Cell block survival – Occult: decoded

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Cell block survival--occult decoded Levert Brookshire At the time of this writing I've spent the past 14 years sitting in prison, the last 3 of them here inside solitary confinement, maxiumum security units. 'A prison, inside a prison.' Originally placed here by AZ. dept of corrections administrative bureaucrats, recommended by ADC prison gang investigator's, a.k.a 'S.S.W', as they are known. Following a massive racial riot between the Black and Mexican prisoners resulting in one Mexican prisoner's fatality and multiple other's seriously injured, S.S.W report revealed that numerous credible sources and investigative leads from 'high-ranking', validated so-called prison gang yard leaders with documented (confidential informant status) on-file. Confirmed to investigators my involvement and role in organizing and orchestrating said attack's. A strong case was built against me, for my leadership role and participation in the riot. Being identified as a known member of a small group of 'California based' gang member's, established here in Arizona state. Prison authorities entire evidence and case against me was originally initiated before the riot occurred. A case that was centered around 'intel' S.S.W. had received from an informant, I was involved with an ADC female staff member engaging in intimate rendezvous and had been operating an elaborate smuggling enterprise, introducing cellphone's, drug's and other forms of prohibited contraband into the cell block society's contraband economy within the AZ. Dept. of Corrections, through 'bribery' and other 'incentives', using them to recruit insider's and entice corrupt prison guards into my support network, according to S.S. W. reports. After my name was mentioned to S.S.W. investigators on more than one occasion where there had been either a 'violent' assault over debts, or some other prisoners 'carelessness' causing them to get caught possessing contraband. To make it easier on themselves, they always threw my name at the authorities. For almost 2 years straight, I'd been able to turn my depressing, miserable conditions around here inside Arizona's prison's by using whatever means, or natural abilities I had. With my other fellow Californian comrades, from the Bay Area, San Diego, Compton, South Central and of course that Inland Empire we made things happen out here in AZ. that was never seen before. Together we raised ourselves, to a level of comfort and privilege only claimed by the 'elite' bosses, that dominate and control these cell block societies, economic-structures, political-structures and social-structures. We indulged in all of the luxury's afforded to the highest aristocracy, found here, inside prison. Combining our abilities, resources and organizational efforts, we reached a level of success, other's naturally had never seen before, here in Arizona. This soon began to arouse jealousy and 'stir-up' envy from the local Arizona native gang's, who had to sit by, a watch this play-out. Other's come from another state and exploit opportunities they've overlooked themselves. Those who are native to AZ. gang's, prisoner government's and the 'elite' social structures here soon grew agitated and increasingly confused at how well, we executed and kept tight secrecy over the sources we had 'tapped into,' they soon obsessed about many 'unclaimed' treasure troves we had found in their state. But, more than anything else, it became an insult to them when they were compelled to come to us, as an option to get whatever contraband they needed 'smuggled in', brought in by us through our 'secure', guaranteed smuggling routes. The fact that 'they had to pay' a (fee) to us, who weren't even from here, to get their contraband, started to upset their highest ranking members, who quickly started to see us as threats to their authority. This is when things started to change for us, who were from California; the unraveling slowly began. A campaign to 'dismantle' and 'deconstruct' everything that we had built, was launched. Not being a native from here, meant we would be 'disproportionately' outnumbered of course, 100 to 1 ratio, easily. So we were grossly underestimated, dismissed and viewed as (non-threats), but we quickly managed to change that. The number one, most dominant gang here in Arizona happen's to be, the 'Mexican Mafia', who has a well-earned statewide membership with a statewide reacting, 'death' squad to carry out it's mandates. They're longtime presence out here in AZ. prisons have been able to keep all other 'cell block' gang structure's in check, without a challenge. All attempt's to challenge their authority in the past, were met with swift and brutal responses. Sending implicit messages to any of those who may be contemplating a challenge. Over the passing generations these sadistic tool's of intimidation have worked very well for them, to