to tap their creative well, reaching into their own innovative reservoir, where all of their artistic formations are stored, their personal color's, characteristics, and plots, along with their best ideas. If I can use my writing to inspire other's to become familiar and intimately acquainted with their own writing capabilities, that would truly be an achievement for me, as a writer, cellblock philosopher. Inspiring other's how I became inspired, to hone their mental discipline's into writing talent. Odds are that, the majority of celldwellers here, a lot of them unfortunately illiterate, having learning disabilities before they ever, came inside the prison system. Many are mentally disabled, when arrive here. Often times a lot of them arrive having struggled with alcohol and substance abuse. Majority of this celldweller population had to face the challenges of navigating through the academics of public schools. Leading to those like myself to drop out completely. Eventually untethering ourselves from any idea of education at all, that wasn't about criminal education. Where most of us low income, lacking subsistance, wounded ghetto dwellers eventually succumb to criminal forces sooner or later. Giving up on education, leaves only low wage job opportunities or either criminal activities corrosive magnetic pull at us. Now subjecting us to the easiest forms of survival, available. Time and time again, becomes poaching other's land, property and livestock to eat. Or choosing to enter the illegal drug trade supply chain in order to feed our families and support ourselves. No matter which of these criminal activities we decide, to actually involve ourselves with. Sooner or later it will reach a point where the risk's become more likely than the rewards, because status quo's campaign to ensnare us in their broadly spread, wide network of sophisticated well placed traps, will be effective in their effort. Because they are engineered and designed for one purpose. To ensnare us all, who 'encroach' onto other people's property, 'poach' off the rest of society, become drawn into the illegal drugs 'supply chain'. The puppet masters have invested unlimited ammopunts of resources dedicated towords neutralizing our menacing threat to their status quo structure. Exploiting our desperation by leaving trails of "bread crumbs", which all lead us, into their cleverly disguised 'booby traps'. Equipped with 'chutes' that drop downward into their carefully crafted, criminal justice system, where all of us poachers, drug dealers and other social 'misfits' come out of, the other end. To land, in these dumpsites, or their social waste management program. Where society's illiterate, unemployable, nontaxpaying, mentally disabled socially handicapped, emotionally wounded, and chemically dependent underclass people, ultimately end up, populating our own "cell block" society. Those who are classified liabilities to the status quo, burdens to the rest of Amerika. Working poor white Amerikans, people of color, that have to survive poverty stricken conditions, broken homes, economic plight, and fractured families, gang and crime infestation, shattered schools, and diminishing opportunities leave only few outlets, either join the U.S. Armed Forces, law enforcement, corrections, or either the armed forces of Amerika's "street corner's". Where most of our criminal activities begin. Especially the moment that we are enlisted into the blue or red army's. Proclaiming allegiance to either one guarantees our criminal "rite of passage" into social alienation and a failed way of thinking. That, will certainly lead us here, over and over again. Looking at Dept. of Justice statistics, the official records show that, Amerikas prisoner population is disproportionately poor, uneducated, unemployable, mentally disabled, substance abusers. Who have no contribution to make towords their status quo system. Then, we become disposable people, that are separated from their civilized society. Eventually processed through their livestock accounting system. Given a 'branding tag', then coralled into a stable. Where, we are worth a 30K to 60k for the Prison Industrial Complex, puppetmasters who work in conjunction with the criminal justice system. According to social science researchers, where ever the availability of decent paying wages don't exist, or property taxes are most often the lowest in the city, households are one parent occupied, no solid income base is established. Then other subculture economies will sooner or later begin to develop. Government subsidized welfare systems will gradually become more and more necessary. Eventually bartering, informal economic arrangements, and even criminally driven economies, All of them become substitutes for legitimate and robust economies. Sociologist's studies 'reveal' the ways that 'street gangs' soon replace our families, where healthy, nurturing families are absent. Essentially we are all naturally driven towards self preservation. We will always do whatever we have to do in order to survive. The puppetmasters who