Celldweller journal: Tools helping underground society inc – T.H.U.G.S inc movement pt. 1 – entry 18

Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)



1 Levert III “Sekou” Brookshire Arizona Word Count: 258 Celldweller Journal: “Tools Helping Underground Society Inc – T.H.U.G.S Inc Movement Pt. I” “Black August Essay’s” (Entry Eighteen) It has alway’s been a vision of mine, to take everything I’ve learning about social ‘resistance’, and ‘revolutionary’ theory, and pass-it-on. Spreading what was passed-on to me, by those who came before-me. I, know of many young black men, who haven’t been introduced to George Jackson or Jonathan Jackson. Several young black sisters who have never heard of Assata Shakur, or Elaine Brown, even Marilyn Buck. This generation ‘especially’, has no connection with, the ‘black’ liberation movement at all. ‘Revolutionary’ belief’s, have been replaced by obtaining ‘bling’, ’bling’ instead. Obsessing about ‘entertainers’, ‘celebrities’, and ‘athletes’, those, puppetmasters that are controlling the modern day ‘puppet-strings’, advertising, marketing and promotion of market consumerism, appear, to have gotten an advantage over the ‘revolutiony’ social movements. This, ‘demands’ for adjustments to be made. We are forced to look at new tactics and new strategy’s to spread our ‘revolutionay’ theory’s, and beliefs if we intend to stay relavant and current in this new age of ‘saturated’ marketing. One who truly fights against ‘anti-imperialism’ and ‘capitalism’, must ‘understand’ and ‘study’ these newest cleverly ‘disguised’ (imperialist’s) tactics, being practiced daily. It’s a battle for the heart’s and minds of our youth. ‘Market consumerism’ vs. ‘revolutionary theory’, one ideology vs. another. Inorder for our ideology to be competitive in this battle. We had to study the other’s tactics and methods. Learning how they hold their leading advantage. I’ve come to learn, how they ‘design’ and ‘create’ attractive merchandise, goods and/or products, even services. They use clever   advertising, (mass-media) to draw attention to them, introducing consumer’s to them, exciting them to buy into them no matter the cost. 2

Author: Brookshire, Levert, III (Sékou)

Author Location: Arizona

Date: August 27, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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