keep holding onto the control and power over Arizona's cell blocks. As they continue collecting taxes, and making revenue's from all other gang's and income generating enterprises operating here in AZ. prisons statewide, as they dictate control over all economic systems here inside AZ. prisoner's contraband economy. Except of course our's, that we 'built-up,' we 'developed' using our own resources and problem-solving strategies, independent of Arizona's input. Here in lies the 'root' of the problem. We as Californian's refuse to be 'bullied' or 'forced' to pay the Mexican Mafia any 'tax' or 'fee' to operate here in Arizona's cell blocks, so we decided to organize and stage a revolt. Taking into account, the fact that we would be outnumbered in our efforts to make a statement, particularly belonging to the Black prisoner's population. Unlike California's black prisoner's population, here in the state of Arizona, the Black population as a whole is only 8%, compared to the other racial and ethnic groups. Entering AZ prison 14 years ago was a culture shock. I had to immediately adapt to this. Proceeding into my 21 year term, autonomous partnership's eventually began forming and taking shape over the years, as other California natives, who were also doing time out here began gravitating towards each other, developing common ground and bond's amongst ourselves, based upon familiarity and symbiotic social structures established from back home in our native state. Familiarity and common ground soon, emerging as our own refugee community, sticking together, having each other's back, and supporting one another like any 'nomad' tribe would do, for survival. Being 'outsider's' we were surely determined to make our experiences from back home, work for us here in Arizona. Comprised of all different California based rivals, conflicting and feuding gang's, back home. We all decided early on to leave those rivalries, feuds and conflicts at home, putting aside our differences to be more practical and effective in our endeavors together, while we are here in AZ, as a unified social structure. Finding universal language and common, agreeable strategy came easier because of this. Which helped to protect each other from other intrusions, incursions and encroachment from these native predators, trying to poach off our resources. We combined all of our own resources, ideas, and connections. Created a network from Arizona to California that proved itself strong, powerful and thriving for a small group of cell block captives. As small as, we were, we came to be a threat to these long time established cell block authorities that have staked their claim to all resource's produced here inside Arizona prison's state wide in all institutions, for generations. With us, being from California, relying upon our own training and our own experiences, lesson's and background from back home, we governed ourselves, controlled our activities and coordinated all or our own business affairs without input, suggestions, or interference from outsider's, and this stance is what culminated into a concerted effort by 'Mexican Mafia' and prison authorities colluding together, in a campaign to 'push-us' out of the competition, completely. The wider we started to expand our reach, connecting more % of contraband, breaking into new areas, creating entirely new markets for new revenue streams, revenues 'Mexican Mafia' couldn't tax, the more agitated, rattled and enraged they grew. Before long, leaders representing the native Arizonan's Black population of prisoner's, came to us proposing a mutually beneficial business arrangement for both AZ Black gang's and Cali's too. One which allowed them to outsource all of their 'contraband' smuggling to us, using our smuggling network and routes, in exchange for a 'fee,' for our insurance, protection and delivery. Creating a "win-win" arrangement between our two structures. In addition to the economic opportunity's that it created, by cutting them in, on the action. Taking into account the fact that we belong to the same 'ethnic' group inside this 'racially' divided, 'racially' governed cell block society, we decided that it would be a politically smart and politically advantageous opportunity also. 'Control' without ownership. Collecting a 'fee' for a service. having the confidence in our smuggling network and security of our routes. Knowing that we had the protection and insurance of uniformed state employees on our payroll, added more comfort to our confidence level's. For close to two years our enterprise thrived along. Elevating the standard of living for all of the Black prisoner's cell block population, who went on to enjoy a visible and measurable amount of creature comfort's. Luxuries and material excesses, for prisoner's, in ways not seen before. All other rival cell block social structures along with state prison authorities had began taking notice. A normally obscure, small, 'thinly' populated segment of the prisoner population, who have always been non-threatening, dismissive and forgotten about for the generations here in Arizona cell blocks, suddenly, unexpectedly, began to display an obvious level of prosperity, what appeared to be a stimulus package had been 'injected' into our Black population. Then a string of mishaps, calamities and careless mistakes on the part of some native AZ. 