hold the 'puppetstrings' to power, know this. Where ever human's have limited resources, minimal sustenance and scarce means of supplies. Early recorded history shows us that we as humans will tap into our creative ways to invent, create or hammer out useful way's, systems and tools that will help him survive, his or her environmental surroundings. Making whatever necessary adjustments that are needed. And this place is no exception to the rules. Even though it's used to dispose of all the status quo's social liabilities, to convert us into a profitable and guaranteed income stream for their Prison Industrial Complex by transforming social waste into a profitable byproduct. Some of us actually use our time here to develop our own natural abilities. By turning what were once considered to be ordinary abilities into extraordinary one's. By developing them, cultivating them and mastering them. Once we land here inside Cell Block Society, there's an inner struggle that begins inside each of us, man or woman. As we all try to rationalize the loss of our freedom. This writing exploration is my personal experimental analysis of that experience, as I focus on maintaining composure and keeping my sanity throughout this turbulent time. I understand the true gravity of my situation. Thus, I discovered a way to liberate my mind while my body is being restricted and contained. I discovered writing while in captivity, then I fell in love with it. The old adage say's "He who loves his work, never labor's". So in order to find a way to survive this oppressive, dysfunctional, desensitizing, inhumane and tormenting environment. I found something for me to work towards every day. My work offer's me purpose, also something to look forward to. Very important for someone contending with daunting, inhospitable, continuous threats. One has to take into account, the potential threats facing their 'mental stability' as dangerous psychological warfare tactics with 'subtle', destructive forces that are sneaking in punches at every vulnerable opening available, leaving impressions on our brains. Not the visual kind, but the invisible ones that can't be seen, with the human eye. But, in fact have very strong influences on our minds. From things as common as, say feeling abandoned by our families while we're in here, or even something like, falling victim to one of the many diabolical, clever 'con games' that a lot of veteran celldwellers have devised to ensnare a new arrival, termed as a 'mark'. Looking to exploit their niavate and inexperience with this new terrain, hatching a way to trap another mark into an 'extortion' motivated financial scheme. I've also seen what toll that the ravages of time can take on a man's mental state as he remains locked up, isolated from the real world. Forced to cope with all of the oppressive conditions that weigh down our minds, while trying to remain sane inside these 'puppet' factories for years. With these constant, rapid punches being fired at our minds each and every day, the succession of blows hitting our deepest and most delicate, soft tissue of our brains causing long term trauma. A lot of celldwellers become apathetic and give up all hope. Reaching for the hypodermic needle to self medicate, and get away from their mental attacks. Just to find that a whole new set of other danger's have been opened up for them. By taking the self medicating path means now they have to depend on a substance to avoid facing their reality. A substance which is controlled, distributed and supplied by the guiding hands of organized cell block society criminal enterprises, which enforce's strict, ruthless, payment collection policy's using a sophisticated network of 'violent' hired guns to protect profits. As a celldweller's 'drug' habit increases so does their debt's, usually until it becomes an unsustainable debt, that results in a life threatening outcome. Clearly, but not surprisingly all of these are the byproducts that are produced, when the conditions surrounding the environment in question, are lacking legitimate streams of income sources, no solid support system being in place. Like social science research studies have determined. Sooner or later, other subculture ecosystems will develop. Prisons have developed their own socio-ecosystems, that even model themselves after Amerikan society's. What I've come to term as 'Cell Block Society'. Has gotten it's name from all the natural ecosystems which develop in real society, have also now developed behind these prison walls. Social science researchers have published studies that explain where ever lack of resources exist. Poor living conditions, substandard incomes, are prevalent or non-existent. Studies show that other, other subcultures socioeconomic political systems will soon develop, naturally. Prisoners are no exception. Eventually creating our own informal economic arrangements, bartering, illegal contraband currency system, smuggling routes, corrupted staff, and vast nationwide prison yard to prison yard communication system, possible through a contraband