Celldweller journal: Fractured mirror of society pt. 4 – entry 13

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Levert III "Sekou" Brookshire Arizona Word Count: 307 Author: Sekou Jamaa Askari date: 8-6-13 Celldweller Journal: "Fractured Mirror of Society" pt. IV "Black August Essay's" (Entry Thirteen) Whenever they are complicit; then criminal geniuses like Bernie Madoff, are allowed to 'Yank" billions upon billions of loaves, from millions of working-poor citizens and tax-payers, and the genral public's window seals, for decades & decades. 'Pulling-off' robbery after robbery, successfully. Before finally, even Bernie, was exposed hunted-down, tackled, captured and eventually convicted then, 'banishes' to live behind fences too. Joining us, as celldweller's. Forced to sit and 'think' about his own choices, facing the consequences for the moves, he himself made. Playing his chess game. Trying to capture the opponent's King and Queen, he 'exploited', 'manipulated', 'decieved' and 'stepped on' the pawns (citizens) inorder to reach the objective he desired, but in the very end game. The 'outcome' are the only results that matter, even for him. Now, is this the start of 'striving' for self-improvement, gaining a morality and empathy for those he took advantage of, for his own personal apetite, and 'greed', change for the better, or an ever deeper, darker, dive-into-criminality? It's unfortunate that most celldwellers take this second option. They land inside these crime colleges, called (prisons). A very large and well organized network of school's for criminal's, known as the criminal-justice system. Designed and constructed by those in government and industry, to 'contain' society's disposable people. At the expense of the 'tax-payer', who furnish these crime school's, and pupil's with everything needed to sustain them, and keep the 'feeder' apparatus functioning. Year round. Most celldwellers's become ensnared in this large system like I did, and eventually they too are 'written-off', 'labeled' and relegated to the social-status, of sociopath, animal, parasite, unwanted, damaged and worthless. Stereotyping us, as not being human, 'stripped' of all rights and cast-out of 'citizenship'. Forcing us to develop our own subcultures, and subterrainean underground society's, economic systems, 'corner' business and street political-systems, military's, hood nations and leadership. The CellDweller Levert Brookshire

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: August 13, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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