'Black' prisoners, who's irresponsible slip ups, trying to carelessly hand-off their contraband cellphones drugs and currency somehow got intercepted by prison authorities. Getting themselves busted in 'the act', landing themselves handcuffed detailed and being interrogated by S.S.W. investigator's. It was the start of, a string of crushing blows. As prison authorities started developing leads, what began as a small investigation, quickly grew into a wider--much bigger one. Mexican Mafia hierarchy, had decided they too wanted to get in on some of the action. Sending two of their own representatives to meet with our 'California' government, outside on the open recreation yard. Except, once we sat down together, they didn't want to propose any 'win-win' proposition, to us. A proposition we could mutually benefit from. In fact, quite the opposite happened. They presented an implicit threatening 'ultimatum'. We either pay-out a weekly tax to the Mexican Mafia or be 'dismantled' as a structure. Taking their threat extremely serious. Knowing their reputation very well, first hand. Understanding the long 'bloodthirsty' history of sadistic battles fought with them at home, and all of their loyal 'Mexican' Chicano street gang regimes. Once you reject them or deny them, you must prepare for an attack. We decided to use a California strategy. We agreed to 'honor' their demands at that meeting, we even offered to pay them a nominal % of weekly tax, of our revenues. The strategy was only a ruse to buy ourselves more time to organize ourselves, collect munitions, arm ourselves then plan guerilla warfare surprise ambush. AZ native Black gang's and with Cali. native born 'Black' gangs joined together in a coordinated ambush that took place 3 years ago, against the Mexican Mafia. Triggering a full-scale racial riot. According to investigative report's, I've been positively identified as one of the main 'Black' prisoners involved in the planning, organizing and coordinating of the brutal ambush that resulted in the death of one Mexican Mafia associate, leaving several more of them seriously injured. Reports also show, one week earlier before rioting gang investigators had been tipped off about the Mafia leaders and us setting up a meeting together. Which investigator's had filmed and and saved, for their files. It was through that very footage I was positively identified as one of the 3 validated, confirmed architect's and leaders of the California based prison gang's, said to have led the initial assault as 'provocateurs', instigator's of the riot, leaving one Mexican mortally wounded, out on the dirty rec field. Charging us, reading us our Miranda Rights and placing us here pending criminal investigation. After one full year police interviews, forensic testing etc. no eyewitnesses could claim that it was me, who was directly seen assaulting the murder victim, delivering any wounds whatsoever to the victim. Clearing me of any formal homicide charges. But, keeping me here in solitary confinement still, based upon that recorded video footage of me, present at the meeting, combined with confidential informant's statement's not only from Mexican Mafia sources, but informant's embedded inside my own, so-called 'California' government cabinet also. I was identified as a central party, who was carrying on the 'intimate' relationship with the female staff member, dealing directly with the 'pick up' and 'delivery' of all contraband 'exclusively', making all financial exchange with all parties, singled out to be the scapegoat, puppetmaster, who was pulling the strings, behind the scenes. Several reports revealed Mexican Mafia CI's and even CIs amongst the tight knit group of Black prisoners, close to me. Those seeking a way to reduce their punishment or shorten the length of time they have to spend here, in solitary confinement, they betrayed our trust and pledge of loyalty, in order to assist S.S.W. to close the case against me, and strengthen the state's merits to keep me here, longer. Dodging a 'homicide' case, has humbled me a great deal, it's given me reason to pause and take a look at myself. All of this violence I've been compelled to use in order to survive this wretched situation that I've gotten myself into. Investigator's have now added my ambiguous, encoded tattoos covering my body as credible merit to keep me confined here indefinitely as an (STG) member. Now that I've been labeled as the prisoner who took the life of a reputable, well known Mexican Mafia leader, it's put a target on my