cellphone network grid. Essentially we are naturally driven towards self preservation. Motivated to do whatever is necessary to make prison life more tolerable, for us. One development that naturally came about, doing time back here dating back years and years ago was the natural formation of prisoner governments. Organized along racial lines, divided along racial lines. Having a strict set of specific rules that are in place, for every one of the racial groups, that were all formulated and mutually signed into law decades ago. All of which were based upon making these unnatural, oppressive and inhumane living conditions more tolerable and more bearable, to cohabitate with males, who all have to forcefully be made to share the same necessities to survive this environment. Therefore some basic rules had to be agreed upon by all first and foremost before any coexisting could be possible, that occurred some 50 to 60 years ago, when Amerika's prison population as at it's lowest. However those same basic, simple, common courtesy rules to this day are still holding up in place, even while this prisoner population has since exploded into 3, 4 times the size it was back then, These basic rules are still, the cornerstone of all rules behind prison walls no matter where you are locked up at, who you may be, what group you belong to or why you are locked up. They're some rules that have been carved in stone within every prison, or jail. That will always be strictly enforced everywhere behind the walls of cellblock society. Just to name a few, 1). all sexual crimes against women/children zero tolerance, extreme prejudices involved. 2). All 'state's' witnesses, informants and snitches, zero tolerance extreme prejudices involved. 3). All acts of treason, spying against own 'racial group' for the benefit of another group, zero tolerance extreme prejudices involved. 4) All act's of disrespects, insults, or offensive behaviors zero tolerance extreme prejudices involved. All of these four main rules still continue to be upheld and enforced with seriousness, throughout the 'Cell Block Society'. Besides these 4 universal rules. Each racial group has established it's very own governing body of qualified leader's who are charged with the responsibility of 'steering' and guiding the interests of it's own racial group, through the 'unpredictable', and 'everchanging' waters of 'prisoner politics'. Something which naturally evolved and soon developed out of this stripped down, depleted, and oppressed world. Where society has disposed of his non-productive, unemployable, illiterate, socially unfit. We've been able adapt to the environment develop an 'ecosystem' that sustains us and formulate our own thriving society, while having no 'free will' to leave here. We do have the intellect and innovation to use the scarce, very limited resources at our disposal, and 'hammer out' some essential useful tools, that have been key to our survival. One of the key tools responsible for 'celldweller's' to make it back here in these walls, is 'self control'. When we know how to control ourselves then we don't need others to do it for us. Which is what led us here in the first place; not controlling our impulses and compulsions, is the major common trait, that 'influenced' us to violate the laws of 'the state'. This led us inside the doors to 'Cell Block Society'. Where we are quickly reminded, that there's rules and always laws no matter the society we live in, no matter out there or inside here. Although lacking in the sophistocation aspects and the [cometic?] area. Celldweller's that came to these places decades ago, before us. Had came accross the tools that Thomas Hobbes had made in the 1600's, used them and left them behind. Then early celldweller's discovered John Locke's discarded tools also, becoming aquainted with their tools and other tool's they discovered as they had been scattered around the terrain, like Aristotle tools, Plato's, Sacrate's, and other's. Soon those first celldwellers began to hammer out fabricate and formulate their own 'tools' that helped them to adapt and improve upon their quality of life. Learning as they went along, eventually developing what is their own 'socialized' order of sorts. Creating a system to move people, goods and ideologies around without interruptions. And should interruptions do happen to arise. Then, they created an operating system being utilized daily, the system of Government. Implementing government systems back here, eased tensions and reduced hostilities substantially. Offering proven and tested ways for different ideological conflicts to coexist without one trying to kill or harm the other side. A government emerged, and political system to argue, reason and persuade, oppose to violence, and aggression being the only means to resolve conflicts. Essentially they simulated what they had learned from the writings left behind by earlier civilizations, who had documented what they used as their tools, to, reach civilized status oppose to living in a barbaric state. Acting as their model, early