Chap. 12: When Quirinius was god/governor of Syria

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



Chap. 12: When 'Quirinius' was god/governor of Syria'? LR 2:2 ("How Myths, Become 'Accepted': 'True That'!") "Prolusion: 'Universe' (wherever you live) a prison? (Kakistocracy, 'Trump base') As the Universe grows, away, once, normal, 'steady state' (or, continuous creation theory; discredited) falls, to Earth! 'The see saw affect,' Universe moving (away); drawing (evaporating) resources! Compare, rich soaking up the wealth (of the poor): 'see saw affect'! In prison (ADX, Florence, Colorado) the past (Tocqueville story) attracts all institutions; equally! Confinement (durance; ghettoes, liquor places, churches, wash houses et cetera) used, to exalt (a few); and, debase (most)! So, 'cosmic string' (forming galaxies) are, reversing: Earth (see saw affect)! Greedy, 'goes up', while the majority: fight, for crumbs; based on clan mentality! 'Government-for-the-rich', and death-for-the-poor: prison! By control (of the majority) via: the leaders; gangs; religion; Media; government (3-branches); and, 'Truth'! If the 'Truth' dies; then, Nature drys up: air becomes toxic; water polluted (as third World); Agriculture products (deficient); Oversight Agencies (defunct); race bias preferable; erosion of Earth; et cetera! Although the poor, outnumber government (rich), are fighting battles (globally and domestically); yet, disease & drug addiction spread! Universe retreats, along with 'sea floors spreading' (glaciers melting); rich profiteering, therefrom! Amerikkkan POTUS (July 2019) ordered USDA Scientists relocate (to Missouri) then; removed endangered species, et cetera (August 2019)! 'No uproars', as folk out there', 'dead from neck up' (dfnu)! 'What happens when criminals (Wan) control'? Or, 'when Amerikkka's united-with-Russia'! Oh, sorry, 'it is'!!! I get it, 'y'all (out there) await Media, to report'! ARA © 8/14/19 ADX plantation Essays on File, Permission! Ayyub Rahim Abdullah / ARA cc: (2) copy original return, please? ARA 3 pages Chapter 12:'When Quirinius was god / governor of Syria'? (Luke 2:2)! ((The Non's, and, 'Racism', (Prolusion: religion-philosophy-mythology) ('Evil is the mirror of one's ugliness, they ignore') "Religion, or lack thereof, is the basis (of everything: knowledge)! I traced 'non' as far back, as ahimsa (Sanskrit); also, 'ne' (not/non-)! It is via 'non', that 'racism' evolved; as with 'goy/Gentile/gay'! In Hebrew, goy labels Gentile as: 'non-Jewish!' From these (of Lila, myth; nila?) comes, racism; religious racism (a trait); individual-; institutional-; racial profiling; environmental-; and genocidal-racism! So know, injustice-grounds, also, that, all these emerged! And, like 'nons,' racism -- a tool -- used; to destroy humans! Keep on: disagreeing! 'Durance', as I writ -- in all essays, previous -- comprises; the Earth! As well, 'non-believers' ('does not believe... in G-d or a philosophy'); durance, also! I mention, because Matthew (7:1-7) got it right! The root, truth (tree, wood) connects us; with inevitable-religion (everything)! Don't care, if you see; that! But, 'the truth, don't need your support'; nor belief! Earth speaks, daily that, we do! Only 'peter pan', and; the 'pied piper' followers miss it. I give you one (1) accepted moment (in his-tory, round): 'his-tory, of 'Rome' with its fairytale (fake) existence; 'Romulus & Remus' (Romulus the god Quirinus)1, and, both, nursed by a 'wolf' (parents: Mars & Rhea Silvia)! Wow, you accept that? Well, you believe all 'durance' are guilty; while 'you aren't'? 'There but for the Grace of G-d....' 'Non-believers,' don't accept that! Everyday (3 shifts: 2pm-10pm; 10pm-0600 hrs; and 0600hrs-2pm) this 'durance' has to: 'walk the plank'! Family, friends; and, union buddies are the hacks! Many, others, are dead -- not to say I'm out of the woods, yet' -- and; 'out there' (y'all) seem, 'dead-from-the-neck-up'? My previous (essay) speaks (of shooting) 'cows'! So, (Calif; Tex; NY; Oh; ad infinitum) 'who are the cows'? Again 'hurry up and wait' (means: captive audience will accept whatever 'captors' give); 'nothing gets better' (of 'cliffs breaking up', or, 'dogs chasing its tail'?)! In conclusion, 'how can evil acts' (anagram: vile cast) -- of the past -- become 'good'; when they're repeated??? 'Evil is the mirror of one's ugliness; they ignore'! © Essays (prolusion) of 'durance,' for an immature society; Again!" ARA © 8/14/19 ADX (plantation) "1/ 'It's all Greek to me,' from 8th cen B.C.- 3rd cen A.D.?"

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: August 14, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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