back everywhere I go, and I've had to keep up my violent assault's, even in here. Restrained and very limited human contact, because they have strict orders to 'attack' or 'kill me' on sight, it's forced me to stay on alert at all time's and constantly be aggressive, anytime I'm close to a Mexican prisoner, I assault them first. Recently 'two' validated, confirmed Mexican Mafia members sought to 'disavow' their oath to Mexican Mafia. They renounced all their ties handing over everything they had incriminating to the Mexican Mafia, giving all of it to S.S.W gang investigator's asking the state, to help them, with that information. Handed over to authorities, included a 'kill' list, 'Mexican Mafia' updates regularly, distributed to all AZ. state prisons statewide. On that 'kill list' was my name. 'Gang' investigator's by law must notify everyone who is on that list. In my case, they notified me and came to remove me from the 'general population' solitary confinement to relocate me to another unit of solitary confinement designated as state 'protective custody' unit. Because of the credible source and immediate threat against my life, the state decided to act without my consent or approval to take me out of a known 'life threatening danger's in order to relieve the state of liability. The fact is, I'm not surprised to learn my name was listed on a 'kill' list by them, not after all of what's taken place. I'm certain that the state authorities were not surprised either, but the moment they have it in written form, and it's documented on official records, coming from a credible source who 'warning' the state before it occurs in real life. Should the state ignore that warning and something actually happens, to me later, it's on the state's hands, because they had the opportunity to prevent it, and neglected to act. I didn't want to go along with this at first. I protested this placement under state protection, I resisted the whole idea of being here at first. I filed an appeal against the move, but it got out vetoed. Remembering how bad Mexican Mafia would want to see us defeated, dismantled, this isn't the way I wanted it to end. But, they had made it become their job's, at stopping us, using whatever resources at their disposal to achieve this. However, what we did find remarkably disturbing and backward's thinking, was the petty jealousy and inadequate reacting that we encountered from the ones who are supposedly sworn to the same 'criminal' codes and anti-law enforcement, no snitching rule that all prisoner's are held to and strictly enforced to, abide by. But, these AZ. Mexican Mafia's quickly compromised on this rule, when they weren't the target. They resorted to joining forces with authorities in efforts to dismantle our threat against their power and influence over the Arizona cellblocks statewide. Not just once, but twice, I've been at the receiving end of their collaborations with prison authorities as they seek out desperately trying to look for ways to avenge the deadly ambush against their 'racial' group, in response to their 'ultimatum.' As they have failed in every attack to assault me with spear's, hot boiling oil and even attempt's to 'kick me' while passing one another in handcuffs, I've had success on two different occasions slipping out of my handcuff's and attacking two different Mexican mafias at two separate places, inside the prison. Creating a reputation for myself, throughout the entire state prison system as word of my attack's have spread 'all over' AZ. Administrator's recently as of March 6, 2016 received 'credible', reliable intel from a Mexican Mafia C.I. that I've been placed onto a 'kill on sight' murder list by the top Mexican Mafia leader's, and this list has been circulated statewide throughout the AZ prison system. After prison authorities were provided with this intel, gang investigator's came to inform of the new intel, and they transferred me into involuntary protective segregation housing, where I've been since March 13, 2016. Apparently, the moment prison authorities learn of any life-threatening 'immediate' danger, to be taken seriously, imminently facing any prisoner's life, beforehand. They're, are state policies in place that demand state intervention. These policies are the reason for taking me out of the general population after 13 1/2 years and administratively ordering my immediate placement here, into state ordered protective custody housing or P.C. as it is known. No matter how much I protested, resisted or fought their decision to place me here, it didn't matter. Having the, 'thorough' and 'credible' intel, come directly from the Mexican Mafia's own mouth, spurred the administrator's into taking swift actions to avoid any legal liability, whatsoever. I also filed an appeal of this decision, and their ruling to have me placed into state protection upheld. All because of these so called established gang authorities who collude with law