celldwellers used the tools from the earliest recorded history, observed what account's were made available, then set out to structure an organized 'society' of otherwise social misfits, in a way that's more tolerable and protects the interest's of ones own racial group as a community, ensures business dealings dont go awry, or the actions of one celldweller doesnt cause a massive 'racial' disturbance. Of course it wasn't a perfect solution, not has it produced perfect results. Their solution has since helped take the barbaric state of mind out of the "Cell Block Society", replaced by a manageable level of violence. Allowing for all of us to coexist today, in this violence twisted and evil minded social family setting called prison gangs. Where us celldweller's organize ourselves against threats, producing layers of protection for own survival, electing our own leadership, who possesses fundamental people skills, social and political abilities that can be utilized for benefitting our interest's. Creating our own social classes amongst all of the cell block populace. Simulating what we've been taught, learned and expect to see. Given the fact, only a very small percentage decide early on that they are distinguished by what they know and don't know in the world outside of prison. Then when they come to realize this inside here, there are those few that become deeply influenced by what we see as intellectually disabled, wounded, emotionally, and socially broken, men, who just give up. And we just hate to imagine ourselves to be placed into that same category, just because we share the same 'society'. This doesn't mean that we are all equals. We choose to pass our time differently, we manage it daily daily activities differently we consolidate our resources differently, we govern ourselves and calculate our plans differently, this is the reason prison administrator's have labled our kind, threats to their order of authority, like a 'new world order'. Author: Levert Brookshire Title: "Cellblock Society" Social Sciences Celldweller Philosophy PT. 2 Date: 1/1/15 Dear Amerika, 'One world government', for example illuminati was born in the 1700's, ruling the worlds populace with the law, monetary, political power and involuntary servitude, to see their goals, through royal family's seeking to fulfill illuminati agendas, they've came along ways. Controlling essentially everything we need in life. Everything that influence's the populace. Muzic, sports, merchandise, multimedia, militaries, technology, governments, laws, food supplies, education, books, religion, sex, internet, T.V., employers, art, radio waves, cable, medicine society's all seeing eye, overseeing all of us all things, at all times. By first ruling all things, they rule over us. Something I explain in depth in this. Sending subliminal messages through the movies we watch, influencing our thinking and our compulsions, therefore brainwashing us, using everything that we cling to for our entertainment, especially muzik. Knowing we behave and mimic whatever we see or we hear, impacting our thought process. They depend on books to upload volumes of useless and unneccessary ammounts of information, in our brains, neurons. Controlling our minds and our focus, by using what entertains us, pleasures us, educates us. Illuminati utilizes each and every one of us, to further their agenda even when we are'nt aware of it. They use all of these entertainment vessels to carry their messages, in day to day activities, manipulating the mass population. Creating 'dependencies' that we become enslaved to. Needing them, and willing to allow them to control our thinking, making us fork over hard earned money to pay for more of it, over and over again, without ever thinking about why. Let's look at the systems that they created. Ways in order to have us dependent on them, because of them controlling the sources. Oil, gasoline, tobacco, alcohol, water, electricity, utilities, medicines, and food supplies. All of them funded, and owned by the uber wealthy families. House of Rotheschilds, Rockefeller's, Duponts, Getty's, Mellons, Carnegie's, Morgan's etc., they've invested billions into engineers, for them to design the credit system, Experian, TRW, Exqiufax and other credit rating agencies who 'rate' the citizens credit, those who pay their debts and those that don't. Tracking them both, is a system they depend on. Motivating us all into, idolization and worshipping those things that we can't afford. Obsessing' over materialize, goods being bombarded our way, promoted at us. Influencing us to jeopardize ourselves, our financial stability just to get the next big thing, fashionable and in style, keeping their corporations making 'piles' and 'piles' of money, food chain corporation's such as, Monsanto have been tampering with our food supply chain for yrs. Experimenting with what are known as (GMO) Genetically Modified Organisms, very dangerous to our health and leads to millions of people contracting cancer's of all kinds, every year. But, the U.S. FDA still approves their practices