Celldweller journal: The royal game – entry 9

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



Levert III "Sekou" Brookshire "Publish" Arizona Word Count: 347 Author: Sekou Jamaa Askari date: 8-9-13 Celldweller Journal: "The Royal Game" "Black August Essay's" (Entry Nine) Whenever I'm asked, what are my plans for the future, or more specifically, what are my plans for when I get released from prison? My answer is always's strange for the person asking the question. Because they pause, and look at me puzzeled. "When I tell them, I'm gonna play50 'chess' for a living". It's my way of saying that, 'life' and 'chess' are a thinking person's game, period. I'm saying that, I will be using advanced-tactical 'thinking' to plot my course. If, you try an understand the 'game50 of chess' like we constantly try to understand the 'game of life'. Those who take the time neccessery to plot their course, to plan ahead before they move, they will likely succeed. It's the same with 'chess'. One must make moves that allows one, to capture valuable pieces. I can tell 'alot' about someone, by the way they play 'chess'. The opponents who think 'small' in life, spend their day's, investing 'time' and efforts trying to capture pawns. The least50 valuable piece's on the board. 'Thinking' that their playing to win, but they're really not. Those who think 'big'-tend to puruse the 'king' or 'queen', which is how the game is won. Most people, including myself, spend many years trying to, capture pawn's. Indeed theres more than one50 way to play and 'win'. But, as in 'life', the most important lesson to be learned from 'chess' is this. 'Chess' is a game of 'consequences', like real 'life'. There are consequences for each and every move, we make. In chess and in life. Don't make any move-without first evaluating, considering every possible outcome. If not you wont have any 50 control over the results. Something, I've never done growing-up, til' it was always too late. Today, I've had the chance to play against some of the best, with the most advanced games. The 'elite' chess players of today are of no particular "school of thought", or era. We50 hail from all over the world, every walk of life, every socio-political and economic background, 'outcome' is all that matter's. Levert "Sekou" Brookshire

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: August 9, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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