enforcement in 'secretive' backroom meetings to help authorities, in exchange for special privileges, leniency on other charges and just plain influence with those who are in charge of the entire prison system. While on the yard and inside the cell blocks they keep up the appearances of 'despising' law enforcement, resentful of prison authorities and detest gang investigator's. While they secretively feed them all of the intel they could want. This trash was an eye opener for me. It's really had an impact on me, realizing just how asleep I've really been, for all these years now. Looking back at the whole experience, the picture becomes more clear to me the way these truth's are kept hidden away, disguised, masked, by a 'distorted' version of the truth and reality. All of this so called 'criminal' or 'gangsta's' code has been something of an act. Most of the criminals and gangsta's are playing a role, one role is the one they show to the public, their fellow gangsta's and criminal's, while they distort their true selves and hide who they really are, behind close doors, when nobody's watching them. This is the truth, none of them want you to know about, in this lifestyle. It is this kind of distortion of truth and reality which has kept me so asleep and 'blinded' to the actual reality of what's really happening in secretive dark meeting places, when I'm not aware. Deception at the most highest level's, can leave us feeling the deepest cut's of betrayal ever dreamed or imagined possible. I now understand what that feels like. Not because it's my first encounter with it, in fact it's not. I've always looked the other way or rationalized it somehow. But never again. This time, I've been awakened for good. Cutting myself free of the age old backwards thinking 'snare' of the criminal value system and the elaborate charade of the so called gangsta's code. Something that I've wasted decades of my life ensnared and trapped by. A 'losing' belief system of distorted truth's, tool's of manipulation, instruments of deception used by 'cult' leader's for generations. Institutionalized prison yard philosophy, a cell block culture which is heavily skewed towards desperate survival of the fittest 'way of thinking', sociopathic and wretched. All in all, I've taken the recent move as an unexpected opportunity to break away from all of it. Much of what I elaborate on here in this essay may appear to be self evident to some people. For example, how jailhouse snitches work. Prisoner's becoming aroused by jealousy and envy of each other or how prisons become breeding grounds for hate, intolerance and sadistic violence. However what's not so self-evident, but should be pointed out is how some of us, although not all of us, who are sent here to live inside these enclosed wall's, didn't plan to or never intentionally sought out to get involved or either engage in racially motivated hatred, intolerance or violence in the beginning of our prison sentences, as we first landed here. Many times and in most cases like myself for example, once landing inside here, it's more about survival, getting through all of this. So, we adapt to the majority rule consensus, why go against whatever has been working for generations? Even if in our heart's we don't agree, we follow along out of peer pressure as we try to avoid creating unnecessary conflict for ourselves. In here, it's like joining a 'cult' or 'religion', because personal individuality makes little to no difference. It's whatever the crowd is calling for. You figure out a strategy to win over the crowd, you then have a chance to inject your personal agenda into the platform. Inside these fences, 'violence' and 'brutality' is the most effective way to get everyone's attention, to listen to you or take you serious. It's just like outside, in society. Why the U.S. sends it's armed forces to war". Why police carry weapons or terrorist's resort to violence as a means to spread a message, coming inside here we get to see violence used so prevalent and characteristically in every aspect of prison life, and cell block culture. Fueled by the same thing's that we see outside in society. The same human nature being bottled up and 'crammed' inside these cell blocks, that same culture, those same conditions and sociopathic thinking we see out there in society is compounded a hundred times that, then concentrate a hundred more times, once we land inside these cell blocks, enclosed inside these oppressive, suffocating and tormenting, intolerable conditions. Who wouldn't seek out creative, innovative ways they can make their condition's better for themselves. Faced with challenges in every direction, we turn, locked inside a cage the size of a small apartment's bathroom, with tiers of several more cages stacked up above me, below me and even to each side of me, windowless. Surrounded by a random mix of different personality types, mentally damaged, psychologically defective and