and experiments daily while the (CDC) Center For Disease control look's the other way. Because this also fulfills one main agenda. Cancer has to control the number of population in order to maintain a stable balance of consumption of resource's available on the planet. Knowing the ammount of population can grow too fast more than, the ammount of resources can sustain. Causing shortages and imbalances in supply chains, such as waste management, add food, water, electricity, gas, oil, even good clean air supply, none will be here forever, they all have a limited supply. Now, lets look at religion, because religion is used to divide the population into separate groups. There's only one real and true religion, thats the 'truth'. Truth is the only religion, no religion is 'higher' than the truth. Something that Hitler used and Osama Bin Laden, Stalin, Lenin and Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and more they used religious cult tactics, getting the population involved to believe they were 'God' like, in order for them to gain more power. Then, whenever we take a closer look at the "technology" of today. Corporate Amerika, multi-national companies, major military's, have always been funded and supported by these elite families who I've termed 'the puppetmaster's'. They finance (MIT) 'Massachusetts Institutions of Technology', and endowed several of the prestigious universities, that conduct studies and research, experimenting with, all of the newest technologies to use for military purposes first, testing it with the military uses and applications, before exposing it to the civilian society. They, use the technology 25 to 30 years before everyone else sees it. Illuminati finances these projects and therefore influences them, a lot. Especially surviellance technology, tracking us and data collection, for everyone of our F.B.I. files, that they created for each one of us. Which is how the internet was first introduced to civilian society. After the military had it, for decades. Then, it was handed off to civilian society. The web browser for example is a technological global system of information sharing, info collection, and info storage, on everything, everybody and topic of communication. The puppetmaster's releases a 'flood' of non-useful, unneccessary information that's misleading, inaccurate and fabricated. In order to confuse, discredit and devalue what we discover. Media sources, in publishing books, newspapers and magazines, T.V., radio, cable etc. are all conglomerates owned by members of the Illuminati. They want to decide the content of our entertainment, our news and radio programming. But they manipulate, change, and create the topics we should be watching, as they decieve us. While researching into sports, I discovered a surprise connection, between sports and the medicine designing industry, those who study the human 'genome', the DNA helix, 'enhancing' drugs, or 'performance enhancing' drugs. How sports are controlled, owned and influenced by the puppetmaster's, who use the entertainment purposes of sports. They have the main purpose decorated, concealed and disguised. Knowing the whole purpose is for medicine testing, surgical procedure experiments, and to be the Guenea pig's, for researching cause and effects, leading to new drugs, that seek to be put onto the consumer market. Knowing that athlete's, with their 'highly' paid, multi-million dollar salaries are perfectly capable of being able to afford the expensive medicine and experimental drugs, that are experimentally designed, knowing the general population are not capable of paying the expensive lucrative profit markups, added to these medicines, treatments and researching, that is invested into the science. Getting into the whole monetary/financial aspects of how the puppetmasters keep their strings attached to these arms, legs, hands and feet of the puppets, who controls the money printing presses. Currency, or the actual name for it is Federal Reserve Notes. First, invented by the U.S. Governments to be purchased by those who were looking to invest or spend it, being valued with the backing of the U.S. 'gold reserves', as the insurance for all countries to feel confident and reassured as to the stability of the U.S. currency value, holding it's value in all economies, abroad. Created to offer those in possession of it, influence and power. Creating, an incentive for those who seek power and influence, it was designed to urge people to pursue it and compete for it. Those who possess the most, owns us all. In fact, the Rotheschilds Fanily along with the Rockefeller Family are the owners of the Federal Reserve Banking System, with the National Bank. These elite family trust foundations have gained full control over these banking systems printing presses, with the U.S. national reserves. What is known to them as the 5th estate. Termed by the House of Rotheschild's. Who has engineered a certainly masterful plan, that would guarantee them, Amerika's slow, gradual and predictable decline, eventually ensnaring Amerika's population