Celldweller journal: I lost it all but found myself – entry 7

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Levert III "Sekou" Brookshire Arizona Word Count: 267 Author: Sekou Jamaa Askari date: 8-7-13 Celldweller Journal: "I Lost it all, but Found Myself" "Black August Essay's" (Entry Seven) Nobody sets-out, 'planning' to fail at what they do, yet we often set-out 'failing' to plan what we do? The consequences for that, can singlehandedly cost us our lives, or freedom, and all of our possessions, even those we lack. What I've learned is, the best way to plan and change my thinking is to change my 'books'. This is what CellDweller University is founded on, believing that, if the CellDweller's thinking is to change, then change their literature. Sometimes, you've got to teach them how to 'read' first, prisoner's mentoring other prisoner's, showing each other 100 how to manage his/her own time, not the prison. This, is what George Jackson had showed my mentor's, who then showed me, each one-teach one. 'Dragon' George, those of us who have been bitten by the dragon learn to possess the strength to direct human affairs, while remaining invisible, unseen, and 150 silent, behind the scenes. For Dragon's, 'mortal' frailty is nothing. Just as it's nothing to the power's of nature. Dragon's do not experience love or hate good or evil. George's, accounts for why he chose the 'Dragon,' because of it's ancient 'chinese' mythological history. The 'Dragon' is only seen 200 by people, when it choose's to be, which is rarely; it prefers to be 'concealed', in it's lair. When it's time to feed, it comes out. It's scales, make it practically indestructable, it's senses are extremely hightened, it breathes fire. Possessing strength's that can direct worldly affairs. Long live the 250 Dragon- long live George Lester Jackson, long live the-guerilla's way. Long live II VII VI. The CellDweller 265 words Levert "Sekou" Brookshire

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: August 7, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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