socially broken men, pounding on the cell doors, punching their walls and screaming at the top of their lungs as they gradually loosen their hold on reality, sinking further and further downward into complete madness. Something I have to see, hear, and tolerate each and everyday as I live inside here. All of it, serves as my motivational drive now, to break away from all forms of institutionalized 'culture' and criminal programming. Since they have transferred me here, I've noted that, they have none of the same so called 'strictly' enforced rules that were pushed in general population. Rules that everyone followed while they were being watched. But then, ignoring them whenever nobody was around to see, those 'charade' of rules, don't even exist here in protective custody housing. It's an open, free for all setting in here. Alot to take in at one time. It's gonna require some adjustment for me. Although, I can appreciate the 'less' hostile, 'less' threatening and 'less' masquerading around, I'm not exactly sure how to live around those who, I (learn about) have been put here in p.c. because of sexually deviant crimes. There's some more serious issues, I've got to reconcile with myself before I go any further into this whole different culture, of doing time. Knowing I'm no longer thrusted into a hostile, highly political, racially divided culture of violence and chaos, that threaten's my scheduled time of release, threatens my life. That's all behind me now. But, I've come into something new, here. I'm surrounded by all of the prisoners that would be murdered if they had touched down, where I just lived for 13 1/2 years. Sex offenders, transgenders, known snitches, rat's and C.I's, that have been exposed and also convicted police officer's. All of those who, wouldn't last a minute if put into general population. Here I am, living among them. A new reality that's gonna take some time to sink in and come to term's with. I'm still struggling with the thoughts of, how will this impact my name and my reputation? How will my comrades look at me, being over here now. Then, there's another voice inside of me that tells me to 'get over it.' Who cares what people think of me, when I'm now able to put violence aside, finally. I can concentrate on doing my time and getting out to my family and freedom's, leaving this distorted egotistical driven backwards thinking world behind me. I've decided to quit fighting it, take full advantage of it, and use it to get out of prison. It's time to transform another situation into an opportunity, given the fact that the protective custody placement, automatically neutralizes all "prisoner" government's, nobody inside p.s. is actively involved in general population day to day operation's anymore. So, being here is freedom from all those "hypocritical", erroneous rules, leaving me to get focused on myself. Working on my thought process, my values, my rationale and problem-solving abilities. What I'll need in my real life outside of prison. The fact of the matter is, with all of my past violence, it's taken away all of my 'good behavior", early release possibilities, making my release, later than it can be. Here, if I'm able to achieve 2 years (straight) without any disciplinary actions, they have told me I'll be eligible for my earliest release/parole date, which is April 19, 2021. As of now it's Nov. 22, 2022. I've set a goal to be 'composed' for two years in order to be granted this earlier parole. If I avoid the unwanted company of this population, stay to myself, show mutual respect, but keep my communication at a 'minimum', it's likely that I can make it home in 2021. This is the main focus, not 'g.p.' or 'p.c.', who cares? I'm planning to stay the course. Breaking away from this entire prison 'occult,' like thinking. It's time the programming, I've had for 14 years now, has began to get deprogrammed, and reprogrammed with more 'civilian' related, healthy socialization, rehabilitated values and thinking patterns. General population is always the 'status' we prefer while in prison, in an effort to keep our 'prisoner' credit worthiness, at an above 'poor' or 'default' status. Inside these cell block societies, where our prisoner reputation and credit worthiness is steeped in the belief that our names, credibility and reputations are in fact our capital, our 'status' is our reputations, in this reputation economy; inside here is where reputation is your currency. Protective custody is where, prisoner reputation is at the 'lowest' currency exchange rate ever. Inside this cell block society, p.c. status is equal to having 'counterfeit' currency, that everyone knows you have. So, for me it's time to forget about trying to live up to cell block society beliefs and expectations. Instead, retrain myself for civil society again, the real society.

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 15 pages

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