into a financial debt. With their creditors and lender's that is so far out. That the debt becomes unstablized and cant be repaid to them, ever. That's when their bank's will foreclose on everything inside of Amerika's border's, becoming the owners of all property and possessions and people, completely enslaving us all. This country is on the fringes of economic collapse. Quantitive Easing (QE) has become the new solution for Amerikan government to postpone the inevitible. Buying time for the citizens to prepare themselves for the impending storm ahead. For those like myself who can interpret the warning signals, and alarms. Mortgage rates are at historically low rates, unemployment rates are still high millions out of work, can't afford to pay their loans and not many can buy new homes. Banks unloading their 'trash' sub-prime mortgages, backed by their securitys, bonds. First time home buyers like myself, (FHA)(HUD) loans, defaulted. Bought, by taxpayers without them having any say so, in the matter. The Federal Reserve being a private corporation, not government owned, loaning the billions to the U.S. Government, in order for Obama to create what they termed as the Troubled Asset Recovery Program (TARP). Printing money that doesn't exist, in order to repay the family's who own the printer's. Bringing down the value of the U.S. dollar, globally. Threatening to weaken, the Wall Street trading floor. Even citizens may be getting to actually see that there has been money, added to the economy or injected into the circulation in actuality, what's happening is this, Amerikans are slowly getting lessor and lessor for their money. They will soon need more, and more money in order to buy the same products as time passes by, buying less than before, for the same amount, supply and demand laws. Economy's live and die by supply and demand laws, termed as the Zimbabwe policy. Eventually costing them a million dollars just to buy, a banana. This is exactly where QR will lead Amerika. Once Amerika's government gives all of it's citizens false confidence, that all of it's 'financial crisis' is resolved, making them believe, that their government has unlimited amounts of money, in order to solve all of it's debt's. This should in fact be cause for alarm. Because it'll be in very serious trouble. The U.S. Government is addicted to QE. It's, at a point that it will not be able to function without QE. The U.S. can't cover it's debts, without printing money. This country is no longer backed up by the gold standard, there's nothing of value still insuring the confidence behind the U.S. currency. In fact we are just seeing 'printed paper' being circulated a form of currency, without any value. Eventually, creating a whole new pressure for the Amerikan citizen, to deal with. Records will show that in 1929 Amerika had the Great Depression, the elite puppetmasters, used their financial influence to orchestrate this whole calamity. By 1933 the new deal was launched by Eisenhower, introducing social services, socialism into Amerika, 1943 current tax payment act, issuing social security numbers to every Amerikan citizen who's born in the U.S. 1964 President LBJ medicare/health care, 1971 Nixon took the U.S. currency off the gold standard which was replaced with printed, Federal Reserve notes, without gold backing them up. In 1974 the ERISA policy was enacted into law, 1980 Reaganomics shook Amerika down to it's core. Ravaging the working poor, and low income and underclass, using the 1986 Tax Reform Act, 1989 Berlin Wall collapsed. In 1996 Bill Clinton had signed the Telecom Reform Act Policy, allowing for NAFTA to outsource jobs to be exported overseas. 2001 world exportation of jobs, expanding the global job market, exploiting the underdeveloped 'countries' poverty stricken society's, labor pool. All of those desperate citizens willing to work for pennies. Producing vast ammounts of 'surplus' for the corporations, that all dump their goods, back into Amerikan markets for resale, to Amerikan consumers. 1920 John D. Rockefeller's foundation established the Cuoncil on Foreign Relations 1945 the UN charter was drafted up, for United Nations. The elite status quo who earn the largest incomes in Amerika, are taxxed the least by the IRS. While those who earn the lowest income are forced to pay the highest taxes. The puppetmaster's are engineering Amerikan society to create the highest levels of pressure possible on the working class and lower classes. Leading all of us to complete and absolute desperation and dependence on them. This will open the door for them to step up to the plate and save us all, but with a contengency plan already drafted up, strings attatched. Something I plan to expand on later. Law and policy, the one key to real sovriegnty. Without individual sovriegnty rights, we have no rights. This is what makes us all truly free. But, before the status quo can impose their one world government, they have to get Amerikans to surrender their sovereignty rights first. By having us waive our individual rights, in exchange for, safety and protection from our terrorist's neighbors who wish us harm. Ruling the world by the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle. The elite will be the ones who writes those laws. The master architects, master builders, otherwise known as Freemasons, who are free agents of the world, they are made up of designers, creators, inventors, construction architects, mathematicians and scientists. They are great thinkers of our times, since early recorded history they've been around. During the crusader's times, Freemasons were called on to design and build the great castles, create remarkable sculptures, and pottery, bust's, and monuments, cathedrals etc. They came to formulate a brotherhood of masters, a fraternity or secret society to themselves. Keeping outsiders at a distance. Creating their own secretive languages, secretive rituals, handshakes and other identifying marks, in order to have their society of specialized laborers. With their own teachings and their own faith. They began to experiment, having to recruit other initiates and teaching them about using their natural talents turn them into mastered artistry and skill, mastering handskills. Protecting what they knew and perfected knowledge. Then Freemasons discovered value in holding onto secretive knowledge. Using it as a power in order to manipulate, deceive, brainwash people. The rulers of those times saw them to be a threat to the ruling class of their times, so they were forced to go underground. No longer were they able to openly show, who they were, publicly. There were the so called 'enlightened' a similar group like Freemasons. But the enlightened were not the master builders of structures or sculptures. They were the one who traded, exchanged and shared their discoveries and knowledge. The enlightened ones, came up with the great inventions and also some of mankinds greatest ideas, to advance societies forward in order to have free flowing people and currency, in society. The enlightened ones were men that came from places like the religious cathedrals, churches, places in high government, either their beliefs were too radical for their groups, or they were not compliant enough for the groups standards. So they were rejected or they left on their own, to be recruited in the enlightened ones. Forced into underground, they came to develop stricter rules and fewer walkins were allowed membership. They mainly handpicked who they had decided to approach. These enlightened ones are still in existence to this day, very discreet secret society, that continues to teach generation after generation, exposing them to secret knowledge. Most of which isn't written down or recorded. Taught through their hands on teachings and oration. Both Freemasons and enlightened conduct secretive meetings, perform rituals, and have joined together with the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupts. All of which are aligned with the House of Rotheschild's, the Bilderburger Group, Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Together along with the Bohemien Group, they conduct all of the financial, political and social planning for Amerika's future. While doing all from behind the scenes, just like puppetmaster's do, for puppets. The Bohemien Group is another secret society who uses an owl for their group's symbol. One can only guess why that is, fact is that owls are known to be able to see in the dark. As the 'all seeing eye' is on the dollar bills, originating in Egypt. Believed to be the symbol of the Illuminati. George Washington Amerikas first President of the United States. Was a well known high level Freemason, a 23rd degree mason. He had divided most of the territory into states. He envisioned the U.S.A through an architect's mind, a builders eye. The founder Columbia Pictures, was also a 36th degree Freemasonary. Who was educated in psychology, knowing the secrets to deceive the human mind like any magician or illusionists can do. Except with the use of trick photography. He had wanted to use film as his tool to reach Freemason's agendas, by capturing people's minds, their imaginations, then introduce subliminal messages into the audiences minds, to influence their thinking, and behaviors. Project for the New Amerikan Century, this is the code name used for their new world order. Not just Columbia Pictures, but the other major film companies, major music labels and sports franchises. Using the artists, performers, rappers and singers, athletes, composers, actors, writers and authors, journalist's, film directors, company owners, models. Many others are paid millions to provide entertainment. In order to implant subliminal messages into the mass population. Using our imagination as our vulnerable opening. Walt Disney too was a Freemason, 32nd degree, all of his material and works, revolve around the manipulation and shaping of young child minds. Knowing how easier it is to program a young mind, because they can absord info. and messages, processing it through the 7 cortexes 7 different parts of the brain. The great Houdini was also a Freemason, 17th degree. He was once quoted for saying "using your own eyes and ears, I can decieve you easily, which is how I made an elephant disappear off the center of the stage", "with hundreds of spectator's watching." George W. Bush is also a Freemason to the 3rd degree who's an expert deciever and manipulator, persuader, and rhetorical orator. Presidents Carter, Lincoln, and Kennedy also Freemason's. President Obama is a Yale graduate who's a skull and crossbones 9th degree Freemason. Who's an expert warfare artist, who's a master strategist's at silencing governments and engineering wars. Sir Albert Einstein also a 44th degree Freemason scientist. Plenty of famous Freemasons who became popular for their area of expertise. Architects, drafters and designers, planners of popular modern bridges, structures and skyscrapers, can be uncovered as Freemasons. They are behind most unions, to recruit and maintain the Illuminati agenda. The great Leonardo 'deVinci was also Freemason. England's Prince Henry is also, a low level Freemason. Adam Weishaupts who founded the Illuminati, he too was a high level 43rd degree Freemason himself. His group was is said to have been outlawed and one year after being outlawed, in Bavaria. One of Illuminati's inscriptions was used in the sanctuary of skull and bones club at Yale University. Identical words a year after the Illuminati was outlawed in Bavaria. The skull and bones club of Yale University has been most influecial on the world, through the 'world of politics'. Every since the turn of the century, the direction of Amerikan statescraft has been orchestrated, engineered, and directed by powerful and very prominantly connected skull and bones members of Yale University. The Carnegies, Morgans, Rockefellers, Bush's, Barrak Obama. Research and studies prone there are far more advantages for any government with a secretive agenda, to keep their own population uneducated and intellectually disabled. To make them even more susceptible to outside influences and other means of control, this is the most common technique that Amerikan puppetmaster's use to keep Amerikan's in a compliant, unaware, controlled state. Puppet string's have been attatched to our school system. To ensure that we are kept in the dark, about the bigger picture. If you were to look closer at Amerika's educational brainwashing program which I've done. It has been given several names, they include mastery learning, world class education, common core of learning, outcome based education, goals 2000, wrote into law by President Bill Clinton, in 1994, supported by the National Educational Association. All of these programs fall under academic behavior modification plans. All of which, are founded on control theory/reality therapy, populace social control, designed to prepare Amerikans for the coming new world order, Project for the New Amerikan Century. In order for the puppetmasters to succeed with their ultimate agenda, they must first succeed in ratcheting up their levels of fear in Amerikan society by keeping the terrorism level high, so that people are always pleading for more and more protection and security. Using scare tactics that encourage society to look to their government for instructions on what to do next, this trains the people how to obey and comply with their orders. At some point the people will be ordered to, in vast ammount's of populations into overcrowded cities, so they can be to execute several population control protocol's. Most will read this and will have difficulty comprehending something such as this, because it's unfathomabic to the average U.S. citizen. But it's truely about population reduction and control. Using biotechnological devices upon the citizenry, they own Porton Down's bioweapons manufacturing plants, specializing in ethnic based DNA weapon's agents, several high level members of these groups have abandoned their positions and loyalties to these puppetmaster's 'strings', leaving their sherpa's behind, fleeing their globalist's pursuit's, going AWOL to warn the population what's being hatched behind 'closed' doors. going on to use early human's invention of writing, like myself. In order to publish their own personal facts experiences and conclusions, exposing the population to the truth of Amerika's master plan, I 'refer' those who are interested in their research and revealing studies, to check out these sites. wikipedia.org, cuttingthrough.jenkness.com and cuttingthroughthematrix.net/com, warchronicles.com theshadowgovernment.com , adventuresunlimitedpress.com masscontrol.com, libertyinteractive.com, to name a few. I close by saying this "power concedes nothing without a fight". An old adage. In the 1800's, the colonialists made it law, for records to be kept on each and every 'slave' being shipped into Amerika's ports, those records were called manifests. Celldweller Journalist

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: January 1, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 28 pages

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